I have always found regular tests to be a source of frustration for me.

Although they are meant to be a survey of academic performance, not many students like to take tests… even I don’t like tests.

However, this time was different.

(I can see it… this one too.
I can answer them as well!)

Yes, I could see the answers to the test questions.

Well, this seeing does not mean cheating or anything like that, but simply that I was able to solve the questions easily.

(This problem is the formula I was taught while looking at Mari’s boobs… and this one is the formula I was taught while looking at Saika’s boobs…)

Impure way to remember? Shut up, only results matter!

I have not forgotten what the girls taught me, and I am solving the problems while remembering what they taught me at the time.

It’s just that when I try to remember the way they taught me when solving the problems, it just brings back all the wonderful memories that accompany it.


I don’t want to be suspected of cheating, so I don’t look around to glance at the people around me.

However, I could sometimes hear voices of students groaning as they scratched their heads around difficult questions, and I could sense that many of them were struggling with the test in their own way.

『Kai-kun, rub me some more? 』

『You still can’t get enough, can you? 』

I was working on the test, but the memories of the time in between studying were still coming back to me.

The physical contact between Mari and Saika during hypnosis was intense, not to the point of fighting over me.
But they tried to touch me anyway.
And above all, they actively tried to arouse me, so I was troubled.


Finishing the questions with my fantasy, I turned the test paper over.

Now I’m looking forward to straightening up, and naturally my alter ego is also straightening up, claiming to look fine.

“…Come on, it’s lunchtime.”

I can’t wait now for Emu to keep me company today.

After that, I fought my troubles and continued to battle with the test and managed to finish the morning test in a satisfactory manner.

Although the results were not yet available, I could feel a solid response.

“Ughhhh… oh no.”

“A red mark… Uoooooo!”

Akira and Shogo seemed to be frustrated as they were not satisfied with the response.

In the midst of this, when my eyes met with Mari, who was surrounded by her friends, she stared at me intently and moved her mouth.

“…How was it…?”

I thought I saw mouth movements like that, but I probably wasn’t wrong.

She smiled happily when I slowly told her it was perfect, as if I was replying to her words with only the movements of my mouth.

I’m sure Mari will tell me that it was because of my hard work.
but I can confidently say – it was because their breasts were always swaying in front of me like a guardian goddess while I was studying for the test.

“Hey Kai, by the looks of it, do you feel really satisfied?”

“You made eye contact with Aisaka… well, you went home together with Wagatsuma before the test… you didn’t study together, did you?”

“We did.”

“You traitor…”


Damn it, say what you like, but even your jealousy feeds me!


Well, I can laugh it off because they’re my friends, but I still have to watch out for those sunny guys who are glaring at me.

I don’t think they’ll ever do anything, but even so, there’s nothing wrong with being careful, and above all, I don’t want to worry about my friends or anyone else.

“Besides, I have a strongest partner I can rely on, so… well, I’ll be fine.”

I muttered to myself as I touched the phone in my pocket.

Today, as well as yesterday, there are papers with words like “Don’t get carried away” and “Disappear you scum” that people drop into my shoe box every day, but I’m not really bothered by them, I’m so relaxed right now.
I have enough room in my heart.


That’s why I snicker at people who still glare at me.

I then called out to my friends that I was coming out for a bit and then headed to an empty classroom, where Emu was already sitting in a chair waiting for me.

“You’re early.
I’m usually faster than you.”

I spoke with Emu for a bit, but basically I was a bit surprised because I’m always faster than them.

I can see that Emu’s state is firmly hypnotised, but when she is also in a hypnotic state, her skinship towards me is quite intense, just like Mari and Saika.

“Senpai, I missed you”

She sat up from her chair and hugged me with a patter-patter of footsteps.

She buried her face in my chest and sniffed my scent, and I still felt a sense of affection for her, partly because she was a junior.

