Qin Lin carried the watermelon into the kitchen.
It was not time for dinner yet, so there was only a helper on duty in the kitchen.

Master Lin brought people to the kitchen in the dining room to tidy up.
Not only did they have to do the kitchen decorations, but they also had to take care of hygiene and safety.

“Boss!” When the chef saw Qin Lin enter, he immediately stood up to greet him.

Qin Lin nodded at the other party and washed the watermelon slightly.
He took a kitchen knife and cut the watermelon into two.

After cutting the watermelon, he picked up a piece himself and handed one to Zhao Moqing.

However, after taking a bite of the watermelon, Qin Lin frowned slightly.

This was because the texture and taste had not reached Quality 2.

As expected, in a Level 3 land without the game, the quality of the watermelon seeds would drop if they were planted outside.

Zhao Moqing said in surprise, “Qin Lin, this melon tastes good.”

“Boss, why are you in such a good mood today?” Master Lin suddenly walked in with a bag.

Qin Lin took a piece of watermelon and handed it to him.
“Try it.
It’s ripe in the backyard.”

Master Lin was interested now.
He took the melon and tasted it curiously.

He naturally knew that a batch of melons had been planted in the backyard of the hall in the middle of winter.
It seemed to be a new breed.

“Boss, this melon tastes really good.” Master Lin praised it after tasting it.

Qin Lin nodded.

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The melon did taste good.

Although his attributes had not degenerated to Quality 2, it was definitely Quality 1.
The taste was already the most delicious among ordinary melons.

Coupled with the fact that it was not affected by the seasons and its growth period was halved, when the seeds were cultivated and pushed away on a large scale, it could also sweep through the watermelon market.

It was a supermarket even bigger than ketchup.

According to official statistics, after China became the world’s largest watermelon producer and consumer, in 19 years, the watermelon industry produced 60 million tons a year, imported 220,000 tons, and exported 270,000 tons.

In the past two years, not only had this figure been maintained, but as the economy developed, industry output had also increased.

A few small county cities became the economic headlines because of their watermelons.
The county with the highest watermelon production value reached 3.2 billion just by planting watermelons.

One had to know that Youcheng County’s GDP was only at the 25 billion mark.
Just the watermelons alone had reached one of the seven percent.

This made Qin Lin look forward to the nurturing of this game seed even more.

After finishing a piece of watermelon, Master Lin said, “Boss, this watermelon is so delicious.
It can be planted in winter and only for a short period of time.
Why aren’t there many people planting it? It will definitely make money.”

Look, even a chef like Master Lin could tell the value of this watermelon.

“This is a new breed.
It hasn’t been promoted yet,” Qin Lin said casually and brought Zhao Moqing out of the kitchen.

“Put down your work and try this melon.” Master Lin looked at the remaining melon and said to the kitchen chef.

The chef was also a little curious about the melon as he listened to their conversation.
He washed his hands and picked up the melon to try it.

“This melon is really good.
Better than what they sell out there.”

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing had just returned to the hall and entered the bar when Xiao Yun (Chapter 109) handed a piece of paper to Zhao Moqing expectantly.
“Sister Moqing, this is my work plan.”

“Okay, let me take a look.” Zhao Moqing took Xiao Yun’s proposal and nodded.

After the villa expanded again, the cash registers naturally increased again.
The sales center, restaurant, and lobby all needed cash registers.
Naturally, they also needed a foreman.

Xiao Yun, who was the earliest, had always done well and became the head cashier.

As for becoming a manager, she naturally had to make plans at the beginning.
Zhao Moqing herself was writing a plan, so those managers naturally had to write a plan.

The proposal didn’t require any bombast, just simple work content.

For example, what time they were going to do it, how they were going to arrange a few posts, who they were going to arrange to do it, and how they were going to work shifts during the holidays.

It was such a simple matter.
When he had not adapted to his position in the beginning, he would not have lost his sense of propriety with the proposal.

Xiao Yun was naturally a little nervous when she saw Zhao Moqing looking at her proposal.

This was also the first time she had been a manager.
It was the first time she had written a work plan seriously.
Naturally, she wanted to be recognized.

She now had a sense of belonging to the villa.

Employees often only started to feel a sense of belonging to the company after becoming a manager.

Most employees only worked to earn money.
It was impossible for them to have a sense of belonging to the company unless their salary was high.

Therefore, didn’t a certain someone often talk about making her employees feel a sense of belonging? On a show, she even said that employees could only generate higher profits for the company if they felt a sense of belonging.
However, she only said that she would increase the salary, without actually doing it.
Therefore, she didn’t even keep her position as the leader.

After Zhao Moqing finished reading the proposal, she returned it to Xiao Yun and said, “It’s not bad.
You can just follow the schedule.”

“Thank you, Sister Moqing.” Xiao Yun thanked her with a smile, her face full of energy.

At this moment.

A young man walked into the hall.
It was Zhou Chengjun.

Dressed in a smart suit, his black hair combed neatly, he looked like an elite youth.

If he was walking with his hands in his pocket instead of holding a folder, and walking with a secretary, he might have resembled a young president.

Coupled with his pleasant face, many young female tourists around him could not help but take a second look at him.

Xiao Yun also stole a few glances.

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