As for the original location, when the original hall was converted into an aquarium, it would have to be demolished to see what new projects were built.

The third part was naturally the staff dining room.

The staff dining room was at the back, not at the front, where the staff now ate because of the firing ceremony at the new restaurant.

Master Lin was very serious about the firing ceremony.
Early in the morning, he even brought the chef to worship the cook.

Therefore, the employees would be eating in front of the restaurant today.

When Qin Lin arrived with Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen, most of the employees inside quietened down and didn’t dare to make too much noise.

Most of these were also new employees.
Coupled with their young age, new employees would always be very reserved in front of their leaders.
It will get better after a long time.

When Qin Lin arrived, Master Lin brought two helpers to serve the specially prepared dishes.

The kitchen was not the original three.
After the kitchen was moved to this new restaurant, in order to deal with the increase in tourists, they naturally had to recruit people.

Now that he had recruited six more helpers, the original three helpers had already been promoted to chefs.
He would probably have to recruit more apprentices in the future.

The original three helpers were actually quite good at cooking.
This was because the salary of the villa helpers was also high.
They would rather be helpers here.

After placing the dishes on the table, Master Lin said, “Boss, remember to tell me if there’s a difference in the taste of the first meal the restaurant opened.”

Qin Lin nodded.

He did not know that the dishes cooked by the same chef in the new and old kitchens would taste different.

“The villa is so lively now,” Lin Fen comforted the villa employees who were eating.

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com ,Please!

It was all an achievement for a son.
His father would have been thrilled if he were still around.

After the meal, Qin Lin returned to his chairman’s office and took out his phone to watch the video Zhao Moqing had sent earlier.

There were already a lot of likes and comments.

“Aren’t you going to complain about the name of this bridal chamber? It’s a house that’s specially made for burrowing!”

“I suggest we bring a female companion…”

“Cannon fire!”

“The artillery hasn’t stopped firing in a night…”


The comments section was busy, but compared to the beginning, the restaurant and rafting projects didn’t seem to be paying much attention.
Everyone was attracted to the bridal chamber.
The comments section had been led astray, and it seemed to be getting worse.

Moreover, the comments section was indeed crooked to the extreme in the end.
In the end, someone actually suggested that a girlfriend team go to the bridal room to fire the cannons.

The key was that someone actually agreed to such a speechless suggestion and even played a game of catch.

“Artillery One requests permission to join!”

“Artillery Two requests permission to join!”

“Three-years-old artillery applied to join!”

“Two-years-old artillery reporting!”


“Damn it!” Qin Lin cursed when he saw these comments.
These people were showing off that they had a girlfriend, right?

What shocked Qin Lin even more was that when he was looking at the video comments section, it disappeared.

“What’s going on?” Qin Lin was stunned.
He clicked on the official address of the mountain manor and realized that he couldn’t see the video that Zhao Moqing had sent.
He hurriedly called Zhao Moqing to ask.

Zhao Moqing’s helpless voice sounded.
“The account’s back end has received a notification that they are suspected of promoting a vulgar project.
It will not take long before it is released.”

“…” Qin Lin was stunned when he heard this.

His wedding night was very serious, alright? It was clearly those fans who had indecent thoughts.

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