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‘…He must be hungry.’


April could not turn away from the child and got up from her seat.
She thought she could give the leftover stock to a hungry child because there were no customers anyway.


Raising up from her seat, she was unable to turn away from the child.
Since there were no customers anyway, she thought it would be okay to give the leftover products to the hungry child.




When she poked her head out the door and beckoned, the child stepped back with a wary look on his face.
It was a completely different attitude from when he was staring at the food display with sparkling eyes a while ago.


“That… I don’t have any money.”




“They said you need to have money to eat, but I have no money.”


‘He’s smart.’


April admired the child as she carefully grabbed his hand and led him inside gently.


“That’s right, you need money to eat food.
But today, it’s free.”



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“Because you’re the first guest today! Besides, sister is hungry and there’s no one to eat with… would you like to come and eat with me?”


Saying so, she smiled as brightly as possible.


 For a moment, as if possessed by April, the child gazed blankly at her before opening his mouth.


“…Is that okay?”


Even though the child seemed to be holding back his smile, he could not hide his bulging cheeks.
His face was dirty, but he had a lovely smile.


“Of course!”


Only after her cheerful reply did the child move his feet.


And so, April hastily prepared brunch — omelette thick enough while still slightly runny in the middle when you cut it in half with a knife, the buttery toasted bread that gave off butter scent, and sausage and mushroom with thick gravy that burst when you bite them — It was a meal made with consideration of the five major nutrients in mind.


Meanwhile, the drink was an americano made with beans that had been roasted for two weeks—Oh, she gave the little guest milk with honey instead.


As soon as April put down the plate, the child started eating the omelette in a hurry.
Seeing that, she then spread strawberry jam on the bread and calmed him down.


“You’re going to get indigestion if you eat like that.
Chew your food properly.”


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“Yes, I understand… Euup!”


When she hurriedly pushed the cup to the choking child, he gulped down the moderately warm milk.


The child’s golden eyes immediately widened.


“It’s delicious…!”




“Yes! It’s like a sweet cloud melted into the milk!”


“Oh, you’re so cute.
Thank you for enjoying the meal.”


April, who sat across from the boy with her chin on her hand, grinned happily.


“But, what is your name?”


“It’s Asher.”


“Asher, that’s a pretty name.”


…Until then, she did not know how much this child named Asher would shake up her already tempestuous life.

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