You fought with one of the humans, and you found out that this person was very strong and would use a power that seemed like true qi.
You suspected that this was the legendary martial artist.】

【2nd year, you left this mountain range and chose to settle in other places, but on the way you were surrounded by a group of martial artists.
You fought with all your might and killed more than ten people, but you were eventually wounded by the sword strike of a very strong martial artist, and you were caught】

【2nd year and 1 month, this month you lived a life of constant bloodletting, your antlers were cut off, you were weak every day】

【2nd year and 2 months, you heard some people talking about how much more potent your blood is than the blood of other deer】

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【2nd year and 6 months, today you were taken to a gloomy palace, you were let out all your blood by a man covered in black robes, and you died in the cold】

【End of reality simulation】

Ling Ye, looking at a large paragraph of the simulation narrative text in front of him, is inwardly both grateful and worried.

Fortunately, he already knows the future and, after a period of time, can operate well, seeking a breakthrough and a chance to live.

The worry is the result after he was targeted by humans.

“There are actually martial arts practitioners, so this is not an ordinary world, but an ancient world similar to martial arts.”

Ling Ye after repeatedly reading the simulation narrative several times, found that the simulation of himself in addition to the natural growth, the simulation of the magic card and plot simulation obtained, these are not used.

“That is to say, the future in the realistic simulation is based on the future that I did not use the system.
This seems to be not bad; at least my strength should be quite a bit stronger than the one in the realistic simulation.

Ling Ye carefully thought about his next path.

The first thing that can be determined is that there will certainly be a crisis after ten days, a large number of humans in the mountain.
Even if there are no martial artists, a large number of humans using bows and arrows with their current strength is definitely not an opponent.

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“So before the 10th day, I must choose to leave, but in other words, until the arrival of the 10th day, this place is safe, I do not need to worry about being disturbed by humans, and can accumulate simulation points without worry”

Ling Ye’s gaze flickered.

Ten days would allow him to accumulate simulation points for three consecutive simulations, and when the time came, together with the bonus of the lucky card, it might allow him to gain a considerable benefit.

The only thing he needed to worry about was whether it would be a bit late if he left on the ninth day.

“No, I will simulate three times in a row on the 9th day.
It won’t take much time at all.
By then I will still be within the efficacy time of the lucky card, not to mention that I still have the ten-time power increase card.
Leaving on the 9th day is perfectly fine.
At least the human soldiers can’t possibly enter the mountain at night.”

Ling Ye nodded, feeling at ease to stay until the 9th day to leave this approach is good.

And in the simulation, it also apparently said that the first reaction of the humans outside after seeing him is to capture him and want to eat his flesh.

If he left early, God knows whether he would encounter such people, and if he was unlucky enough to meet a martial artist stronger than him, it would not be miserable.

“Just stay in the deer herd for the last nine days”

Ling Ye looked away from his feeding deer herd and inwardly silently said.


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