Many figures with heavy auras guarded the stronghold like iron towers.

In the center of the stronghold, a nine-story Pavilion made of profound gold stood tall.

This mystic gold Pavilion was called the nine extreme Pavilion, and the number nine was the meaning of extreme.

At this moment.

On the ninth floor of the nine extremes Pavilion, there was a different world with many palaces.

An old man was carrying an unconscious young man in his arms.

His body was so thin that it looked like it could be blown away by a gust of wind, but it exuded a terrifying and oppressive aura.

It caused the four walls of the hall to give out a creaking sound that made one’s teeth ache.

One had to know that this Hall was made of profound gold.

However, at this moment, just the aura emitted by the old man was enough to make the hall show signs of collapsing.

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If such an exaggerated scene was seen by others, countless eyeballs would probably pop out from shock.

Your Highness, a middle-aged man with a grey goatee and an extraordinary bearing was standing there.

This man was none other than the White Cloud City’s city Lord, Ye Cheng.

However, this city Lord ye, who had the power to rule a city, was now sweating.

There was no other reason.

The status of the old man in front was too high.

It was so big that it could crush him, a small city Lord, with a finger.

MA Daowu!

The number one expert of the bi Fang Empire!

His heavenly God-level cultivation had suppressed the bi Fang Empire for hundreds of years!

In terms of status, even the current Emperor could not compare to one-tenth of him.

Of course, if it was only because of MA Daowu’s identity, Ye City wouldn’t be in such a state.

However, the problem was that the young man in MA Dao Wu’s arms was the great-grandson of the ancestor of dynasty, Ma Yuan.

And not long ago, Ma Yuan’s dantian had been crippled.

Although Ye Cheng wasn’t the main person to blame for such a vicious incident, ye chen was still the one responsible.

However, the incident happened in the White Cloud City, and as the city Lord of Ye City, it was completely justifiable for MA Dao Wu to take action against him in the name of revenge for his great-grandson.

Hence, before he stepped into the nine extremes Pavilion, Ye Cheng was prepared to put his head on his waist.

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However, when he stood in front of a sky celestial, his Dao heart could not help but tremble.

As he stood there, time seemed to stretch on endlessly.
Every minute and every second seemed to be extremely long and unbearable.

Ye Cheng felt as if thousands of centuries had passed.

MA Dao Wu’s aura finally calmed down and he said,””Who is the murderer that harmed Yuan ‘er?”

Hearing that the great ancestor didn’t punish him directly, Ye Cheng’s heart that was in his throat finally calmed down a little.

Ye Cheng’s heart tightened again when he thought of the murderer, and he quickly explained the situation.

“A woman with a peak sea of consciousness realm and a heavenly God Realm expert …”


After listening to Ye Cheng’s words, MA Daowu muttered to himself.
Suddenly, he thought of something and squinted his eyes, revealing a cold glint.
He said in a deep voice,”Could it be that girl from the Gu family …”

The Gu family?

Ye Cheng was stunned.
He quickly recalled which high-ranking family in the surrounding of the bi Fang Empire had the surname Gu.

But after thinking about it, Ye Cheng still couldn’t remember where he had heard of this Gu family.

Wait a minute!

The Gu family!

It was that family!

Ye Cheng’s eyes were as wide as copper bells, and his pupils shrank to a small dot as he focused on Ma Yuan.

The person young master Ma had provoked was actually someone from the Gu family!

This … How dare he!

Even if you’re the great-grandson of the ancestor of the dynasty and your ancestor is MA Daowu, a great divine arts practitioner at the heavenly God Realm.

However, the Gu family was even more powerful than the Imperial court.
They were a powerful force with Nirvana stage cultivators to suppress their fate!

Even a heavenly God would not have any face in front of the Gu family.

Countless thoughts popped up in Ye Cheng’s mind, and it took him a long time to recover.

He sneaked a glance at MA Daowu from the corner of his eyes and saw hesitation flashing across the latter’s face.

Ye Cheng immediately understood that this old ancestor of the celestial deity realm was obviously wary of the Gu family.

“It’s a good thing that we didn’t continue to investigate that woman.
Otherwise, if we offend the Gu family, even if the patriarch steps in, I’m afraid he won’t be able to protect the White Cloud City!”

Ye Cheng felt a wave of fear.
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel that it was a wise decision to ground ye Zilong before he left.

MA Daowu knew that Gu lianren had gone to the White Cloud City.

This time, the reason why he was willing to let Ma Yuan come along was because he wanted to take this opportunity to see if he could help Ma Yuan and Gu Lian to form a good relationship.

For this, MA Daowu did not hesitate to use most of the resources in his hands to bribe the people around Gu lianren.

Who would’ve thought that Ma Yuan’s dantian would be crippled before he could do anything good?

He did not see with his own eyes whether the masked man who attacked Ma Yuan was from the Gu family.

But didn’t ye Cheng say so?

The woman that Ma Yuan had taken a fancy to was protected by a peak sea of consciousness realm and a heavenly God Realm.

Other than the Holy daughter of the Gu family, MA Daowu really couldn’t think of anyone else who could meet this condition.

He looked at the unconscious Ma Yuan.

MA Daowu could already imagine how much pain Ma Yuan would be in when he woke up and realized that his dantian was crippled.

“Holy daughter of the Gu family, you’ve gone too far!”

“Even if you don’t want to be in-laws with Yuan ‘er, you shouldn’t be so ruthless!”

MA Daowu clenched his fist so tightly that it made “creaking” sounds.
An astonishing baleful aura passed through his magical equipment clothing and spread out in the hall.

Ye Cheng’s face changed immediately.

He had no idea why the Gu family had attacked Ma Yuan.

But from the tone of the great ancestor, was he going to fight with the Gu family for Ma Yuan?

Suddenly, Ye Cheng recalled the rumors about the Gu family and a terrifying thought rose in his mind.

Could it be that the Gu family’s ancestor was really going to die?

Without waiting for Ye Cheng to think about this, he started to think deeper.

MA Dao Wu’s voice sounded in his ears,””City Lord ye, the people of the Gu family have killed my great-grandson.
I need an explanation!”

Hearing that MA Dao Wu wanted an explanation from him, Ye Cheng was immediately dumbfounded.

Even if the Gu family’s ancestor was really going to fall from the Nirvana stage as the rumors said …

But a starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

With the Gu clan’s Foundation, even if they did not have any Nirvana stage ancestors, they still had some heavenly God stage cultivators.

He was just a small sea of consciousness realm, what could he use to go to the Gu family and ask for an explanation for MA Daowu?


And the position of the White Cloud City Lord?

In Ye Cheng’s opinion, the great ancestor of the dynasty in front of him must not have dared to fall out with the Gu family because the Gu family had not completely fallen yet.

However, she couldn’t take it lying down, so she pushed him out.

After thinking it through, Ye Cheng suddenly had a big headache.

Just as he was racking his brain to think of how to push this matter out.

MA Daowu’s cold gaze landed on him, causing him to shiver.

“Lord ye’s family has been protecting the White Cloud City for the Empire for generations, and they have done a lot of hard work,” MA Daowu said.

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