“What?” Chen Shengfei picked up his phone and saw Ma Liewen’s video.
He immediately called Ma Liewen.
“Old Ma, what do you mean? I posted the video first.”

Ma Liewen’s laughter drifted over.
“Old Chen, it doesn’t matter who posted it first.
Don’t worry about it.
I’ll take it all.
I’ll take you with me when the time comes.”

Chen Shengfei was indignant.
“Then why can’t I bring you along?”

The two of them argued and finally made an agreement to split the goods.
However, what the two of them never thought of happened.
Someone posted another video online asking for purchase:

“I’m Liu Yi from Ming City’s Bofa Group.
I’m willing to spend 56,000 yuan to buy the Supreme Set at Qinglin Villa.
Those who win can also contact me.”

“Everyone knows that I, Zhao Furong, am in the real estate business in Ming City.
I don’t lack money.
Whoever wins Qinglin Villa’s Supreme Set Meal, contact me.
60,000 yuan per serving.
I won’t bargain.”

“…” Chen Shengfei.

“…” Ma Liewen.

Both of them were stunned.

What a situation.

Why were these two guys here to join in the fun?

In Qinglin Villa.

Qin Lin was also a little stunned when he saw the two latest videos.

Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen did not surprise him.
But who were Liu Yi and Zhao Furong?

However, this matter completely exploded online.

Reading on Mybo xn o v el.
com ,Please!

A meal worth 50,000 yuan, no, the rich people in Ming City had rolled it up.
Now, a meal was worth 60,000 yuan.

Even if they themselves didn’t eat it, someone would still spend 60,000 yuan to buy it.
How tempting was that?

Moreover, wasn’t this group of rich people trying to prove the value of this set meal?

This was really a set meal that ordinary people could not eat at all.

For a moment, the quality of the Supreme Set meal rose infinitely.

Many people who had doubted the Supreme Set previously silently deleted their comments.
They even wondered if they would have a chance to win the prize if they went to Qinglin Villa.

If they could win five times in a day, they could earn 300,000 yuan.

There were also people who were equally stunned, and that was Lu Jianxian from Ming City.
People at the level of Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, Liu Yi, and Zhao Furong had gathered for this Supreme Set meal, so the wealthy circle naturally received some news.

Lu Jianxian had been to Qinglin Villa before, but he had never thought that Qinglin Villa was classy.
Chen Shengfei probably supported Boss Qin because of Li Qing.

But what was going on with Ma Liewen, Liu Yi, and Zhao Furong now?

As he was thinking, Lu Jianxian suddenly received a call.
It was from a president of a company who had cooperated with him.
He pressed the answer button and a surprised voice came from the other end.
“Old Lu, have you heard the news? Zhao Furong, Liu Yi, Chen Shengfei, and Ma Liewen are fighting over a mountain villa’s supreme meal.”

“They must think that the food is delicious!” Lu Jianxian was indifferent.

He had eaten at that villa before, but it was not memorable.
The food might not be better than the Hundred Fragrance Pavilion.

The other party said, “It’s really not that.
Perhaps it’s because of the Qinglin Medicine Wine.
I received news that the Li family seems to have obtained a medicinal wine.
It’s very effective on their old man.
It’s comparable to the medicinal wine produced by the two Chinese medicine families in Shangxi Province.
It’s said that Li Qing and Chen Shengfei went to some villa to find it.
It should be from Qinglin Villa.”

“What?” Lu Jianxian’s expression changed when he heard this.
He hurriedly asked, “How did you get the news?”

He naturally knew about the medicinal wine produced by the two Chinese medical heritage families in Min Province, but he did not have the chance to come into contact with it.
He only knew that the effect of the wine was heaven-defying.
Even Chen Shengfei might not be able to obtain it.

The other party said, “It’s all because Liu Yi’s secretary let it slip.
It seems that Liu Yi deduced from Chen Shengfei that Chen Shengfei has been to that villa a few times.
Today, Chen Shengfei stated that he wants to buy the Supreme Set meal from Qinglin Villa.
Isn’t it obvious?”

“Are you kidding me?” Lu Jianxian was stunned and subconsciously opened his mouth.

He remembered that Boss Qin had asked him if he wanted to bring back a bottle of medicinal wine.

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