Ling Ye looked at the results of this simulation.

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He still died after using the efficacy of the lucky card, which was the same as what the system told him.
The lucky card was not absolute luck, and he still died.

Ling Ye analyzed this situation.
It may be equivalent to his original luck of five.
The lucky card increased to fifty, but the level of danger has reached seventy.
In this situation, he even has fifty lucky degrees is useless.

The giant golden eagle that won the golden fruit in the simulation is obviously a fierce bird with an exploding danger level.
Even if Ling Ye has a lucky card boost, he can’t do anything.

“But this golden fruit can attract the surrounding beasts to fight madly for it.
The efficacy is absolutely extraordinary.
It will appear from the lake when I am three years old.
So I can come here before I am three years old, wait for the rabbit , and at the first time the fruit is ripe to take”

Ling Ye thought this was a good plan.

He found it so hard for him to actually encounter a rare spirit fruit in the simulation that he absolutely could not let it go.

“System, keep on to start the simulation.”

Ling Ye said inwardly.

This time, Ling Ye did not intend to wait until he was three years old to set off, but to move towards the lake at a point close to three years old.

【0 years old, Ling Ye was born.
You do not panic …… @#%#^】

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【2 years old, you use sword grass to drive away the tiger …… %……*%……*(】

【2 years and a half of eleven months old, sword grass around has become a fierce beast forbidden area, you calculate the time, towards the direction of the lake in the forest before, midway encountered many fierce beasts are lucky to avoid you, you successfully came here, you found the center of the lake there is a still bud form of unflowered lotus, you jumped into the lake swim over, will this lotus from the center of the lake pulled to the shore, the lake water beast is lucky are not stop you】

Ling Ye saw the corners of his mouth smile.
He knew this was the effect of the lucky card.
The plan went very well.

【You have been guarding the shore of the lake, waiting for the lotus flower to bloom, every day just casually eating a little greenery around, and no that beast attacked you】

【3 years old, half a month passed, the lotus suddenly bloomed endless light, a golden fruit appeared from it, the whole lake water beast rioted, you first of all eat the fruit, an energy burst in your body, your forehead soon grew antler, you gained the ability to gather spirits】

“Gathering spirits?!”

Ling Ye was stunned.

【After the fruit was eaten by you, the emitted fluctuations disappeared, but a large number of fierce beasts still rushed towards your location.
You started to run away in the direction of the sword grass.
You felt filled with power.
Your speed became fast.
Many fierce beasts could not catch up with you, but you were eventually surrounded and torn into pieces alive.】

【At the end of this simulation, you can choose one of the following three】

【Physical strength at age 3】

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【Forest experience for three-year-olds】

【Gathering Spirit】

Not hesitating at all, Ling Ye decisively chose the Gathering Spirit.

【Gathering Spirit: You have the ability to gather the essence of the sun and moon and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, which is an ability that only legendary spirit beasts are qualified to have, which can replenish physical strength, increase strength appropriately, and gradually increase the level of life with time.】

Ling Ye looked at the interpretation of the Gathering Spiritual talent, and his eyes were so surprised that they were about to stare out.

This ability was simply too useful to him.

Raising the level of life, isn’t this equivalent to increasing life expectancy?

Moreover, this Spirit Gathering talent could be used in combination with the Nirvana talent.

Ling Ye would not forget the talent 【Nirvana】 that he was gifted when he obtained the system.
This talent was actually very effective, but there was one thing that was speechless.
That is, it needed to accumulate energy in the body and was when all aspects reached the current limit.

Ling Ye has not grown up yet, and the limits in all aspects have obviously not been reached, but with time it can be done, but accumulating energy is a problem.

To perform nirvana, the energy needed must be extremely great.
He eats a lot every day, and most of his energy has to be consumed on top of living, so he can’t use nirvana at all, and now with the gathering of spirits, everything is not a problem.

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Ling Ye’s head was as described in the simulation, and a pair of tiny antlers grew out quickly, with an overall red color.

Immediately afterwards, Ling Ye immediately used 【Gathering Spirit】.

In a breath, Ling Ye felt his perception ability surge; everything in a 300 meter radius he could clearly know, and the light around him was slightly distorted.

From the perspective of an onlooker, Ling Ye’s antlers were emitting light, and even Ling Ye’s skin was glowing slightly.

Today the fog in the mountains is very thick, but now the fog around me is actually gradually dispersing and a little bit of sunlight is spilling down from the sky.

The light bends as it approaches Ling Ye, as if there were countless tiny threads entering Ling Ye’s body, making his body very warm and comfortable.

The deer that were feeding were all startled.
Some females moved away from Ling Ye, but some deer couldn’t help but want to lean over.

The younger the living creature, the greater the perception of the essence of heaven and earth.
These small deer instinctively felt a breath from the direction of Ling Ye that they liked.

“What a magical ability.
Is this the gathering of spirits? The sunlight is affected because of me.
I feel all over becoming very strong.”

Ling Ye quickly called up his attribute template and found that his lifespan column had become fifty-five years old, and there was a plus sign after it.

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Needless to say, this plus sign meant that Ling Ye’s lifespan would continue to increase.

As the time spent gathering spirits got longer, so could his life level change little by little.

“This is the difference between immortal and mortal.”

Ling Ye couldn’t help but sigh.

Now Ling Ye, from a certain point of view, is no longer a mortal deer, nor can it be said that it is a mutated sika deer, but a spiritual deer towards transcendence.

“There is still one more chance of plot simulation, huh.
Even if there is no gain from this plot simulation, I will make a big profit just from this one gathering spirit, but that golden fruit, I may be able to eat it again.”

Ling Ye secretly said.

Many times the plot simulation, let Ling Ye know, the plot simulation when he restarted his attributes will return to zero.
For example, he can not be in the beginning to get a three-year-old physique, but in the aspect of natural ability, he is unchanged.

For example, if Ling Ye obtained the Gathering Spirit talent this time, then when the simulation resumes, he will still have the Gathering Spirit talent, which will be very beneficial to his survival in the simulation.

“I wonder what effect eating the golden fruit will have the second time around.”

Ling Ye’s heart grew excited as he began the third plot simulation of the day.

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