A deer versus a tiger, something that one would not normally expect, let alone a small deer.

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Ling Ye looked at this adult tiger that still hadn’t fallen, and inwardly lamented the tricky nature of creatures like tigers, but fortunately this tiger wasn’t intact, and the two bows and arrows lodged in its back left it in the midst of dropping blood.

“That leg was broken by my kick, next just attack towards the fatal part”

Ling Ye ran out for the third time and jumped hard, leaping directly over the tiger with a maximum height of nearly three meters.

At this height, if the tiger’s hind legs were not broken by Ling Ye’s kick, 80 percent of them would also have followed the leap up to kill, but now it can only cause painful dry eyes.

Once a hind leg is broken, it can not jump up, not to mention the back is also injured, once the force is accompanied by pain.

Ling Ye jumped directly onto the tiger’s back and launched a fierce kick again.

The tiger faced Ling Ye’s relentless attack was also angry, hunger and pain go on to increase its ferocity, effort to turn around, powerful front limbs frantically grabbing and hitting Ling Ye, but not a single hit.

Ling Ye was very flexible and did not allow the tiger to face himself at close range at all.

Using constant leaps and side kicks, occasionally coupled with hind leg kicks, the tiger screamed in pain, and the wounds on his back were pulled and bled profusely.

The tiger felt weaker and weaker, with severe pain all over his body, and his ferocious beast pupils were finally flooded with fear, instinctively wanting to escape.

Ling Ye is not willing to let it go.

The tiger just saw them as prey, and now it is Ling Ye’s prey.

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He has not had meat for a month.

The tiger’s mobility was limited, and Ling Ye kept attacking the tiger, and each kick hit was painful for the tiger.

Finally, under the hit of I don’t know how many kicks, the tiger suddenly did not move.

The tiger’s majestic body was distorted with some abnormalities, and the hair on its back was completely stained red with blood.

Ling Ye tried to approach, a quick kick in the tiger’s head position, found that the other side was really dead, immediately happy past open eat.

“Tiger meat, I have never eaten in my previous life.”

Ling Ye’s bite has long since changed, tearing hard, a piece of the tiger’s outer skin ripped off, head down and open to eat.

Ling Ye ate happily and comfortably, so much so that he didn’t notice the surrounding deer’s fearful behavior.

The deer’s IQ is not high, but the act of eating meat represents something that is engraved into their genetic knowledge.

It’s a carnivore.

In addition to the small carnivores, the medium and large are their natural enemies.

That is, Ling Ye has been living with them before, and the appearance is indeed a deer, otherwise the deer have now panicked and fled.

More than ten minutes later, Ling Ye, his full mouth stained with blood, raised his head, his eyes greatly satisfied.

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“Eating really comfortably, ah, the taste of tiger meat rather than dog meat with much more energy.”

Ling Ye instinctively jumped a few times.

This action caused several deer in the herd to scream in fear.


Ling Ye looked at those few deer.

Under this look, he finally found that something was wrong.

The tiger was dead, but none of the deer returned to the resting place again, and each one was far away from him, even Ling Ye’s mother in this body.

Humans may not feel it, but Ling Ye saw very clearly that the deer were fearing themselves, even his mother.

“Fear me?”

Ling Ye inwardly froze.

He looked down at the tiger’s mutilated corpse that he had eaten to death.

There was blood and broken flesh everywhere; even he himself was covered with a lot of blood.

Ling Ye thought for a few moments, then tried to approach the deer herd.

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Ling Ye found that the deer in the herd, in addition to the deer, are not particularly obvious.
Every other female deer sees herself approaching towards the side to avoid.

If Ling Ye approaches the other deer, the mothers of those deer will run over to him, yo-yo hissing, jumping in place, as if to scare him, but inwardly very scared.

Looking at these behaviors, Ling Ye gradually understood.

He was rejected by the deer herd.

At this time, Ling Ye remembered the reasoning that he had once read on the Internet in his previous life.
In fact, there is also rejection and discrimination in the animal world.

Some animals will be different from their own kinds of rejection, to the point of unprovoked attack.
Some herd animals will also be expelled.

In addition, there are some newborn children who, if accidentally tainted with the scent of other animals, will be abandoned by their mothers, and so on and so forth.

Ling Ye is now regarded as an alien by the deer herd.

But his act of killing the tiger made them all afraid to attack at will, and they couldn’t do the expulsion.


Ling Ye sighed inwardly.

Was it hard to bear?

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Actually, it was almost not.

Ling Ye had not intended to stay in the deer herd.
Sooner or later, he had to go.
Aspiring to be a unicorn, he was different from other deer after all.

Only Ling Ye did not expect him to leave before the deer herd took the initiative to exclude themselves.

Ling Ye did not try to approach the deer herd but returned to the resting place to continue to sleep.

Seeing Ling Ye’s action, the deer gradually quieted down and began to sleep and rest, but still did not dare get too close to Ling Ye, even Ling Ye’s mother.
Ling Ye’s terrible behavior was completely different from the other deer’s behavior, so it instinctively judged that Ling Ye was no longer its child.

And so the night passed and the day descended.

Because of the night tiger snack, Ling Ye is not very hungry in the morning.

Looking at the herd of deer grazing and eating not far away, Ling Ye hesitated whether to choose to leave.

He originally intended to wait until a year old before leaving, but now in this situation, the deer herd rejects him.
Although they do not dare to do anything to attack him, this kind of rejection will not be tolerated by all creatures.

“Forget it, it’s better to simulate it first.”

Ling Ye secretly shakes his head, intending to do today’s simulation first.

As the countdown light screen of 5..4..3..2..1 appeared, the plot simulation began again…

Ling Ye has a fresh idea this time.
Maybe it can help him break through the threshold of two years old…

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