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It was while looking at the description of the app again.


‘This app is by no means a almighty, and depending on how you use it, it can cause strong feelings in the other person.
Whether that is hatred or favor is up to you.
But please be careful.’


I tilted my head at that sentence.


I thought it might be a warning that if you forcibly change someone’s feelings through the power of hypnosis, that’s what happens.


“Well, it ain’t got nothing to do with me.
It’s true that forcing a girl to have feelings for me is intriguing, but unfortunately I’m fine with it as long as I can do whatever I want.”


In other words, there’s nothing wrong with it.


I’m just going to use this hypnosis app to live my life the way I want to, and it would be an outrageous thing to manipulate people’s feelings as well.


“…and it’s too late for that.”


Good grief, I’m reminded that it’s a bad side of me that almost makes me feel down when I start thinking about those things.


Yesterday’s act with Aisaka, since I went that far, there’s nothing to be afraid of for me anymore.


So I should just be proud of it.
No one will ever find out.


“Let’s go to the toilet.”




Akira called out to me and I went to the toilet with him.


And on the way back, I turned my attention to one of the girls.


“…that one.”


“Hm? Ah, that’s a sober girl.”


The sober girl Akira mentioned was a girl in the next class, Agatsuma Saika.


She has waist-length black hair that stands out and even hides her eyes, making her look a little creepy.


She is always alone in her class, and is ridiculed as a plain girl because she is not assertive and does not get involved with her surroundings.


“Is she bullied or something?”


“No, it hasn’t gone that so far.
But it seems likely that if it continues, it will.”


“I see.”


Akira is probably the same, but I’ve never spoken to Agatsuma, and I’ve only occasionally heard about how she’s doing in class through other people.


I wasn’t particularly interested in her, but now that I have a little hypnosis app at hand, I’ve become interested.


“…but there’s something dark about her, man.”


It’s not just her appearance that explains why she’s called a plain girl, but perhaps also the dark atmosphere she carries with her.


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She doesn’t seem to reject others, but still seems to like being alone.


“Does that kind of thing bother you?”


“Not really.
Well, but I think she has a good-looking face.”


I think the facial features seen through her hair are quite well-defined.


I still can’t shake off the impression that she’s always hunched over, or that she has bad posture or something, which negatively affects everything.


“Well, but she looks good.”


Even though she’s that type of girl, I’ll put her on the list of candidates to do whatever I want with her.


After that, me and Akira went back to the classroom and spent time as usual.


Then, after school, which I had been waiting for, I was waiting for Honma to show up at the school gate, pretending to be natural.


“Ah, it’s you, Masaki-kun.”




It was Aisaka who approached me.


In fact, I hadn’t called Aisaka today, and the supreme pleasure of squeezing her big breasts was left off.


The girls around her are all beautiful, but Aisaka is head and shoulders above the rest.


“Eh? Have you guys been interacting with each other?”


“Very surprising.”


“Haha, well, yeah.”


We’ve had a very rich relationship, though I can’t tell you that even if I wanted to.


The friends who look surprised, and the few boys in the back also have the same expression.


While gathering their gazes, Aisaka made this proposal to me.


“I was talking about going bowling with everyone from now on.
If you like, how about you, Masaki-kun?”




I didn’t expect to be invited like this.


I feel like I’m afraid to join a group of obvious cheerful people, but now I’m a perverted gentleman waiting for Honma, so I can’t nod my head.


“Are you kidding me for a second? Why are you inviting this guy?”


“You don’t need it, a guy like this.”




However, such words still came from the boys.

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It’s annoying to be called such a guy when you haven’t even talked to me much, but it’s certainly not surprising that they say that, so I can’t help but bitterly laugh.


However, Aisaka glared at them and gave them a hard warning.


“How can you say that? I invited you on whim, and you guys don’t really have get to say that much, do you?”






Aisaka… you’re a good girl, seriously.


Well, if it gets this uncomfortable, I’m glad Aisaka invited me, but the atmosphere is terrible.


I told her Thanks first, turned my gaze to Aisaka, and continued my words.


“I have some things to do today.
I’m sorry, but please invite me again if you like, Aisaka.”


