—“… Kukuku, it’s the best, seriously.”

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This time between two beautiful women, it is truly a supreme moment.

The sense of disappointment from yesterday had already dissipated, and I was hugging Wagatsuma, who was quiet in my arms.

I let her change position from time to time, burying my face in her breasts or sniffing the scent of her hair.

“It’s nice to hug Wagatsuma like this, and being hugged by Mari is also nice, isn’t it?”

Yes, I am also being hugged by Mari from behind.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yeah, it feels great.”

“I’m happy.”

When I turned my back to say that I was the one who was happy, Mari brought her face close to mine and kissed me, as if she’d been waiting for that movement.

Although I was surprised by the suddenness of it, I had no resistance to kissing her like this under hypnosis.


Oh no, I can’t stop myself from leaking out a very sickening giggle.

The current state, which is triggered after a certain amount of time, which I call reserved hypnosis.
I used this to call the two of them here as usual, and naturally I had the two of them serve me in a lot of different ways.


[Both of you, you don’t have to take your clothes off, just open up front your breasts.]

[All right, keep going and get close to me from behind so that you can pin my face.]

[Then both of you come and sandwich my face between your breast from front and back at once!]


It’s an exciting memory just to recall, and at the same time I’m so stunned at how much desire I’m releasing.

“Hey, you two, line up in front of me for a minute.”

With that, the two of them moved away from me and sat down side by side in front of me.

I looked at them again with a smug smile, knowing that I was the one who gave the order, although the feeling of being away from the front and the back was a bit of a reminder.


My voice trembled with emotion.

They were by no means taking off all their clothes, but rather sloppily unbuttoning their shirts to show me their ample cleavage.

But that’s the beauty of it! This sloppiness, which I never see from these girls, normally, fuels my excitement.

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“…Eh? It’s a lie, isn’t it?”

Seeing these girls made me feel energetic again.

I let out a troubled sigh and ordered them to adjust their clothes, but there was something wrong with their behavior.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

The two just stared at me, not listening to my order to put their clothes back on.

I was afraid that the hypnosis had lifted, or that the effect had worn off, but apparently it hadn’t.

“You look like you’re in pain.
We’ll do it again.”

Stay still, Masaki-kun.”


After that, the two of them did it again.

The number of times the girls act autonomously in this way has been increasing recently, but I’m still a simple guy, so I have no choice but to give myself over to the pleasure they give me.

I was checking the screen on my phone while I was doing this, but the hypnosis app was still running and there was still 28 per cent of the charge left… it consumes a lot of energy.
I knew it.

“I love this scent, it’s amazing.”

“It’s addictive… hehe…”

…They are too naughty.

I would really like to have an even richer relationship adding Honma here and the threesome, but well, that time will come soon.

“The difference in grades is a real bottleneck.
It’s troublesome, but it can’t be helped, can it?”

However, even as I think about this, I’ve recently become very curious about the extent to which this application has the power to do so.

I’ve confirmed that I can hypnotise people of the same or opposite sex, and I know that I can even easily give sexual commands like this to the opposite sex.


“What’s wrong, Masaki-kun?”


Mari asked, perhaps noticing my distress.

I told her that it’s nothing, as I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about this trouble with the girls who are in a hypnotic state.

“Anyway, both of you, sandwich me from both sides again like you did before.”

A squishy feeling pinched both cheeks.

I laugh and wonder what’s the matter with me, but I go through the menus on the app that I haven’t seen yet in a situation that would be the envy of all the boys in the world.

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I still can’t see any new parts, but I read the precautions section a little more slowly.

“When using this hypnosis app, make sure you think about your partner.
Remember that while it will comply with any request and can do anything, it is by no means a Almighty.
The deep-rooted dislike can grow and possibly become a serious problem.”

“…Deep-rooted dislike, huh?”

In other words, the more I continue to do terrible things to them like this, the more their dislike of me grows…

That said, they’re strangely quite friendly to me under hypnosis like this, and we get on well even when we’re not actually under hypnosis… but still, selfishness when there’s no willpower at work is the worst thing you can do.

“Hey, you two.”

I suddenly muttered, whether or not it was because I saw this warning sign.

“Is it too hard to continue to do this to me all the time?”

There was a reply to my mutterings.

“No, Not at all.”

“I don’t want to stop, I won’t forgive you if you stop.”

These words were clearly filled with strong pressure.

I was surprised, but needless to say, I was in a better mood because I was still simple-minded and when they told me they wanted me so much, I couldn’t resist myself.

In the end, I asked them to let me bury my face in their breasts again.

