Emu Honma is an M.

It was a fact that she herself understood well, but she kept it to herself, and she had no intention of telling anyone about it.

[Am I crazy?]

I often asked myself that question in the mirror.

The fact that Emu is dominated by someone else is still a fact that excites her to no end.

[Please go out with me!]

[No, I don’t want to.
Know your place.]

There is no end to the number of boys who confess their feelings for Emu without knowing her truth, and Emu uses harsh words to deal with them each time.

If they were to turn the tables on these words and attack her… it’s not that she didn’t have an irredeemable, destructive desire, but now she knows that this idea was either wrong.



“Emu~! Let’s have lunch, shall we?”


It’s the same lunchtime as usual.

After finishing lunch with her good friends, Emu felt a fuzzy feeling in her head and stood up.

At first she was often perplexed by this unfamiliar feeling, but now she is different, because if she follows this feeling, she will be able to see her master.

“Hey Emu? You often go somewhere these days, what are you doing?”

“I have some business.
I’m going to go somewhere.”

Emu leaves the classroom after saying these words back.

As she approaches her destination, Emu realizes that she is incredibly excited, and at the same time, the face of a boy comes to mind.

[Emu, you’re my partner today.]

It’s Kai, a senpai who has become a big part of Emu’s life in many ways.

I owe Kai a debt of gratitude for solving my stalker problem in various ways, but to be honest, it’s a memory that doesn’t matter anymore.

“Senpai… senpai.”

The destination is an empty classroom while whispering of Kai, and when you open the door and enter, Kai is already waiting for you.

“Oh, you came, Emu.”

The moment Emu saw Kai sitting on a chair, she immediately rushed to him.

I’m sorry for making you wait.
I’ll do my job right now.
She kneeled in front of him as if to express such a thought.

“Hey, don’t get too eager.
But that part of you is also really cute, isn’t it? All right, then, I’m counting on you.”

When Kai looks down at her as she serves, she feels as if she is being dominated by him, and that alone is enough to make Emu’s heart a *Kyun* *Kyun* in joy.

There are no toys or anything at school, so she can’t do the restrained and neglected play where she has him shove it in and leave it there, but… still, Emu’s heart was filled.

(The feeling now… I’m willingly doing this now because I want my senpai to be happy, but I’m still not clear whether this is reality or a dream.)

No matter how many times she has experienced it, Emu does not know what this feeling is.

But even if she didn’t know, for Emu it is no longer something to worry about, because Kai is happy in front of her.

(Senpai… I’m very perverted.
I can’t feel good unless senpai bullies me, and I want senpai to discipline me more and more.)

Emu felt the desire in her heart overflowing one after another.

It is precisely because of this moment, which is both real and dreamlike, that Emu’s body demands a stronger connection.

Afterwards, a refreshed Kai buried his face in Emu’s chest.

“Oooooohhhh, that’s the best, Emu.”

“Senpai, you’re like a baby, aren’t you?”

“This is what happens before this softness.
It’s bliss~.”

Although they are small compared to Kai’s two classmates, and at the same time, Emu’s two important same-sex senpai, it is still nice to have Kai so absorbed in her like this.

Being teased by Kai is a blissful time for Emu, but being pampered in this way is also an important time for her.

“After all… this feeling is nice.”

“What did you say?”

“It’s nothing.
See, senpai, I’ll hug you more, okay?”


The meaning of the words that I misrepresented earlier, it’s because I feel that I’m directly close to Kai’s heart.

(When I first felt this sensation, I wondered what it was, but I’m an M, so I was a bit excited.
But more than that, I didn’t reject it because I’m sure I felt that my senpai’s heart was full of kindness.)

I remember the very first time, that is the very first time I experienced this sensation.

In a dream-like sensation, it is natural to be surprised when the opposite sex touches your body, but for some reason I did not reject Kai.

I knew in my heart that I could trust him.

(I don’t care if you think I’m crazy, I don’t care what you think.
That’s why I met my senpai and became able to do this.)

Although there are many different ways of meeting people, meeting Kai is really special.

Even so, Emu trusts and adores Kai because she has clearly glimpsed the inner heart of a person, which cannot be judged only by their outer appearance.

“Senpai is…”


“…Why are you so kind? Why do you care about us so much?”

When Emu asked that, Kai looked crestfallen.

After looking at each other for a while, Kai buried his face in Emu’s chest again, as if he had become tired of thinking, and Emu’s cheeks puffed out cutely.

Kai, who seemed to have guessed from Emu’s sullen voice, looked up again and opened his mouth like this.

“I’m telling you, I’m not being nice.
In fact, this is how I hypnotise you guys and make you do things that can’t be done in public.
I’m aware that I’m a scumbag and a hopeless bastard, and I’m also taking advantage of the fact that I’ve recently added two more people to my team.”


“…ah~, well, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Kai told me.

That he had a similar relationship with Sasaki and Someya, two women from who-knows-where, and that they both had deep emotional scars.

Emu smiled, although it prickled her heart a little to hear about something she didn’t know about, but isn’t that still his kindness?

“There’s no way I’m kind with this.
It’s merely the result of me thinking about whether there’s anything I can do or not.
If I didn’t have this power, I’d be so helpless that I couldn’t have solved anything in the first place.”

“I don’t think that’s true, though.”

“That’s the way it is.
Yes, that’s the end of this story!”

In the end, after that, I let Kai do what he wanted and then we parted ways.

Then Emu’s consciousness only became clear when she returned to the classroom, and what she had been doing until now and how she had returned were also etched in her memory as if she had been dreaming.

“… Senpai ”

After sitting in her seat, Emu always imagines Kai.

She didn’t know how much of it was true and how much was a lie.
But she knew very well that there was no lie in his words, that he told her in her memory.

“Emu? You, what’s wrong?”

“…It’s nothing.”

It seemed that it was an expression that could destroy her image until now, and Emu put on a crisp expression as if she was trying to tighten up.

However, Emu still imagined things with Kai, and the corners of her mouth inevitably turned up, causing her expression to collapse.

“…This is not good.
How much of a pervert am I?”

Emu writhed as she hid her face with her hands.

Mari and Saika both share memories that are not clear like this, but they both realize this and, like Emu, have complete trust in Kai.

They are also similar to her, which is why they have become friends.

“When I’m in that fluffy atmosphere, I just can’t help myself.
I feel like I want senpai more and more, I want him to use me all the time.”

This is not reality, but a dream, and if I force myself to convince myself that this is so, I would give everything away from myself… That’s how I think that even the precious things I’ve been protecting, I want him to have them.

Emu shivered as she imagined this until it was time for the end of the day assembly.

“See you later, Emu.”

See you tomorrow.”

After school, Emu parted from her friends and walked home alone.

In the middle of this, a woman walks in front of Emu.


She is a woman with no particularly interesting features, but… well, she is just beautiful.

For some reason, Emu couldn’t avert her gaze from her and stared at her until she noticed Emu’s gaze.

“What can I do for you?”

“No, it’s nothing, sorry.”


However, it seems that the other woman did not think it was unpleasant to be with a girl like Emu, and walked away.

When Emu was staring at her back again, she realized that she had bad feelings towards the woman she was with.

“…Why? Why is it like this for someone I’ve never met before?”

It was not disgust, but a complicated feeling that could not be explained in any way.

The woman’s disappearance calmed Emu’s mood, but Emu thought that if she could, she would not want to meet her, even by chance.

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