I Picked Up the Male Lead’s Nephew

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In an empty cafe, April yawned excessively.


‘Are there no customers today as well?’


It did not make sense to open a cafe in such a rural area in the first place.
In fact, when the interior was being constructed, the neighborhood residents saw it and smirked, asking if she would be able to sell anything.
Some people made a fuss that the young lady from the capital was only ostentatious, coffee and dessert are things that only the nobles would consume.


Of course, April did not mean to open a cafe in a place like this.


There was only one reason she opened a cafe in a rural village where she did not seem to have any prospective customers.


‘…This was only one place that fit my budget.’


The prices in the capital were too expensive.
As she searched for a place that was as close to the capital as possible and fit her budget, she came to a village in the Seren Territory.
Well, in fact, it was embarrassing to even say that it was close to the capital because it took two days by carriage…


Nevertheless, April was not disappointed.
So what if it was close to the capital, and what if it was far away?


It was important that she had her own cafe.


It has been a month since I opened the store.
In the meantime, the number of customers who visited the store was small enough to count on one hand, although she was satisfied.

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‘Because I still have my cafe.’


April was happy to achieve such a dream that she could not achieve in her previous life.
Before she got possessed here, she was so poor that she could not even open a cafe in a quiet neighborhood.
Besides, she still had spare money, so there was no need to worry about money for the time being.


If she let the villagers know that coffee and desserts were not just for the upper class, would customers not come flocking to the store one by one?


Thinking like that, April suddenly turned her head to the stinging gaze she felt next to her.




There was a boy standing by the window.
His silver hair stood out even in this place where colorful hair exists, and gold eyes that were more unique than anything she had ever seen.
The child seemed to only be about five years old.


As he was staring at the dessert in the display case, his small, dainty hand was like a maple leaf against the glass wall.




Even though it was just a model, it seemed like his mouth was watering because of it.
The child licked his small lips and swallowed heavily.


April took a closer look at the child’s appearance.


The unknown child had dirt on his white face like he had not washed it properly.
His shirt and trousers were also old, though the sleeves and hem of the trousers were short, perhaps they were someone else’s used clothes.
In addition, his exposed wrists and ankles were pitifully thin.


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