Gao Yaoyao’s words stunned everyone.
They were attracted by the two points of 50,000 yuan and the Supreme Set Meal.

But what was this Supreme Set meal worth 50,000 yuan?

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, the video finally showed the combination of the Supreme Set.

Supreme Set Meal:

Xiangshui Tribute Rice: A unique rice produced in extremely small quantities annually.

3 catties of wild eel: The best wild food in the south.
It’s extremely delicious and has a very high nutritional effect…

Wild conch: The ultimate wild meal in the south.
It’s exceptionally delicious and has an abnormally rich protein content…

Special watermelon: A special new variety of watermelon, unusually delicious and produced in extremely small quantities.

30 catties

Luo Anning looked at the crazy crowd and her footsteps paused for a moment.
Rong Yan held her waist tightly with one hand to prevent her from being knocked.
Seeing her hesitation, he lowered his head and moved closer to her ear, “Aren’t you very interested? Let’s give it a try.”

Looking at the crowd that was getting crazier and crazier, Luo Anning bit her lip and shook her head,”… I don’t think so.”

Didn’t he not like to be crowded with others?

There were so many people.
Even if he wouldn’t be bumped, there would inevitably be physical contact at such a close distance.
Could he bear it?

After considering all these, Luo Anning was a little disappointed and decided to return to the villa.
Just as she was about to turn around and walk back, her waist suddenly tightened and the man used force to hold her.

“Don’t worry, no one will bump into you.
I’m here.”The man’s deep and magnetic voice was like a treasured vintage wine.
It was so mellow and seductive.

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com ,Please!

It was a little sexy and a little seductive.

Especially that sentence, with me here, it was worth a thousand words.

”… But you don’t like to be crowded…”Luo Anning hadn’t finished her troubled words when her lips were blocked by a slender index finger.

In the man’s deep and phoenix-like eyes was a deep smile and… doting?

Before she could ask again, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers.
Not long after, Xu Zhiyuan and the bodyguard immediately appeared behind the two of them.

“Young Master Rong, Young Madam, Good evening!”They greeted in unison.

Their voices were not low, but they were still drowned out by the cheers and cheers of the crowd.

Luo Anning turned around to look at the person who had just arrived.
She opened her mouth slightly in surprise.
Xu Zhiyuan and his bodyguards were all wearing ordinary casual clothes.
The black and strict black suit that they wore during the day had long disappeared.

As for the bodyguards in black, they had changed out of their heavy black suits and put on ordinary clothes that were no different from ordinary people.
The frightening sense of strictness had been greatly reduced!

Luo Anning could not help but sigh.
“People really rely on their clothes and horses… different clothes make people have different temperaments.”

Xu Zhiyuan coughed.
Young madam, are you praising or belittling me?

“All of you follow me.
Just don’t let anyone get close.”After giving the order, Rong Yan held his wife and walked into the crowd.

The bodyguard led the way, and Xu Zhiyuan followed closely behind the two of them.

With the strong body of the man in black leading the way, it was indeed much smoother.
The two of them came to the long table filled with beer.
At this time, the host gave the order and announced the official start of the beer competition.

new his stuff.


However, when this blogger’s video was released, his comments section was in an uproar.

There was even shouting at each other under the first comment:

I’m the Wisest: “Haha.
Someone even said Xiangshui Tribute Rice.
Isn’t that a freaking IQ tax thing? I’ve never seen anyone eat it.”

Breeze Into the Night @I’m the Wisest: “Idiot, just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
That’s because it’s sent to the capital as soon as it’s harvested.
What appears outside is also on the rich people’s tables.”

I’m the Wisest @Breeze Into the Night: “Hehe, rich people pay smart business taxes as if I have to pay too.”

Drifting Bottle @I’m the wisest: “Xiangshui Tribute Rice is real.
It’s also true that there’s a special team of guards protecting it.
You can’t even eat the local ones.”

I’m the Wisest @Drifting Bottle: “You’re really a joke.
You actually blindly believe that there’s a special team guarding it.
What are you thinking? Are you brainless?”

The Immortal Smile Sword @I’m the Wisest: “Behave yourself.
Xiangshui Tribute Rice really exists.
I heard from my boss that it seems to be very delicious.
My boss can’t forget it after eating it once, but he can’t buy it.”

Knife Beating People @The Immortal Smile Sword: “Your boss is in a hurry to pay the IQ tax, right? It’s not like I haven’t eaten Xiangshui Rice before.
I was lucky enough to buy 20 catties of it.
It’s not even as good as Wuchang Rice.”

Qingzhou had already passed 1987 @Knife Beating People: “You were lucky enough to buy 20 catties? I’ll give you a chance to experience it for yourself.”


Not only was the comment section of this blogger’s video noisy, but the comments section of the other bloggers’ videos and Qinglin Villa’s videos were also in an uproar in a short period of time.

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