His father was really old.
Huo Shui only had a sea of consciousness realm cultivator by her side, but he had actually scared his father to this extent.

From the information provided by Liu Feng, he already knew that the person beside Lin anruo at the South City gate was a person in the sea of consciousness realm who was far stronger than Liu Feng.

Ye Zilong’s eyes gleamed as he looked at commander Bai.”Uncle Bai, how many of our white cloud guards are there in the residence?”

When commander Bai heard this, he knew that his young master had decided to take action!

“Three hundred and seventy-fourth place!”

Commander Bai’s tone carried a hint of unnoticeable excitement as he accurately reported a number.

A hundred white cloud guards, connected to the earth vein formation, could battle the sea of consciousness!

Three hundred and seventy-four white cloud guards, this battle power was equivalent to three to four sea of consciousness realm cultivators.

In addition to Liu Feng and commander Bai, there were five to six people in the spiritual ocean realm!

After calculating, ye Zilong’s face turned cold.”Not enough!”

“Call back all our brothers who are patrolling!”

“I’m going to win this battle with glory!”


Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky above the White Cloud City, a thick beam of spiritual energy light shot up into the sky.

After the dazzling light spread out, it condensed into a huge white cloud, floating high in the sky.

On the streets, countless citizens were shocked by this sudden movement.

Without waiting for them to calm down, groups of white cloud guards in bright silver armors, whose auras were at least at the spirit forging stage, came out.

Their killing intent surged and gathered in the same direction.

“Brother, what happened?”

A rich young master with a pale face crawled to the side of the road and heard a voice behind him.

Turning around, the rich family young master saw the smile on Gong Ziliang’s face.
For some reason, the fear in his heart was suddenly suppressed by a calming force.

However, before the rich young master could speak, someone beside him said,””Hey, the city Lord’s mansion is summoning the White cloud guards.”

“The last time it caused such a huge commotion, it was a heavenly God demon that ran in from outside the city.
In the end, even the ancestor was alarmed.”

“I wonder what’s going on this time.”

After hearing the man’s words, gongzi Liang quickly realized that the heavenly God demon he mentioned must be the altar leader who had come to the bi Fang Empire from the demonic sect’s sub-altar.

“Could it be that another heavenly God expert has appeared in the city?”

The young master’s heart sank.

With his current strength, he was not afraid of a heavenly God.

However, the divine seed was about to be born, and the situation in White Cloud City was getting more and more strange.

The heavenly gods that came today, but who could guarantee that there wouldn’t be Nirvana stage powerhouses from some giant force that would jump out and stir up trouble tomorrow?

Gongzi Liang felt that it was best for him to stay out of this mess.

After all, the goal of this trip was the divine Kingdom ruins.

As for the divine bi Fang seed …

Unless he gave it to gongzi Liang for free, he could not be bothered to fight with the dynasty patriarchs and demon cult altar Lords for such a hot toy.

Wasn’t it better to sell equipment in exchange for pills?

After making up his mind, gongzi Liang didn’t stop.
He turned into a gust of wind and rushed toward the location of pingxiu.

Just as the White Cloud City mobilized the White cloud guards and caused a huge commotion …

The myriad demon mountain was not peaceful either.

In the vast forest, the cries of apes and tigers could be heard.

“Boom boom boom!”

Suddenly, a terrifying aura shot up into the sky.

The bright spiritual light razed the trees and forests within a radius of a thousand miles to the ground.

The source of the spiritual light was a stronghold that occupied more than a thousand hectares.

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