After that, I sent the two of them to go back to the classroom first, and I returned to the classroom after a bit of time, too.

“…Well, every day is fulfilling.
I need Mari, Honma and Wagatsuma to heal me from now on.”

I wonder how many boys at this school are thinking about them, and when I imagine that, I feel a tremendous sense of superiority that makes me feel good.

I grinned during my afternoon classes, as long as the teachers and other students didn’t find out.

“Well then, Kai, let’s go.”

“Oh yeah.”

And time passed, it was after school, and I was out with two friends for the first time in a long time.

It’s great to get titty-sandwich by beautiful girls, but it’s also important to spend time with your friends in this way, together with other guys.

I’ve known them since they were in high school and we’re pretty close, and I even hope that this bond will continue as we grow older.

“There’ s nothing special about going out with Kai like this.”


Well, it was when the three of us were walking around town like that.

Suddenly Shogo said this to me and I tilted my head to see what was wrong.

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” What’s going on, how can I become friends with girls like you’re doing now Kai?”


I’m sure I had a blank expression on my face right now, but I understood what was said, so I thought about it.

It was probably about Mari and her friends.
But as for Mari and Wagatsuma, it is known that I intervened a little in their affairs.
So that is the reason.

However, the hypnosis app was the catalyst for this, and I couldn’t possibly tell them about their tragic circumstances, so I didn’t tell them the details after all.

“The secret to being popular is a secret!”

“You’re f*cking with us, you bastard!”

“That’s right, spil it out already !!”

I went to the trouble of going out with you, but I’m leaving, damn it!

Well, the two of them didn’t seem to want to go that far to hear it out, and soon they stopped asking this question and walked around aimlessly.

“Let’s go karaoke.”

I’m going and ask if they are available.”

Passing by a karaoke bar, Shogo said so and went inside.

Akira also said he was going to the toilet and followed him, and I had to wait for a while.


While waiting for them to return, I spotted two familiar backs.

Those two backs belonged to the yuri couple, Sasaki and Someya, whom I gave up yesterday, and they were being blocked from going by a nasty-looking two-person pick-up group.

“…I’ve already decided… I don’t have any intention of involved with even If encounter them.”

Those two girls were certainly attractive-looking, but I had already lost the desire for them in me.

When they really cry like that, my feelings still wilt, and I feel like I’m doing something irrepressibly sinful… well, there’s no point in worrying about it now.


If there is no need to get involved, ignoring is safe… However, one of the men put his hand on Someya’s shoulder.

Sasaki shook off that hand, but Someya’s behavior is somehow strange.
That’s exactly like that time I touched his chest.

“…Damn it, I can’t help it!”

And I knew it.
I couldn’t pretend I didn’t see it.

I approached with my phone in my hand and slurred these lines while thinking about Someya, whose body was shaking.

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“The act of forcibly touching a girl who doesn’t want to do it, it’s absolutely terrible.”



The pick-up man looked at me at my words, and Sasaki and Someya also turned around as if they were surprised, but the trembling in Someya’s body had stopped.

“While everyone pretends not to see it, I’m the only one who hasn’t missed it.
Now, let me tell you what I call people like you.
People call them outcasts.”


Yes, this is a homage to a line from a character in a manga that Someya said she liked and I was reading.

To be honest, my brain is going crazy with embarrassment at what I’m saying myself, but even so, I’m going to defeat these outcasts… and I’m an outcast too!

“What the fuck are you!!!!”

“You don’t deserve to know my name!”

I then activated the app on my phone and succeeded in hypnotising Sasaki and Someya, including them.

I approached the four people staring at me in a daze, and asked them a question.

“What did you guys approach these two for?”

“I spotted them because they looked attractive.
And when they refused, we tried to take them by force.”

“A woman should make a man feel good.
There’s nothing wrong with that.”

What a bunch of low-life honest bastards.

I ordered them to make a mad dash for a gay bar nearby.

I saw them off as they ran at breakneck speed and I left the place.

“Well, I better get the hell out too.”

I moved away from Sasaki and Someya, who were staring at me intently, and I deactivated the hypnosis app, thinking it was time to leave.

“Oh… the battery just ran out.”

Just then, the battery on my phone ran out.

I was watching the girls from a distance at least, and although Someya glanced around, she soon walked away with Sasaki.

However, she seemed to look back several times and was warned by Sasaki.

“Oh, where have you been!”

“Got a room?”

“Yeah, lets’s go!”

Well, now that I’ve saved someone, let’s enjoy singing as much as we can!

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