laced in the center, and there were several lines connecting to it.


There’s nothing at the end of those lines.
They just lead somewhere.

But instead of the shredded lines seen at Mogi’s place, they were thicker and a slightly suspiciously pink color.

The three thick pink lines are particularly striking, as if to indicate a solid connection.

It somehow looked like a correlation chart showing the relationships between characters in an anime or manga, but I couldn’t see beyond the lines at all, so I couldn’t tell what this was about.

“…still a mystery function in a mystery app… yeah, everything is a mystery.”

Muttering this, I put down my phone.

Incidentally, I looked up the name Mogi Katsuta just to be sure, but as expected, I didn’t get any particularly interesting search results.

“Well, that’s fine.
I’m so sleepy, I’m going to bed now.”

Tomorrow is a holiday, so I thought I’d stay up late, but I can’t.

I threw everything that was on my mind out of my mind and went to sleep.

The next day, although I saw something that bothered me, I still didn’t care that much and went out on the street as usual.

“I want to buy that Manga… and maybe while I should invite them my friends to karaoke or something?”

I wanted to take my two friends out, but they both said they had things to do, so I went out alone and lonely.

I went to buy some manga and then went to karaoke alone, and when I was thinking about what to do with the rest, I found…

“…oh, that.”

A woman walking in front of me, it was that woman who dropped her cosmetics before.

I didn’t even know her name and could only think she was just a pretty face, but because of that encounter, I felt like I wanted to give this person a shot.

“……..damn, she’s like a summer bug that flies and is in the fire.”

I’m not particularly interested in her, but right after I thought I’d have my way with her, why couldn’t I pick up my phone?

In my head, I wanted to do a lot of things to that woman, but for some reason, I wasn’t in the mood.


I stopped moving and silently watched that woman disappear into the crowd.

When her back disappeared out of sight, I clicked my tongue and headed towards the bookshop I wanted to visit, but at the same time, my sister’s words came back to me.

[You’re a kind boy…]

For some reason, the fact that she said that to me, that I was a kind boy, came back to me vividly.

The same thing I tried to do to that woman and to Mari and the others should have been the same, but why didn’t I…?

It was probably a mistake because I was thinking like that as I was walking along.



I bumped into someone with a bang.

A woman who let out a small scream and fell on her butt in front of me – she was looking up at me in surprise with her blue eyes that could be seen through her silver hair.


I was stunned by the unexpected encounter.

Because the woman I just bumped into was Someya, one of the yuri couple I once gave up playing with.

My hand–”

Regardless of who the other party was, it was my fault now that I was lost in thought.

That’s why I reached out my hand to help her up quickly and apologize, but then I remembered the trauma she was going through and tried to pull my hand back… But then Someya held my hand back.

“Thank you.”

“…No, it’s because I was thinking, sorry.”

“That’s not true.
I was thinking a bit too.”

What I feel from the palm of my hand is a slippery sensation.

I was a little relieved because I thought Someya was saying that she was fine with talking to me normally.


“…What’s wrong?”

Her beautiful blue eyes are like jewels, and when she stares into them, I feel as if I am being sucked in.

Once I had my eyes on her, Someya’s body is very voluptuous and makes me want to hypnotise her and take her into the shadows right now, so she is an erotic woman.

“Last time, you saved me… right?”


“When me and Aika were being picked up… I can remember that.”

The eyes staring straight at me held a conviction.

Just as I was about to go off on a random tangent, Someya’s partner appeared, as if by divine will.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Fiana… you are?”

Yes, it was Sasaki who came.

Moreover, she was looking at Someya’s face as she held my hand in surprise, and I wondered if Someya might be in a shuraba of being suspected of cheating on her.

However, it seems that this is not the case, as all that is in Sasaki’s gaze is surprise, and she does not seem particularly angry.

(… What is it, was this space where two girls are staring at me so painful?)

I was wondering what to do about the totally different kind of stares from Mari and the others.

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