The two of them looked at each other and were very glad that they didn’t forcefully separate their daughter from Qin Lin back then.
Otherwise, who knew which family’s daughter would benefit from such a good son-in-law?

“Mom, Dad, let me take a look.” Li Jiawen curiously took the rings from Chen Xiao and Zhao Xianhong’s hands.
“Wow, this is Dad and Mom’s anniversary.
Qin Lin, you’re so good at coming.
Moqing, I’m so envious of you.
Your husband is too romantic, unlike your brother, who doesn’t have any romantic cells.”

“Didn’t you say that I was the best just now…” Zhao Moyun muttered softly.
Then, he looked at Qin Lin bitterly.
He was still not prepared enough.

This brother-in-law knew how to do things.
It looked like he would have to ask him for advice later.
Next time there was a festival, he would have to share romantic ideas with him.
Otherwise, he would have to kneel on the keyboard sooner or later.

The next day.

As soon as Qin Lin arrived at the villa, he went to the Sea of Flowers to take a look.
After Zhang Guizhu joined, she would accompany the little squirrels in the Sea of Flowers after the tourists came and left.
At the same time, she would tidy up the three Squirrel Houses.

According to her, pine nuts stored in the Squirrel Houses were best cleaned up immediately after a rainy day.
Such factory-produced pine nuts could easily spoil in a humid environment and make squirrels sick.

And squirrels wouldn’t have that knowledge.

Qin Lin hadn’t noticed this before, but he was glad that nothing had happened to the squirrels when they took away so many pine nuts.

When Qin Lin arrived at the center of the Sea of Flowers, Zhang Guizhu said in surprise, “President Qin, you’ve trained these squirrels to be very smart.
Two of them actually know how to check trash.”

She took out a small paper ball and threw it to the ground.
Red Hair didn’t move, but two wild squirrels had already scurried down and actually snatched the small paper ball.

In the end, one of them won.
It ran towards a trash can with a small ball of paper and threw it in.
When it ran back, it even squeaked at Red Hair.

Zhang Guizhu tried to throw another ball of paper.
This time, the one that had lost previously seized the opportunity and rushed over to grab it.

Qin Lin was a little surprised to see this.

PLease reading on Myb o x no ve l.

He had no idea that wild squirrels knew this skill.

It seemed that the method of training wild squirrels with Red Hair was very effective.


Red Hair clearly didn’t want to bother with the wild squirrel and jumped onto Qin Lin’s shoulder.

Zhang Guizhu was teasing the other squirrels with pine nuts.
It was obvious that she was very used to this job.

Qin Lin rubbed Red Hair’s head and teased the little guy before leaving the Sea of Flowers.

When she returned to the lobby bar, she saw that Zhao Moqing had also arrived at the villa.
He had already brought four assistants to calculate the financial data and did not disturb her.

It was New Year’s Day.
A lot of things had to be tallied.

He simply sat down, turned to his mental screen, and played the game.

He controlled the game character to leave Ore Town.
This time, when he reached the park, he saw an NPC with a long tall hat standing in front of the park’s bulletin board.

It turned out to be the mayor of Ore Town, Thomas.

In previous versions, Mayor Thomas had been the NPC who informed the game characters to go to Ore Town to inherit the ranch, or the NPC who was personally responsible for the operation and conduct of the festival.
He had always been concerned about the affairs of the residents of Ore Town.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to walk to the noticeboard and saw a message pop up:

[In order to promote prosperity, the Ore Town has decided to prepare for the dog-catching Frisbee competition.
The pet merchant has already opened up the dog-catching Frisbee training.
Everyone can bring your dog to his place to learn skills.
When the competition is held, everyone can bring your dog to participate—Thomas Announcement!]

Dog-catching Frisbee competition?

Qin Lin remembered that in the old version, there was a reward for this competition.
Among them was a fruit of the Tree of Strength.

Moreover, in addition to the dog-catching Frisbee competition, there were also horse racing competitions.
There were still rewards and a fruit of the Tree of Strength.

Something wasn’t right.

Qin Lin suddenly thought of something.

Where was the dog?


Where was the dog in his game?

He thought some NPC would give him a dog?

Where was the NPC?

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