As soon as Qin Lin had this thought, he drove straight back to Youcheng County.
As soon as he reached home, he turned on the computer in his room and checked the design blueprint of the ring online.

There were many such drawings on the Internet, and there was also a special “Myriad Pictures Network” that sold the right to use such designs.
These were the copyrights that the website had bought from various designers.

Qin Lin casually chose a design plan and printed it out with the home printer he bought from the computer.

He took the design and entered the game to replace the game character.
He placed the design in the storage box of the house.

After exiting the game again, he looked at the screen in his mind and controlled the game character to walk towards the storage box.

[An unknown design.
You can check out the Sebara Forging house!]

On the blueprint was the design for the ring he had just printed.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to go to the Forging House to find Sebara.

[Please choose the jewelry you want to forge!]

Qin Lin clicked on the list and the ring option appeared again.

This time he chose to hand over the blueprint directly to Sebara.
Then another prompt appeared:

[Please choose the material you want to forge!]

Qin Lin immediately chose yellow jade ore and gold ore as materials.

[Current materials can be used to forge a pair of rings.
Do you want to choose the size to forge?]

In the end, when he saw that the blueprint could indeed be used, Qin Lin smiled and chose no.

PLease reading on Mybo x n o vel.

He was only testing this design.
The style was too common.

He logged out of the game and logged into the Myriad Pictures Network.
He chose the ring design option and immediately saw rows of ring designs pop up on the page.

The design of the jade ring was basically in the shape of a jade.
However, the front of the ring was made of jade, and it was surrounded by other metal edges.
One could design a variety of patterns.

Naturally, there were also some that were all jade, but that made it seem very simple.

Qin Lin looked at the blueprints and was suddenly attracted by a ring design.

The design was completely made of gold and jade.
The center was made of jade and was wrapped in gold.
There were also old and young designs.

The design was exquisite and definitely eye-catching.

The key was that the designer had also left a carved name and time location on the outer ring.
The person who had customized the ring could carve the name and time on it.

Moreover, after purchasing this design blueprint, he could type out the words he wanted to carve and directly generate a preview of the effects.

This was obviously a design that had more sentimental significance than art.
It was also cheap, just 500 yuan a copy.

Qin Lin bought it directly and tried to type the words “Qin Lin 2018.6.13 Zhao Moqing”.
The corresponding words appeared on the blank space of the design.

2018.6.13 was the day he and Zhao Moqing confirmed their relationship.

Looking at the effect map, Qin Lin decisively chose to print the blueprint.

Next, he tried to type down his mother’s name and her birthday.
The words on the ring and bag rings changed.

Another printout.

Thinking that there were only three jade ores in the game now, it seemed impossible to print the name and birthday of Zhao Moqing’s parents separately.

He dialed Zhao Moqing’s number.

Zhao Moqing’s voice came through.

“Qin Lin, what’s wrong?”

“Moqing, when is your parents’ wedding day?”

“Why the sudden question?”

“Tell me first!”

In the villa.

Although Zhao Moqing was very puzzled about what Qin Lin was up to again, she still told him about her parents’ wedding anniversary.

Not long after, Qin Lin brought the three blueprints into the game to replace his game character and placed the blueprints into the storage box.

The last drawing was the name of Zhao Moqing’s parents and their wedding anniversary.

Then, he exited the game again and controlled the game character to the storage box to take out the three blueprints.
Then, he went to the Forging House to look for Sebara.

[Current materials can be used to forge a pair of rings.
Do you want to choose the size to forge?]

After Qin Lin chose the yellow jade ore and gold ore, another notification appeared.
He decisively chose to forge it, followed by the size selection.

He picked out size 12 for one and 15 for the other.

Moqing could wear ring number 12.

15 was his, naturally.

A pair of rings were quickly forged.

He controlled the game character to continue forging.

He had always known the size of his mother’s ring.
He had also bought rings for Zhao Moqing’s parents with her.
Her first salary was to buy a pair of rings for her parents.

A moment later, three pairs of rings appeared in the game character’s backpack.

After controlling the game character to return to the ranch, Qin Lin entered the game again.

Because he enters the range where there is no way to appear outside the ranch, only at the ranch, a barrier of air like a ranch wall was always present.

[Yellow Jade Ring: Quality 1]

[This is a ring made with yellow jade as the main body.
It looks exquisite +1, art +1, translucency +1.]

The notes were identical to the ones for the pendant and bracelet.
They were all appearance, art, and translucency +1.

Presumably, the price was not cheap either.

With a thought, Qin Lin logged out of the game with the six rings.
Then, he went out and headed to the Jadeware Pavilion again to appraise the rings.

When he arrived at the Jadeware Pavilion, Qin Lin realized that the person at the front desk was no longer the girl from last time, but the old man himself.

“Hello, you’re here again.” The old man recognized Qin Lin.
After all, this young man had left a deep impression on him.

Qin Lin smiled.
“Old Master, I want you to appraise these rings.”

“Sir, this way please.” The old man led Qin Lin to a table and sat down.

Qin Lin also took out six rings.

The old man could tell at a glance that these rings were very translucent.
The price was certainly not low.

Moreover, from the words on it, he knew that it was probably a gift for his family on New Year’s Day.

This young man was really thoughtful.

If his granddaughter could find such a boyfriend, he would be at ease.
The boyfriend his granddaughter had now was nothing but good-looking.

After appraising the six rings, the old man said, “Sir, these rings you custom-made are not cheap.
They are all ice-type, and the quality is very high.
The most expensive is the yellow jade ring for 20,000 yuan.
The green and black jade rings are about 10,000 yuan.
If this is the price, your custom-made ring is not at a loss.”

