Although Qin Ren’s studio was an advertising planner, the studio business in a small place was also mixed.
One of the partners, Hu Fei, graduated from this computer science department.

When Qin Lin arrived, everyone in the studio looked over.
Hu Fei greeted him immediately, “President Qin, welcome.”

Qin Ren was modifying a publicity picture in front of his computer.
When he saw Qin Lin, he pulled him forward and asked, “Look, are you satisfied with this picture?”

It was the logo of Qinglin Villa.

When Qinglin Villa received the support fund to expand, Qin Lin handed over the necessary signs, road signs, advertising posters, and so on to Qin Ren’s studio.

The one that Qin Ren had made was one of the finished products.

“Yes, sure.” Qin Lin nodded and said, “By the way, the rafting project and the bridal room project are almost completed.
You can go and film the scene then.”

“Sure.” Qin Ren nodded.
Advertisements had to be realistic.
Then, he asked, “You didn’t come over today just to tell me this, right?”

Qin Lin shook his head and said, “I’m not looking for you today.
I’m looking for Hu Fei to get a QR code lottery program.”

When Hu Fei heard this, he immediately poked his head over.
“President Qin, what are your requirements for the QR code lucky draw program?”

“I want to make a lucky draw.
The method of winning is random… I want to use it for all the lucky draws in the future.” Qin Lin also told Hu Fei his requirements.
Finally, he added, “I probably have to use it tomorrow.
I wonder if you can make it in time?”

Hu Fei immediately promised, “Don’t worry, President Qin.
This kind of lucky draw procedure is not difficult to get.
I can get it done by working overtime tonight.”

“Thank you.” Qin Lin left after settling this matter.

Hu Fei picked up the phone and called his girlfriend.
“Baby, I have to work overtime tonight.
I can’t pick you up.”

Qinglin Villa was now a big client of their studio.

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Although they had a relationship with Qin Ren, they could not slack off.
They should do their best.
Otherwise, if Qin Ren lost face, their studio would lose face as well.

There was obviously a grumble on the other end of the line.
“Working overtime again? Then I’ll go over to your place after work.
I’ll bring you food.
What do you want to eat?”

“Baby, I like everything you bring.” Hu Fei smiled at the phone.
It was good to have an understanding girlfriend.

When Qin Lin returned to the villa, he realized that the big watermelons had already become popular online and was even trending.

Previously, Chen Dabei and the security guards had used a cart to transport the two watermelons into the villa and were photographed by many tourists.

Many people found it unbelievable when they saw the trending topic of watermelons.
No matter how impetuous the Internet was now, there was no reason for watermelons to be trending, right? Was it because the video of a beauty was not good?

However, if one added the popularity of Qinglin Villa and the two 240-catty watermelons, it would be “F*ck, there’s such a big watermelon?”

Some of the video comments were also very popular.

“I swear to Mom and Dad, I’ve never seen a watermelon this big in my life.”

“It’s obviously a decorative watermelon.
I can get you a hundred of these.”

“Making a fuss over nothing.
I saw 500 catties of big watermelon last year.”

“I’m afraid you don’t know the record for the largest watermelon in the Guinness World.”


At night, with a video of an official event in Qinglin Villa, the popularity of the two watermelons increased.

The video still showed Gao Yaoyao.

“I have good news for everyone.
Our Qinglin Villa is giving out benefits again.
Everyone is curious about what the benefits are, right? That’s right, it’s two big watermelons.”

As Gao Yaoyao spoke, a video of two big watermelons appeared.

Gao Yaoyao continued, “One of these two big watermelons weighs 242 catties and the other 244 catties.
Our Qinglin Villa spent a lot of money to buy them.”

“Tomorrow, everyone will have a chance to taste the watermelon kings for free.
As long as you buy tickets to the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea that day, or for every full 50 yuan spent on other consumer items in the villa, you can draw once.
Lucky tourists who win will get to enjoy the big watermelon for free.”

