y could book a bridal room, a flower bed ticket, and a drifting ticket, it would be 500 yuan.
They would have five lucky draws before they even went.

Wang Yang had this thought.
He had basically achieved freedom of wealth.
Other than reading some novels and going to the nightclub to play, he liked to travel.

He silently deleted the comment about using the ‘Knife Beating People’ account.

Previously, he had confirmed that Xiangshui Tribute Rice was paying an IQ tax and had even argued with someone on Douyin.
Now, it seemed that this Xiangshui Tribute Rice might not be an IQ tax, but it was really something he was not qualified to touch.
After all, the rich and powerful people in Ming City could not all be fools.

This, in fact, made him look forward to it.

If he could win the prize, he would definitely not sell it and would definitely eat it himself.
This Supreme Set Meal might not be something he could eat for the rest of his life.

Thinking of this, he took out his phone and found a girl he knew from the nightclub.
“Baby, I want to go to Qinglin Villa to play.
Are you free?”

Qinglin Villa’s bridal chamber cost 300 yuan a night.
It would be a pity not to bring a female companion.
Moreover, if he brought a female companion, he would be able to buy an additional Sea of Flowers ticket and a drifting ticket.
That would be 700 yuan.
He would get seven lucky draws.

The girl replied on WeChat, “Sorry, Brother Chan, my boyfriend asked me to go.”

“Alright, let’s contact each other again in the future.” Wang Yang replied and found another girl he met at the nightclub.
“Baby, do you want to go to Qinglin Villa to play?”

The girl immediately replied, “Brother Chan, are you taking me? I’ll go!”

“OK, I’ll contact you tomorrow.” Wang Yang settled the issue of the female companion and immediately clicked on the official account of Qinglin Villa.
As expected, there was already an online booking link.

Wang Yang clicked on it, but when the page opened, he was dumbfounded.
The bridal chamber and open tickets had all been sold out.

“Damn it.” Wang Yang was annoyed.

Did these people need it so soon?

The more infuriating thing was that these people were showing off in the comments section.

“I’ve already bought it online.
Seven draws guaranteed.
Haha, the Supreme Set is mine!”

“I invited two female companions to play together.
Three bridal rooms, three drifting tickets, and three Sea of Flowers tickets.
Isn’t it too much for me to win a prize?”

“Are you all fast men?”

“There’s no doubt about it.
That hand speed.”


Wang Yang could only put down his phone helplessly.

In Qinglin Villa.

In Qin Lin’s chairman’s office, Zhao Moqing was already smiling.
“Qin Lin, these people are too fast.
The 120 rooms, 500 Sea of Flowers tickets, and 700 drifting tickets were all sold out in less than two minutes.”

As the villa expanded, online bookings were also necessary.
After all, some tourists who were far away needed to book tickets before they could make travel arrangements.

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