e items】

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【Three years of physical fitness】

【Three-year-old forest experience】

【Three-year-old kick skill proficiency】

【Fresh carcass of a fierce beast】

【Spiritual Herb Perception】

“Is there a reward for living past three years old, and it’s actually a reality simulation?”

Ling Ye’s eyes lit up.
Although he didn’t use any of the previously rewarded ten-time increase cards or lucky cards, it didn’t mean he didn’t know the effectiveness of these magic cards.

The reality simulation card, as soon as he heard it, was a simulation of the real world, which was equivalent to allowing Ling Ye to know the future in advance, which was very useful for his current situation.

Other than that, the Spiritual Herb Perception among the five items also felt good to Ling Ye.

【Spiritual Herb Perception: You have a very keen sense of various flowers and green plants with high medicinal properties and can find treasures from the vast green forest】

This ability is very useful to Ling Ye both in the real world and the simulation world.

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In this simulation, he felt limited growth in physical strength when he was not yet three years old, which is obviously the constraint of the bloodline, and to get rid of the constraint of the bloodline, you must raise the level of life, and to raise the level of life, you can only rely on those heavenly treasures.

Ling Ye decisively chose the 【Spiritual Herb Perception】 item, and in addition to that, he chose physical fitness.

Although he was tempted by the option of a fresh corpse of a fierce beast, after all, the simulation is only a simulation.
You can not eat in reality.
At the moment, safety is king.
As soon as possible, improve the strength is the most correct.
Appetite or something, talk about it later.

Soon, Ling Ye felt his limbs were filled with surging power, while his five senses also became subtle.

Looking at the green grass around him and then looking at some other green plants not far away, Ling Ye really felt that he could tell the medicinal energy level of these green plants.

This feeling is peculiar.

It’s like those meals in the previous life.

Different people cook the same dish.
Through the heat and aroma of the meal, you can basically see which dish is good or not.

And now Ling Ye looked at these green plants, as if he could sense their heat and aroma, which is a very special sense, even if they are ordinary green plants.

“This simulation harvest is not small, ah.”

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Ling Ye stood up, jumped in place, and deer hooves directly into the air for nearly two meters.

Ling Ye took a back-legged kick, three consecutive strikes, and this large tree staggered and planted.

Not a small movement scares the surrounding deer away.

Seeing this scene, Ling Ye secretly sighed.
He is finally different from these deer, although he still looks like a deer at the moment.

Ling Ye looked towards the reality simulation card that was rewarded for this simulation.

He had previously hesitated to choose to leave, but now he felt that the answer could be given with this reality simulation card.

“System, I want to use the reality simulation card.”

Ling Ye said inwardly.

【The host is using the system card for the first time.
A friendly reminder that the reality simulation card can only be used once, is the host sure】


【Ding dong, the host uses the reality simulation card, start the reality simulation】

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