Clearly, the price was a far cry from the bracelets and pendants.

However, the key was that finding Sebara to forge bracelets and rings both came in a pair.
However, the price difference was so great.
Suddenly, he felt that Sebara had cheated him.

The old man smiled and asked again, “Six ring gift boxes?”

“Yes!” Qin Lin nodded.

The yellow jade rings were his and Zhao Moqing’s.

The black jade was for Zhao Moqing’s parents.
The black jade was not ostentatious, and Zhao Moqing’s father could also wear it out.

As for the two green rings, they were for his mother.
Both had her birthday and name written on them.

Qin Lin bought a gift box and placed the ring inside.
After leaving the Jadeware Pavilion, he went home first and hid the gift box containing the ring at home.
He would take it out on New Year’s Eve.

Afterward, he drove back to the villa.
But as soon as he got out of the car in the parking lot, he saw a man with a haggard face and stubble get out of a car.

He had also seen so many tourists of all shapes and sizes that he could tell at a glance that this man must have some sad story.

Another man got out of the car and placed his hand on the haggard man’s shoulder.
“I drove you all the way from Lu Province to Min Province.
Let yourself have some peace and quiet first.
Hide from that woman first.”

When the haggard man heard this, he seemed to be filled with sorrow.
“How f*cking stupid.
She was clearly the one who cheated on me, but today, the Provincial High Law said online that I can’t ask for a divorce just because she cheated on me? How am I supposed to appeal to court?”

“What does it mean, cheating on me is just her being unfaithful to me and it doesn’t prove our relationship fell apart?”

“The point is, after she saw that news, she actually had the nerve to come to me to sign the divorce papers and split the assets?”

The other man fell silent at this.

He was now considering marriage.

“…” Qin Lin was forced to be a bystander.

The conversation between the two men seemed incredible even to him.

It seemed like he had lived for nothing for the past 20 years.
It seemed like the plot in movies and television shows where they had to find evidence of an affair and win the lawsuit.

Why did the law in reality say that it couldn’t constitute a divorce? This seemed to be even more melodramatic than those movies and television shows?

Thinking about it, if a married woman wasn’t afraid of being caught cheating, and a married man wasn’t afraid of being caught cheating, what the hell was going on?

Wouldn’t that open a shackle for some people?

He remembered that it wasn’t like this anywhere else! There were people in Youcheng County who had successfully sued for adultery in the past.
Cheating was the basis for a broken relationship that couldn’t be reconciled.

The Provincial High Law…

Qin Lin felt that it was not good to secretly watch the show and quickly left.

When he returned to the villa’s hall, Zhang Guizhu had already cleaned up the squirrels.
The wild squirrels had showered and had their furs combed.
After putting on their clothes, they looked even more handsome.

“Why did you call to ask about my parents’ wedding date?” Zhao Moqing walked over and asked.

“It’s a secret!” Qin Lin said with a smile, “Invite your parents over for dinner the day after tomorrow.”

“Secret!” Zhao Moqing snorted and didn’t ask further.
She could guess what surprise Qin Lin wanted to prepare for her parents.

Then, she said, “By the way, Zhang Guizhu said that it’s best to arrange a dormitory for her because the villa has to entertain tourists during the day.
In the future, cleaning up the squirrels will have to wait until the tourists leave.
She has to stay here.”

Qin Lin thought for a moment and said, “There aren’t any extra dormitories now.
Let her stay with Gao Yaoyao first.
She can stay in the staff dormitory for a while.”

Zhao Moqing nodded.
“I’ll talk to them later.”

For the next two days, the weather was clear again.
It seemed that God knew that New Year’s Day was coming and the weather couldn’t look gloomy.

Qin Lin woke up early in the morning and headed to the warehouse.
After moving his things out of the game and sending them to the villa, he drove back to the warehouse with a few bags and entered the game again.
Then, he placed some things he had prepared into the bags.

Quality 2: Xiangshui Tribute Rice, Quality 2: yam, Quality 2: okra, Quality 2: conch, Quality 2: eel, Quality 2: wild fish, Quality 2: strawberry, Quality 2: watermelon!

These were to be taken home.

He invited Zhao Moqing’s parents to celebrate the new year together, so he naturally had to prepare everything.

After moving all these things out of the game, Qin Lin entered the game again and brought a transparent empty wine bottle to a container for brewing wine.

According to the time ratio, the wine in this first container was 20 years old.

Qin Lin aimed the bottle at the valve and filled it with wine.
Holding it in his hand, he focused and saw the note.

[Qinglin Medicine Wine: Quality 2]

[This is a special medicinal wine.
It has a special effect.
It nourishes blood and vital energy +2, nourishes the kidneys and strengthens the body +2, treats frequent urine needs +2, and has texture +2!]

Qin Lin looked at the note and realized that there was an additional attribute compared to before.

That was texture +2.

At first, Qin Lin’s medicinal wine did not have any texture attributes, but now, it had a texture +2 attribute.

He hurried to the other two punch containers to investigate.

As expected, the freshly brewed wine did not have any texture attribute, and the second batch of soaked wine also had a texture attribute of +1.

Qin Lin held the wine in his hand and took a sip.
With just one sip, his eyes lit up.

He was a man who didn’t like to drink.

However, under the +2 attribute, the mellow fragrance was really indescribable.
It was classic!

Qin Lin brought the bottle of wine out of the game.
He believed that this New Year’s Eve meal was definitely unique.

If it were Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, and the other tycoons who knew the scale of this meal, they would probably rush over as soon as they received a call.

But when he loaded the things into the car and got into the driver’s seat to start it up, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

He had been drinking!


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