Qin Lin’s mood immediately soured.

The game actually owed him a dog.

If it wasn’t for the plot that had suddenly triggered this dog-catching Frisbee competition, he wouldn’t have noticed this problem yet.

The key was that the pet merchants sold so many pets, but they didn’t sell dogs.

Wasn’t that embarrassing?

There was probably no way to complete this plot mission.

In the future, he would not be able to participate in the dog-catching Frisbee competition anymore.


A dog barked suddenly.

“Wang Cai, slow down.
Don’t hit anyone,” Lin Fen scolded.

Qin Lin looked over and saw Wang Cai running back to Lin Fen’s feet in a fawning manner, as if it knew its mistake.

This seemed to be a ready-made dog?

Qin Lin immediately shouted, “Wang Cai.”

The dog came running at his shout and crouched in front of him, whining.

“Let’s go.
I’ll take you to buy toys.” Qin Lin took Wang Cai’s dog leash and pulled it out of the hall.
Then, they left the villa and drove to the warehouse.

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Previously, he had brought things out of the game.
He could bring out living things like fish, mackerel, and squirrels.
This time, he wanted to see if he could bring living things in.

When he reached the warehouse, he squatted down and hugged Wang Cai.
With a thought, he disappeared from the warehouse.
When he reappeared, he was already in the game.


The dog barked.
It seemed to be shocked by the scene in front of it.
As it barked, it shook its head wildly around.

After a while, when it was sure there were no problems, it began to scurry across the pasture, as if very curious about its new environment.

“Wang Cai, come here.” Qin Lin walked to the entrance of the ranch and called out to Wang Cai.

His palm shot forward, blocked by a transparent barrier.

That wall of air remained, preventing him from leaving the ranch.


Wang Cai scurried to his feet.

He pointed outside and said, “Wang Cai, get out.”

He wanted to see if the dog could get out.

Wang Cai understood what he meant and walked out of the ranch.
Suddenly, he bumped into something and was blocked.

It seemed the dog had no way out.

Qin Lin frowned.
He wondered if it was okay for him to quit the game and leave Wang Cai inside.

Otherwise, the dog would not be able to continue with the Frisbee plot.

With that in mind, he exited the game.

When he looked at the game screen in his mind again, something that surprised him happened.
A black dog appeared at the feet of the game character.

The dog was rubbing against the game character, happy red hearts popping out of his head.

This was how the dog acted cute in the game.

At the same time, a prompt appeared in the game.

[Obtained a dog, its breed is a wolfhound.
Name: Wang Cai.
Binding in progress… Binding complete.]

In other words, this black dog was Wang Cai.
However, Wang Cai had completely turned into a 2D cartoon in the game.

Seeing this, Qin Lin decisively tried to control the game character to pet the dog.
After a happy heart appeared on the dog’s head, he clicked to let the dog follow him.
Then, he controlled the game character to leave the ranch and head to Ore Town to find the pet merchant.

This time, the dog in the game followed the game character out of the ranch and into the Ore Town without any obstruction.

This was amazing.

He wondered if he could bring people into the game and then do the same?

However, he would not ask for trouble by trying such a thing.

Qin Lin controlled the game character to bring the dog to the pet merchant.
When he clicked on the pet merchant, there was indeed an option for the dog’s Frisbee skill.

Clicking on this option triggered the plot conversation:

[Do you have a dog too? You can learn the skill of catching Frisbees here.
After teaching your dog, it can participate in the town’s dog-catching Frisbees competition! However, you need to pay me my corresponding fee!]

[Do you want your dog to learn the skill of catching Frisbees?]

Qin Lin directly chose to learn.

The pet merchant spoke again.

[Don’t worry and let me train the dog.
Now I’ll take you to the training ground!]

The scene changed.
Like an old game, a small scene map appeared for training dogs, where they could train to catch Frisbee.

Following the pet merchant’s instructions, he threw the Frisbee and controlled the dog to run, leap, and catch it.

After repeating this small game a few times, the plot progress bar was full.
A notification appeared:

[Congratulations, your dog has learned the Frisbee skill.
Its ability has increased!]

Wang Cai learned it already?

Qin Lin focused his attention on the words ‘dog’s ability has increased’.

In the old version of the game, training a dog with a Frisbee was something that would make the dog smarter, able to make a more powerful catch.

He wondered how much this increase in ability would affect Wang Cai.

The pet merchant also appeared again.

[The teaching is over! I’ll give you a Frisbee.
Train it diligently.
When the dog plays in the Frisbee competition, try to get a good ranking!]

Qin Lin didn’t know much about training pets, but he had seen the video about training dogs to catch the Frisbee.
It didn’t seem simple.
This didn’t seem like throwing the ball out for the dog to pick up.
It would take a long time to train for the dog to catch the Frisbee.

Had Wang Cai learned it so easily?

Qin Lin controlled the game character to go to the park’s announcement board again.
The content had changed:

[The dog-catching Frisbee competition hasn’t started yet.
Please wait patiently!]

Seeing this, Qin Lin controlled the game character to bring the dog back to the ranch.
Then, he entered the game with a thought.

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