p>Sasaki laughed at Someya, who had now started arguing with me.

I didn’t think I’d be able to have a friendly chat like this with the girls I’d met, so I was somewhat happy.

(… but even though they are laughing like this, they were once victims.
While I was only playing games and playing with my friends, these kids were going through such a hard time.
Seriously, this world only turns on nice people.)

Whether it’s Mari, Emu or Saika… maybe this may be an arrogant idea, but I’m really glad that I became aware of their situation and helped.

“Hmm, this is nice, this kind of thing.
But I’m the same as Fiana If you ask why I could trust you.
Like Fiana, I don’t know why, but I think I can trust you, Masaki-kun.”

“…You’re you too.
Seriously, be careful not to be fooled, okay?”

“I know.”

I’m a bit worried about you girls.

After that, I left the shop after exchanging a few other banter with the two of them.

“It’s been a while since I’ve talked like this with someone of the opposite sex of the same age.
It’s good to know that Masaki-kun likes Kamu-kun too.”

Kamu-kun is a character in a manga that Someya and I read.

The dialog when I came to her rescue before was also from that character, so Someya and I had a bit of fun talking about it.

“…I wonder if I should read a bit too…”

I felt a little sorry for Sasaki, who couldn’t join in the conversation, but I hope she will use this opportunity to get to know more about manga and get to know Someya better.

“Hey, can we talk a bit more?”

“Yes, I guess so.
This is a good opportunity.”

I mean, aren’t you two getting too close at frightening speeds?

I feel like we’re getting strangely close for having talked all day… but when we get to know each other like this, the temptation to get naughty that I’ve been suppressing is starting to show on my face.

(… well, maybe just a little touch… just a little…)

Thank you both for trusting me.

But I’m still a villain with a hypnosis app in my hands… So please forgive me.
I mutter in my mind, and I activate the hypnosis app.



It seems that both of us were well and truly hypnotised.

There was a park just nearby, so I took the two of them there and moved them to the shade of a tree.

As I looked alternately at the two of them, who were staring at me and not moving at all, I nodded to myself that they indeed had beautiful and voluptuous bodies.

“Hey Sasaki and Someya, I was really happy earlier when you said you could trust me.
But I’m sorry because I’m like this, A scumbag so, I’m only going to touch you a little bit, so forgive me.
On your clothes.”



Both of them nodded, but Someya’s speech had changed to a nervous one, after all.

I bring my hands close to their chests, as permission for touching has been given… but of course I will stop them if I get even the slightest hint that they are uncomfortable.


I slowly touched them over their clothes.

I was impressed because I thought I couldn’t touch Mari and her friends today because it was a holiday.

“That tickles.”

And it’s embarrassing.”

“…You’re not going to cry like you did then, are you?”

I asked them and they nodded.

“It’s okay.
I told you, didn’t I?”

“I trust you, Masaki-kun.”

Although I was rubbing their breasts, the two of them looked straight at me and said so.

Even if I squeezed a little harder, the two of them never disliked it, and they never once complained until that day.

“…Maybe this is how you can get used to touching a man in order to get used to them?”

“That’s… that’s something I’d really like to ask you to do.”

“If you do that, I can meet Masaki-kun again, can’t I?”

“Oh, oh…”

They both said so, but unfortunately, it’s a pity because they don’t remember it.

Afterwards, I was told that I could touch him directly from Someya, which I didn’t expect, but I refrained from doing so because I might get carried away to more than touching.

“Hey, since we’re here, let’s exchange contact details, shall we?”

“Can I ask you too?”

When we parted, the girls made such a suggestion and we exchanged contact details.

That night, I kept smiling at the names of the girls on my contacts list, and my sister told me I was disgusting.


“A hypnotised partner cannot tell a lie and is therefore honest to you to no end.

But what about you in front of such a partner? You have a partner in front of you who absolutely listens to you.

Then you don’t have to lie.
You don’t have to dress up to look good… Then don’t you look like this – to be honest.

You are in a hypnotic state and your true nature will come out when you are in front of them.

No matter how far you go, that appearance will always be your true self… and your hypnotised partner will always be watching you, won’t they?”

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