Before she came to apply for the job, she had naturally seen the information on the villa’s squirrels.
She also knew that these squirrels were a specialty of the villa’s Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

Actually, many of the breeders she knew found this unbelievable.

Because squirrels were timid, it was difficult for them to be free-range and interact with tourists.

Perhaps only those professional squirrel ecological parks that were specially cultivated from a young age could do what Qinglin Villa did.

“Usually, they’re over at the Sea of Flowers.” Qin Lin smiled and grabbed Red Hair from his shoulder.
He handed it to Zhang Guizhu and said, “This little guy is called Red Hair.
Take good care of him.
Your job will be much easier in the future.”

After being placed in someone else’s hand by Qin Lin, Red Hair suddenly became unhappy.
It squeaked at him and then scurried back into his hand.
It even bared its claws at Zhang Guizhu.

Qin Lin was stunned.
He wasn’t going to give it to Zhang Guizhu.
What was this little fellow doing?

He immediately knocked Red Hair on the head and said without caring if the little guy understood him, “Put away your claws.
She’s here to serve you.
She’ll change your clothes, comb your hair, and bathe you.
You can treat her like a little maid.”

To Qin Lin’s surprise, the little fellow seemed to understand him.
It instantly retracted its claws and even squeaked at him, as if asking him if it was real.

“…” Zhang Guizhu was stunned.

Her? A little maid?

But before she could react, she realized that the little squirrel called Red Hair had taken the initiative to scurry into her hand.
It squeaked at her and kept raising its wet tail and wagging it.

“Wow!” Zhang Guizhu looked at Red Hair in disbelief.
Then, she looked up at Qin Lin and said, “President Qin, can you prepare a basin for me and warm water at about 35 degrees? Pet cleaning liquid and a hairdryer? It should want to comb its fur.
I’ll give it a bath too.”

Qin Lin was surprised.
“How did you know?”

Zhang Guizhu explained, “It keeps wagging its tail, which is covered in water droplets.
Its fur is also sticky.
The squirrels at the First Zoo in Xia City are also like this sometimes.”


Qin Lin understood.
She was experienced.
Some bosses preferred employees with experience because they could get into the mood easily.

“Alright.” Qin Lin also instructed Gao Yaoyao to prepare.

The pet cleaning liquid was naturally bought for the dog.
It was a pet general-purpose liquid.

Zhang Guizhu also studied Red Hair’s clothes in her hand and tried to take off the little guy’s clothes.


Gao Yaoyao came out with warm water.
The pet liquid and hairdryer were also ready.

Zhang Guizhu had just joined the company and seemed to want to show her professionalism.
When she took the basin of water, she said, “It’s very easy for squirrels to catch a cold and fall sick when bathing, so it’s best to control the temperature around 35 degrees.
Also, you have to scratch them lightly when bathing.
Squirrels are prone to struggling when bathing and will get scratched…”

As Zhang Guizhu spoke, Red Hair, who was beside her, seemed to be impatient.
With a splash, it jumped into the basin.

“???” Zhang Guizhu was embarrassed.

Except for pets like the dog, many pets didn’t like bathing.
They even resisted bathing.
Squirrels were the same.

Something was wrong with this squirrel.
It had jumped in on its own.

“Squeak.” Red Hair jumped into the basin and actually squealed at Zhang Guizhu.

At that moment, Zhang Guizhu had an illusion that this squirrel seemed to be urging her to hurry up, as if it really treated her as a little maid?

But how was that possible? It was only a squirrel.

Zhang Guizhu complained in her heart, but her hands did not stop moving.
She began to gently scoop up the water droplets with her palm and pour them on Red Hair.

She couldn’t wash the squirrel with strong water, or it would struggle.
At the same time, she poured the cleaning liquid and began to rub it gently on the red fur.
White foam appeared instantly.

Bathing squirrels often got scratched at this time, so Zhang Guizhu was also very careful.
However, something shocking happened again.
After she finished rubbing the little squirrel’s stomach, the little guy turned around in enjoyment and turned its back to her again.

“???” Zhang Guizhu opened her mouth in surprise.

Was this for real?

A squirrel knew how to enjoy bathing that much?

It was too smart!

Squeak! ~

Squeak! ~

Beside the basin, squirrels cried out one after another.

He saw a few small squirrels dressed in clothes gather around the basin and look curiously at Red Hair inside, as if they had discovered a new continent.

Another squirrel stuck its claws into the water tentatively, then immediately stuck them out and tried to reach in again.

In an instant, it became Red Hair bathing and the lackeys watching.

Red Hair didn’t care.
Instead, it raised its big tail and enjoyed Zhang Guizhu’s touch.
This made the other squirrels even more curious, and they subconsciously raised their tails.

Zhang Guizhu couldn’t help but praise, “Boss, how did you do it? This squirrel is too smart.
Even the most powerful trainers in the Squirrel Ecological Garden can’t train squirrels to this extent.”

“Hehe!” Qin Lin laughed awkwardly and thought to himself, it was all thanks to the game!

Moreover, he realized that no matter how people taught squirrels, they could not learn from each other.
With Red Hair leading the demonstration, it seemed to be more effective than many trainer training.

For example, the foreigners’ foreign language explanations were not as good as his parents’ demonstration.

Zhang Guizhu washed away the foam on Red Hair’s body, then took the hairdryer and carefully blew on Red Hair.
To her surprise, the squirrel was not afraid of the hairdryer at all.

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