Beyond the mountains, a huge military camp had been established, and somewhere in the corner, a beast was captured and held well.

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“Great General, according to your order, now ten tigers, ten wolves, ten foxes, ten bears, and ten snakes have been captured.
Only one hundred deer are not yet finished.”

The soldier reported to the great general of Xing, Tu Nao.

Tu Nao looked at the livestock in the cage in front of him and said, “How many deer are there now?”

“Back to the general, there are fifty-six deer captured so far.
Fifteen of them are males, and the rest are females and young deer.”

“Only half of the number has been completed?”

Tu Nao’s gaze flickered as he looked at the big mountain outside the barracks, recalling what the high priest had told him last time about the preciousness of the deer.

“Today’s weather is average; the mountain is too foggy, order it down.
Tomorrow this general wants a thousand soldiers to go into the mountain and capture the remaining number of deer all at once.”

“Yes, by the way, General, today we found a very special flower during the hunt.
I feel it is very unusual.”

“A flower?”

Tu Nao turned his head at his words, and the soldier immediately brought up the flower he found.

Tu Nao looked at the potted plant in front of him and a strange look appeared in his eyes.

This was indeed an extraordinary flower.

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The flower branch bore six blood-red leaves, and the body was lime green, and it was still lime green that emitted a faint shimmer, and one could smell a refreshing aura from it.

“What kind of flower is this? How come this general has never seen it before?”

Tu Naoographic came to be interested and took over the potted plant in front of him to look carefully.

“This is Jasper Blood Jade Leaf Flower.”

A voice came.
Turning his head to look, the visitor was the Xing Kingdom high priest.

He came with blazing eyes, and his gaze fell straight on the potted plant in Tu Xie’s hand, as if he had seen some kind of exotic treasure.

Tu Nao said in a daze, “Jasper Blood Jade Leaf Flower, Does the high priest know a lot about this flower and what are its effects?”

The high priest looked at the Jasper leaf flower at close range and sighed: “The soldiers under the general are really lucky.
The Jasper leaf flower is a legendary elixir, said to be able to raise the dead.
It is worth a lot of money.
Generally speaking, it has five leaves.
With each additional leaf, the medicinal effect will be doubled.
This Jasper leaf flower has six leaves.
The medicinal properties of the great, if used to treat the body of the Duke, will be very beneficial.
It will definitely be of great benefit”

“Does this flower really have this unbelievable power?”

Not only was Tu Nao, even the surrounding soldiers were astonished.

The high priest lightly said: “The return of the dead is naturally not the real return of life, but the medicinal properties of this flower are absolutely precious.
Some terminal illnesses can be treated with it, basically can be cured.
Rumor has it that more than two hundred years ago, a son of the Zhou dynasty took this flower, when he was seriously ill, relying on the blue blood jade leaf flower, alive from the ghost gate back.
From then on, the blue-blooded jade leaf flower is also known throughout the world as ”

Although not a true return to life, the death of the terminal illness will be saved, demonstrating the efficacy of magic.

General Tu Nao nodded with narrowed eyes and said: “So it is, so it seems that this flower is really extremely valuable.”

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“Good, but if you use the blue blood jade leaf flower with certain deer blood and other medicinal materials, yin and yang reconciliation, the effect will be better.”

The high priest looked at Tu Nao.
The meaning is self-explanatory.

Tu Nao smiled: “The high priest, don’t worry, tomorrow I will send a large number of soldiers into the mountains.
Make sure to catch enough deer, not to mention meet a hundred, even two hundred, I also caught.”


Inside the mountains, Ling Ye stood alone not far from the deer herd.

Nine days had passed since he used the reality simulation card.

These nine days, he used the reality simulation card to get the same result: very calm, no human soldiers in the mountain, but Ling Ye understands that this is the calm before the storm.

“9 simulation points have been collected.
Three plot simulations can begin, in addition to the lucky card.”

Ling Ye said inwardly: “System, I want to use the lucky card.”

【Host, once the lucky card is used, the host can maintain good luck for a day but not a wishful day.
Is the host sure to use it?】


As Ling Ye’s words fell, the lucky card effect immediately opened.

Ling Ye felt a refreshing power acting on his whole body, making him feel comfortable.
Other than that, there was no other special feeling, but Ling Ye knew that the lucky card had already started.
From now on, continuing until this moment tomorrow, his luck would be very good.

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“System, I want to start the plot simulation.”

Ling Ye kept on.

【Permit simulation, deduct 3 simulation points】

5..4..3..2..1 reading seconds of light screen appeared in front of Ling Ye’s eyes…

In the last plot simulation, Ling Ye used the power of sword grass to drive the tiger and swallow the wolf, and survived to the age of three, which is a great achievement.
This time, Ling Ye still intends to use the same method to try.

“In the last plot simulation, a strange wave came from the forest, so that many creatures, including me.
Before I died, I wonder how I will be under the augmentation of the lucky card.”

Ling Ye, inwardly curious, looked at the light screen in front of him.

From birth to three years old, nothing changed from the previous simulation, and Ling Ye in the simulation lived to this age.

【3 years old, you feel a very attractive wave coming from the depths of the forest.
You feel that some kind of treasure has appeared.
You try to go over and find that many beasts are doing the same.
You are lucky to avoid the attacks of beasts on the way.
You come to the forest in front of a lake】.

Ling Ye’s eyes lit up.

True to form, the lucky card changed the ending of his death last time.

The same behavior: without the use of the lucky card, he hung, while with the use of the lucky card, he was lucky to live.

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“It’s true, the lucky card can indeed affect the plot simulation.”

Ling Ye’s heart grew expectant, and also curious about the forest lake in the plot, a place he had never been before.

This is a new scene.

【You found a lotus flower blooming in the center of the lake, the lotus flower has a fist-sized golden fruit, a large number of beasts down the lake to try to get the fruit, the lake occurred in a very fierce fight】

【You think this fruit must be some kind of spiritual fruit, and very much want to get it, but consider your own strength and rational not to go down the lake, and finally the fruit was a body size of more than 100 meters.
The giant golden eagle ate the fruit.
In an excited body outbreak of hurricane, countless wind blades will be around the beast to kill.
You were lucky to avoid the eight wind blades, finally or all two broken】

【At the end of this simulation, you can choose one of the following three】

【Physical strength of a three-year-old】

【Three-year old forest experience】

【Three-year-old’s kick skill proficiency】

Last time, Ling Ye chose three-year-old physical strength.
This time, Ling Ye chose three-year-old forest experience.

The body trembled.
The brain seemed to have a lot more things.
That a lot of experience in driving tigers and wolves, dodging chases, all turned into instincts engraved into Ling Ye’s brain.

Of course, this is not the most important thing.
Ling Ye looks at this simulation…


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