“However, there are limited slots.
In total, only 600 lucky spectators can taste this watermelon king, and you are the only group of people who can taste it this year.”

Not long after the video was released, the likes and comments notifications kept ringing in the background of the villa’s official account.

“Sister Yaoyao is on screen again.
Sister Yaoyao is beautiful.”

“It’s actually a real melon, and it’s so big.
It’s incredible.”

“F*ck, there are only 600 lucky audience members? That’s the king of melons.
Wouldn’t it be a pure emperor’s pleasure if they ate it? Top-notch tycoons can’t eat it even if they wanted to.”

“When I eat this melon, I can proudly say that I’ve eaten a melon that only 0.0000424% of the country can eat.”


“I don’t plan to leave.
I’ve prayed to the melon god.
Tomorrow, I’ll definitely be one of the 600 onlookers.”


There were 600 spots, but they couldn’t even eat them even if they wanted to.
It was more like an explosive point.

The moment the event video was released, it instantly ignited some people’s enthusiasm.
These people had wanted to go to Qinglin Villa to begin with, but now it seemed that there was another reason.
Some of the tourists who had wanted to leave today suddenly chose to stay in Youcheng County and planned to come back tomorrow.

Zhao Moqing had been paying attention to the situation online.
Seeing that the popularity was increasing, she was also happy.
“Qin Lin, our event has become popular.
Everyone’s reaction is very big.”

“It’s not surprising.
After all, the only two melon kings and the gimmick that only 600 people can eat are big enough.” Qin Lin smiled and said.
In the university publicity course, catching the gimmick was also a compulsory course.
Therefore, he had already specially added gimmicks like the melon king and 600 people.

Besides, this would only be the hottest after the tourists had eaten the melon tomorrow.

The melon taste of these two Quality 3 melons were the same as Quality 2.
It was undoubtedly delicious, but those who really won the lottery would definitely brag about the taste of the melon.

This was the special psychology of people.
Only by bragging would the winners feel that they were earning more.

These are points of knowledge in the university’s propaganda psychology course.

The drifting project and bridal chamber project of Qinglin Villa were about to be completed.
The county had also been paying attention to the situation of Qinglin Villa.
After all, the county had approved the 25 million yuan support fund of Qinglin Villa.

Chen Li was also watching the activity video of the villa.
“Sun Xian, I told you that Boss Qin is a reliable person.
He’s already starting to make the villa popular.”

Sun Xian nodded.
“To think he could buy two watermelons this big.
That’s very eye-catching.”

Beside him, Zhong Lei immediately reported, “Sun Xian, Chief Chen, President Qin, these two melons should be the black water watermelon from Dian Nan.”

Chen Li asked curiously, “How did you know?”

Zhong Lei explained, “Someone from Dian Nan posted a video saying so.”

At this moment…

In Qinglin Villa.

Zhao Moqing also handed a video to Qin Lin and said, “Qin Lin, see if this is taking advantage of our popularity?”

Qin Lin took the video and saw that it was also a video about watermelons.

Anyone who knew anything about watermelons knew that Dian Nan produced large watermelons.
It was not difficult to see watermelons weighing more than 100 catties.
That was the place that broke the record for the largest watermelon in the country.

“Speaking of watermelons, watermelons weighing more than 200 catties are indeed very rare.
This year, the two special watermelon kings in Dian Nan are also more than 200 catties.
They’re the largest in the world this year.
Those two were ordered by customers in the south.
They might be the two in Qinglin Villa.”

After watching the video, Qin Lin teased, “Interesting.”

This was clearly a video of a scammer trying to gain popularity.
Someone from Dian Nan must have wanted to use this to promote his large watermelon.

However, the key was that the other party seemed to be rubbing against them.
The content of the video would obviously make people think that these two watermelons from Qinglin Villa were produced by Dian Nan.
However, there was some leeway in his words, not giving him a chance to make things difficult for them.

If they really wanted to argue, the other party insisted that two watermelons had been transported to the south.
They did not say for sure that the two watermelons from Qinglin Villa were theirs.

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