ve to stay in this county.
This was what they were most concerned about now.

The more tourists came, the more people would spend in the county.

Sun Xian thought for a moment and said, “In addition, send some people to investigate in secret.
We can’t have incidents of murder or harm to guests in Youcheng County.
Whoever dares to do so will be severely punished.”

Chen Li nodded.
“I will see to it.”

Time passed.

Almost at night, tourists arrived in Youcheng County and checked into several hotels in the county.

Those hotels immediately felt that there were more people staying tonight than usual.

These were all from places closer to Youcheng County.
Most of them planned to finish playing with the Sea of Flowers and rafting tomorrow.

Naturally, the most important thing was to see if they could win the prize.

Therefore, the next day, these people woke up early in the morning.
They either drove or took a taxi to Qinglin Villa.

Wang Yang woke up in the Zhongliang Hotel early in the morning.

His home was in the provincial capital of Min Province, not far from here, so he’d arrived last night.

He did not manage to book a ticket online last night, so he planned to go over earlier today to seize the initiative.
Perhaps he would win the prize first?

After all, the probability of winning five prizes at the beginning was higher than the probability of winning five prizes later on.

“Get up,” Wang Yang said, whipping the girl in his arms.

The girl murmured, “Hubby… ah… Brother Xiang, what time is it?”

“Get up.
We’re going to Qinglin Villa.” Wang Yang didn’t mind the girl’s slip of the tongue.
They were both regulars at the nightclub and knew each other’s character.
They were just scumbags.

Maybe he wouldn’t really care about these questions until he’d had enough fun and wanted to get married.

At that time, he would find a quiet girl who would not stay in the nightclub.

Wang Yang quickly dressed up his female companion and left the hotel.
He took a taxi to Qinglin Villa.

Not long after the taxi left the county city, there were two different directions to Qinglin Villa.

One was a sign that said “Drifting”.

Another sign marked “Sea of Flowers”.

The Sea of Flowers was naturally the original road that led to the old parking lot, which was close to it.

The new parking lot was closer to the drift.

The driver would also ask the tourists when they arrived where they wanted to go to play first.

Wang Yang chose the road that led to the rafting project.
He and the girl reached the parking lot of the villa.
It didn’t take them long to see the new lobby.
When they walked in, the lobby was already crowded.

There were also quite a few sounds of annoyance:

“Damn, I actually missed.”

“So did I.”

“Let’s play for now.
We can draw a lottery after lunch.”


These tourists naturally drew the lottery on the spot after buying the drifting tickets.

But clearly, winning the prize was not easy.

Wang Yang also went in to buy tickets immediately.
He and his female companion each bought one ticket and spent 300 yuan.
They could draw three times.

He scanned the QR code to pay and saw a small program pop up.

He had already checked the relevant information before coming and knew that this was the lottery program of Qinglin Villa.

Looking at the three lucky draw chances, Wang Yang clicked on it without hesitation.

“Thank you for participating!”

“Thank you for participating!”

“Thank you for participating!”

Three consecutive draws and three thanks.

“F*ck!” Wang Yang was a little helpless.
He could only give up for now and wait until the rafting was over.

Early in the morning, Qin Lin also took out all the things in the game and sent them to the villa.
Today, he made an extra trip and sent 100 watermelons over.

Last time, more than 50 watermelons were sold for Quality 2.
This time, it should sell even more.
After all, this time, it should attract many people who are not short of money.
Quality 2 watermelons was the fastest way to farm the lottery.

If these 100 Quality 2 Watermelons could be sold, this alone would be more than 200,000 yuan in revenue.

After delivering the goods, he went to the office to look for Zhao Moqing.

Previously, he had promised to bring her to play with the rafting project once.
He naturally could not go back on his word to his wife.

“Did you bring all your clothes?” Qin Lin asked Zhao Moqing the moment he saw her.

Zhao Moqing took out a bag and said, “Yes, I brought both of ours.”

“Let’s go!” Qin Lin smiled and led Zhao Moqing out of the hall.
Once they were outside, they blended into the tourists like a real tourist couple.

Actually, it was also beneficial for him to play as a tourist on the day of the rafting opening.
He might be able to find some problems.

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