Qin Lin smiled and walked towards Zhao Moqing.

She was wearing a white shirt and a small suit today.
It was a pity that she wasn’t his secretary.

Qin Lin walked forward and pulled Zhao Moqing up.
Then, he sat on the chair.
Before Zhao Moqing could react, he pulled her onto his lap and hugged her.

“We’re in the office.
Don’t let anyone see us.” Zhao Moqing glared at Qin Lin.

“You also said that I’m the only one who doesn’t knock when I come in,” Qin Lin said with a smile.
Then, with a special meaning, he said, “It’s good to have an office.
Once the door is locked, we can have a lot more fun.”

These words made Zhao Moqing reach out and pinch his waist.

How could she not understand what this guy was saying?

Don’t even think about it.

However, Zhao Moqing enjoyed being hugged by Qin Lin like this.

Zhao Moqing did not forget about the important matter.
“Many tourists have already taken videos of our new project and uploaded them online.
We’ll also upload an introductory video of our new project first as a warm-up.”

“Yes.” Qin Lin smiled and nodded.

The video posted by the tourists had already attracted a lot of attention.
After the official account of Qinglin Villa posted a warm-up video of the new project, it immediately caused an even more heated discussion.

Especially the fans who were paying attention to Qinglin Villa.

After so long, Qinglin Villa’s official account had already exceeded 1.65 million fans.
There were no zombie fans at all.
Those who could follow Qinglin Villa were definitely people who loved tourism.

“Qinglin Villa finally has a new project.
If not for the fact that the Sea of Flowers is really beautiful, I would have complained previously.”

“There’s finally accommodation.
The last time I arrived, it was already afternoon.
The tickets for the Sea of Flowers were sold out.
I was tired from the bus ride, but I didn’t get any accommodation at the villa.
I even had to go to Youcheng County.”

“The accommodation seems good.
It’s small and exquisite.
There’s also a small courtyard where you can cook alone.”

“Not bad.
And drifting.
Too bad I didn’t get to go last time.”


Zhao Moqing’s pre-release video became popular in Qinglin Villa.
In a short period of time, many people knew about it, and the pre-release effect was achieved.

Later on, they would release an event announcement to ignite the popularity.

The next day at noon.

Qin Lin brought Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen into the new restaurant.
There were already many employees eating inside.

The new restaurant was also large and divided into three sections.

The first section was the visitor’s ordering area.
There were neat rows of seats, all custom-made to the standards of high-class restaurants, and three times the capacity of the original lobby.

The second section was the buffet barbecue area.
This area needed ventilation.
Outside the restaurant, there were half-pack cubicles made of bamboo materials.
They also had a different flavor, but they also had three times the original capacity.

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