Moreover, in a short period of time, other than the Supreme Set meal being trending, Xiangshui Tribute Rice was also trending.

It could be said that the Qinglin Villa lucky draw was even more popular than the previous time.

It was just that the melon king was indisputable last time.
After all, no one could find such a big melon again.

This time, it was different.
No matter how well the 50,000-yuan Supreme Set was said, no one could prove the value of this set.
Those haters and freeloaders could always grab this opportunity to gain attention.

In Qinglin Villa.

Zhao Moqing had already rushed to Qin Lin’s office.
“Qin Lin, there’s an argument online.
The lucky draw promotional event didn’t seem to have any effect.
I told you that 50,000 yuan might be too high.
The tourists who come to our villa are all ordinary people, so it’s impossible for them to know the value of these things.”

However, Qin Lin was not anxious at all.
“Don’t be anxious.
This situation is within my expectations.
Let them argue for a while longer.
They haven’t released their trump card yet.”

Ordinary people had limited knowledge.
He was sure that 99% of ordinary people had never heard of Xiangshui Tribute Rice before they saw this video.

50,000 yuan was indeed a high price.
These things did not need to be so expensive in the villa.

However, it could not be cheap either, because these things were definitely difficult to find elsewhere.
Even if they could find one or two things with similar quality effects, they would definitely not be able to find such a complete set.

For this alone, it was natural for the price to rise.

Naturally, the main thing was whether anyone paid the price.

As long as enough people of status paid the bill, that was the price.

This was a Supreme Set that 99.99% of people could not eat.
Everyone would flock to it.

That way, it would be worthwhile.

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com ,Please!

This was also very simple.
He could summon the two rich big shots, Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen.

As a form of gratitude, he placed a bottle of 20-year-old medicinal wine in front of the two of them.
The two of them would definitely be happy.
Moreover, if the two of them saw this set meal, they would definitely want to eat it too.

Therefore, he was in no hurry to let the Internet argue a little more and let the popularity accumulate a little.
That would make it seem a little more worthwhile in the end.

But things often went beyond one’s plans.

While they were arguing online, everyone’s attention was attracted by a famous rich second-generation heir with the surname Wang.
He posted:

“Is the Xiangshui Tribute Rice real? If it’s real, whoever gets the Supreme Set Meal for 50,000 yuan, sell it to me.
If it’s not real, I’ll make Qinglin Villa regret their fake publicity.
Also, stop talking about the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.
You’re not even qualified to buy it!”

This rich second-generation heir had his own traffic.
As soon as this post was released, it instantly exploded on the Internet and reversed the Internet discussion.

Because although this one had a bad reputation and was unreliable, his post at least proved one thing.
The legend of the Xiangshui Tribute Rice was all true.

Therefore, was Qinglin Villa’s Supreme Set meal worth 50,000 yuan? If the Xiangshui Tribute Rice was real, then the other things were definitely not ordinary.
That would definitely be worth 50,000 yuan.

Wasn’t this rich second-generation heir really willing to spend 50,000 yuan to buy it?

If Xiangshui Tribute Rice was a fake, there was naturally nothing to say.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing naturally knew about this post very quickly.

Qin Lin said disdainfully, “This guy really likes to join in the fun.
It’s as if he can eat it for 50,000 yuan.
When the time comes, it won’t be his turn to buy it.”

Zhao Moqing suddenly exclaimed, “Qin Lin, look at this video.
It’s Mr.

Qin Lin leaned over and saw the video.

The video was on the Blue Ocean Corporation’s official account.
In a luxurious office, Chen Shengfei was facing the camera and saying, “Hello, everyone.
I’m the chairman of the Blue Ocean Corporation, Chen Shengfei.
Let me say something.
I’ll buy the Supreme Set of Qinglin Villa if anyone wins.
There’s no limit to the number.”

A simple sentence had completely set off the entire network.

This time, everyone who questioned him shut up, because there was no way to question him.

Although Chen Shengfei of the Blue Ocean Corporation could not compare to Wang Yiyi, he was still a few levels higher than a second-generation heir.

If such a person said that, wouldn’t it prove that the Supreme Set was really worth this price?

Soon, another heavyweight video arrived.
“I’m the chairman of Shengwen Corporation, Ma Liewen.
Let me also say that I’m willing to pay 55,000 yuan for the Supreme Set meal of Qinglin Villa.
There’s no limit to the amount.”

This completely shocked everyone.
Shengwen Corporation was also ranked in the top 50 of Min Province.

Qin Lin smiled when he saw this.
As expected, how could foodies like Mr.
Chen and Mr.
Ma resist the temptation of this Supreme Set Meal?

Other than the eel and the conch, they had eaten these things before.

Unexpectedly, Mr.
Chen and Mr.
Ma went to promote the Supreme Set meal on their own without him saying anything.

Ming City.

After sending the video, Chen Shengfei lay comfortably on the boss’s chair.
He had originally planned to find time to go to Boss Qin’s place and miss his things.
Also, he was about to finish the wine and wanted to beg for a bottle.

However, when he saw the lucky draw at Qinglin Villa, he was worried that Boss Qin would run out of goods.
He had already used them for the event.
After all, there were very few goods.

Now, 50,000 yuan for the Supreme Set Meal was definitely worth it to him.
Just the wine alone was worth a lot.
He knew that someone would definitely sell it.

If he could buy it a few more times, he wouldn’t have to beg Boss Qin in the future.
He had saved up the number of times.

As Chen Shengfei was thinking, his assistant suddenly came in and reported, “Chairman, you asked me to pay attention to the situation of the Supreme Set at Qinglin Villa.
President Ma has also sent a video.
It seems that he wants to buy the winning spot 5,000 yuan more than you.”

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