Qin Lin held Zhao Moqing’s hand and walked out of the hall, heading straight to the left.
There was a sign indicating that they were heading to the beginning of the drift.

They followed the tourists to the waiting area, where the tourists faced two choices.

One took a scenic bus up the mountain to start drifting.

One was to choose to buy a ticket for a small train and take it to sightsee the ecological park scenery built in the county.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing naturally chose to take the bus.
They had seen too many people living in Min Province.
The so-called ecological park was actually just so-so.

The two of them followed some tourists onto a bus.

This is the bus to the drifting point.
We’ll set off in a while,” the bus driver said dutifully when he saw Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing walking up.

The driver naturally recognized his boss and was about to greet him when he saw his boss raise his hand and nod without saying anything.

Qin Lin pulled Zhao Moqing to the last two seats and sat down.
After a while, the bus seats were full, and the driver started the car and drove to the starting point.

There were tourists in the car who were already chatting.

“Did any of you win a prize?”

“No, we didn’t.
We missed three times.”

“I booked tickets to the bridal chamber, the Sea of Flowers, and the rafting.
I drew a total of seven times and didn’t win.
It seems that the winning rate is very low.”

“It’s definitely low.
After all, there are only five slots a day.
Each is worth 60,000 yuan.”


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Immediately, there were many sighs.

Some people did not pay much attention to it.
They had originally wanted to come to Qinglin Villa to play.
The lucky draw was just a bonus, so they did not force it.

However, some people began to think about how they could spend to make up the number of lucky draws.
These types of tourists were here for the lucky draw.
They were obviously indignant and gambled heavily, thinking that they could win.

Someone suddenly asked, “Who do you think the boss of Qinglin Villa is? They all say that this Xiangshui Tribute Rice is very difficult to buy.
Even 90% of the rich can’t buy it.
Now, not only has Qinglin Villa bought it, but they are also using it for activities.”

Another person said, “That means that there are many bosses in Qinglin Villa, or they have extremely strong connections that surpass 90% of the rich.”

For a moment, there was lively discussion in the car.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing sat there and didn’t participate.
They just listened seriously as if it was none of their business.

On the other hand, the driver looked back a few times through the rearview mirror with an inexplicable expression on his face.
Wasn’t the boss sitting in the car?

Someone else said, “Indeed, if Qinglin Villa doesn’t have powerful connections, it’s impossible for them to organize this lucky draw.
I wonder what the boss of Qinglin Villa looks like.”

A well-dressed woman said matter-of-factly, “He must be old and must have a big beard.
Xiangshui Tribute Rice is really as amazing as the Internet says.
Young people don’t have that kind of power.
They can’t get it.”

When Zhao Moqing heard this, she smiled and reached out to touch Qin Lin’s chin.
He didn’t have a big beard.

The bus soon arrived at the drift-off point.
Several small buildings had been built at the top of the hill, and there were many vendors inside.
They sold swimming rings, towels, sunglasses, waterproof bags… these things.

Visitors were those who came here to play with the drifting tourists.

This was organized by the county.
They were all supporting some special poor families to earn some money.
Even the money for wholesale was supported by the county.

The county had also shown Qin Lin the information on these people.
One of them had impressed him.
It was a mother whose husband had died more than ten years ago.
With her meager income, not only had she painstakingly raised her eldest son, but she had also been taking care of her dead husband’s sick mother.

Qin Lin could actually sell these things in the villa, but the profits of these things were also thin.
With these arrangements in the county, there was no need for him to be involved.

This bit of profit was insignificant to him, but it was a guarantee for these special poor families to support their families.

Qin Lin brought Zhao Moqing to the drifting point.
There was already a waiter in charge of explaining the drifting with a microphone.

Next to them were the staff who checked tickets and the staff who handed out life jackets and hard hats.

Below, too, two employees in water shoes and gloves grabbed the kayak to help the tourists up.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing were naturally recognized again when they went forward to check their tickets.
However, with a gesture, those employees were not stupid and would not call out his identity in public.

The two of them boarded a kayak.
After entering the water, Zhao Moqing said, “Qin Lin, it’s a little cold in the river.
Let’s row quickly.”

She had gone on a winter rafting trip with Qin Lin, so she naturally knew that as long as she moved at this time, not only would she not feel cold, but her body would also be hot and sweaty.

Qin Lin nodded and rowed the raft with Zhao Moqing.

Along the way, every kayak was filled with pairs of tourists.

Even if only one person came to this drifting project, the scenic area would specially match them up.
After all, playing alone was actually more dangerous than playing as two.

If a young man and woman were to drift alone, the scenic area would match you with the opposite sex.
Moreover, if you have affinity with them, remember to seize the opportunity.

Maybe it was really a case of a long-term relationship.

It took more than two hours for Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing to reach the end of the drift.
Along the way, they didn’t find any problems.
Moreover, the project had just started and the employees’ salaries were much higher than the average salary in Youcheng County.
Everyone was very enthusiastic about their work.

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