“Emu, take off your clothes and serve me as soon as possible.
I’ve been thinking about a lot of things during the test and it’s building up.”

“Ah…yes let me serve you, Master .”

It can’t be helped that it’s been building up for a long time.

However… although it is known that Emu is an M, it is also naughty that when she is in a hypnotic state and I speak to her in a commanding tone, her expression instantly becomes debauched.

Emu gives a dignified and cool impression, which is why some people may be surprised to see this change.


I said this while stroking the head of Emu, who was sitting on a chair and kneeling on the floor to me.

“I am the only one who can see you like this, or the only one who will go out with or marry Emu in the future, naturally.”

I mumbled something like this.



Her eyes were sharp as she glanced up at my face.

I don’t know what Emu thought, but the force instantly became stronger and I was finished before I could raise my voice in surprise.

“…Er, Emu?”

“…I don’t know.
Please do this.”


With her shirt unbuttoned, Emu was in a position to sit at my waist.

Her arms were behind her back, and her legs were also intertwined so that I could directly feel all of Emu’s sensations.

The voice was also somewhat grumpy, but it still felt good to be embraced by a beautiful girl like this.

“It’s a good feeling”

“…But senpai, it’s small compared to Mari-senpai and the others, isn’t it?”

“What are you talking about?”

It’s true that compared to Mari and Saika, she has D cups that can be called small, but they are probably big enough for a high school student to have grown up.

There’s also the feeling of soft flesh protruding from between the fingers of her hands firmly, and I consider her to be firmly on the larger side.

“Senpai, I like to have you touch me like this.
I like it when you touch me roughly but I also like it when you just touch me gently like this.”

“Really? But I also like to touch you like this.”

“I’m glad

I really love touching not only Emu, but also Mari, Saika and the others.

What I say and what I do are as outlandish as ever, but if the girls in a hypnotic state are pleased to see me like this, I’ll get carried away.


But I am still a wise man now.

So I was able to notice the slight uneasiness that Emu might be feeling.

“Emu, you have something you’re worried about, don’t you? Talk to me.”

“That’s… yes.”

Emu then told me without hiding.

It seems that that guy I sent to the police before has finally been released on bail, and Emu seemed to be concerned about that.

It must be scary for Emu that the guy who was stalking her is now free, and even if she didn’t care that much about it, she can’t seem to forget the unpleasantness of it.

“…If he’s going to do something to me again, I’ll make him my testing subject for a bit.”



I’ll give it a little try.
It’s like another hypnosis app experiment.

Well, I just hope that time never comes, but somehow I’m not that anxious.

I had this unexplainable certainty that that man would never appear in front of Emu again.

“Emu, if anything happens, you must tell me.
Even if you can’t tell me, it doesn’t matter if it’s Mari or Saika, just tell someone.
I’ll definitely help you.”


However, the feeling of wanting to protect her is true.

I’m not sure how she’ll react.
You can think of it as an apology for using various toys on Emu as if motivated by curiosity… well, Emu was delighted every time I did that.

“Senpai is kind and cool.
I’m glad I met such a gentleman.”

“Kind and cool? You say that to make me happy, don’t you? But I only met Mari and Saika, including you, because I hypnotised them.
I’m just a piece of rubbish.”

In fact, while saying this, I’m doing the perverted behavior of rubbing my junior Emu’s breasts and sniffing her scent, you know.

“Then I will say it like this.”


“I don’t know what that hypnosis is.
But I’m glad that it’s my senior who has that power… no, we think .”


Those words strongly shocked me.

When I suddenly looked at Emu’s expression, she was still firmly under hypnosis, but her eyes looking at me were very gentle.

It was only natural that our faces would get closer if we stared at each other, and I kissed Emu a little longer.

“…You’re glad it was me…?”

After the lunch break was over and we returned to the classroom, I kept replaying the words Emu had told me over and over again in my mind.

Then the afternoon test began, and naturally I felt a satisfying response.

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