I understand.”


After exchanging these words, Aisaka walked away with his friends.


After a little while, the person I wanted to see came along.


“Yo, Honma.”


“Ah, you were my senior at that time?”


As expected, her memories of me seem to have stopped at that time.


I thought it would be troublesome if she was with someone else, but it would be convenient if she was alone.


I activated the hypnosis app and headed home with Honma, just like yesterday.




But on the way there, I felt a strange gaze behind me and turned around.


I looked back and saw an older couple walking together in a friendly manner, and while tilting my head, I went straight into Honma’s house.


“You’re not wearing any underwear today either?”




I knew it, this girl, was a ridiculous pervert.


I started my greetings by touching her breasts, and when I ordered her to take off her clothes like yesterday, she quickly took off her uniform.




I swallow raw saliva by surprise.


I’ve already done something I shouldn’t have done once through Aisaka, but even so, I feel excited when I’m faced with another woman’s naked body in this way.


Not wanting to run away like I did yesterday, I picked up the box filled with toys to suppress my deviant feelings.

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“Since you’re interested in this kind of play, I’ve read the comics and I’ve been prepped for it.
Now let’s see results.”


There are handcuffs and all sorts of things, but I just turned my attention to the windowpane.


The window was not closed by curtains, but there was a blinding light shining through the unobstructed window.


I got up to close the curtains and approached the window, where I saw something that caught my attention.




I saw a man behind a telephone pole.


He was a glasses-wearing man who looked slightly older than me, and he took the binoculars out of his pocket as he glanced around.


Then, to my surprise, he started peeping into Honma’s room, where I am now.




I quickly ducked down and avoided being seen.


Well, this is the second floor, so it’s not like you can see into the room from there, and it’s not necessarily that he’s really looking here.
It might just be my imagination.




Homma is staring at me completely naked, so it’s an extremely surreal atmosphere.


I unfolded the curtains accordingly, and blocked her gaze from the outside.






“Could it be that you’re being stalked?”


“…It seems like it.”


Honma gave a small nod.


“Well you’re a M, after all so do you really want it?”


“…No, it’s unpleasant to be stalked by.
It’s true that I say terrible things when I confessed and get upset, but I do so because I simply don’t like it.
If we were to go out, it would be bad for the other person if it wasn’t a man who could accept my such perverted mindset.”




What, you’re thinking about it unexpectedly?


But if you think about it realistically, even if she’s a beautiful woman like that, if it was known that she came to school without a bra or panties on, it would probably cool down your love of a hundred years.


I’m sure there are some people out there who get as excited as I do, but… the level of perversion is a little too high for Honma.


“Well, I’m sure to have all kinds kinky play with you, Honma! But first of all…”




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“Can you say ‘master’ once?”




That’s It.


This feeling of being called master by a beautiful girl is the best.


After that, I did various things to Honma while consulting with the knowledge inside me.


To be honest, I honestly went too hard during that time, or rather, I always left people’s hearts behind and enjoyed myself in Honma.


“W… Huh… huh…hmmm”


“…….I’m too crazy to say it myself, aren’t I?”


It seems that even in a hypnotic state, the body still reacts to the stimulation given to it, and Homma in front of me is already in a terrible state.


Her hands and feet are bound, and her body is still trembling under the influence of the toy.


“…I’m a real bastard.”


But… you look very satisfied.


“Hehe… ehehe… master ah♪…”




What is this erotic creature… I almost ran away from this place because I was ashamed of myself again.


After that, I felt refreshed in many ways and released Honma’s restraints.


I cleaned the room thoroughly, but the smell in the room was not going to disappear anytime soon.






“Open the curtains and look at the telephone pole on the left while pretending to admire the view.”


“Yes, Master.”


Honma did everything I said and I knew the man was still there.


Hey Honma, I’ll take care of that guy as an apology for having my way with you.
Well, I’ll continue to play with you.”


Well, then, let’s head over to the stalker.


Just in case there are some things I want to test about the performance of this hypnosis app.


“…Soo… hah… I love this smell.”


The moment I left the room, I thought Honma muttered something, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.


“Now, let’s meet your stalker.”

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