Zhao Moqing looked at Red Hair’s actions and eagerly took out a piece of paper, crumpled it into a ball, and threw it on the ground.

Red Hair scurried out again and picked up the ball of paper.
He scurried onto the sofa and threw it into a nearby trash can.

Zhao Moqing was so excited that he almost jumped up.
“Qin Lin, it’s too smart.
It actually really understood.”

Indeed, Red Hair’s cleverness was unexpected.

Qin Lin now knew what the note meant by ‘very intelligent’.

After teasing Red Hair for a while, Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing returned to their room.
He told Zhao Moqing about Chen Li’s request.
Chen Xiaoru would come to the villa.
If he wasn’t around, he would ask Zhao Moqing to help entertain her.

The next day.

Qin Lin woke up and looked at the game in his mind.
He picked all the ripe crops in the morning and headed to the warehouse as usual.

Red Hair had followed him when he left, and the dog was not to be left behind.

When they arrived at the warehouse, Qin Lin entered the game.

There were a few more things than usual today.

[Mudfish: Quality 1 (35 catties)]

[This is a delicious ingredient that Southerners like very much.
Taste +1, delicious +1, nourishing spleen and kidney +1, hydrating and reducing swelling +1, nourishing blood and nourishing qi +1.]

[Spinach: Quality 1 (40 catties)]

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[This is a common delicious ingredient with many effects: Yin-nourishing +1, constipation prevention +1, clear and warm intestines +1.]

[Carrot: Quality 1 (55 catties)]

[This is a vegetable with very high vitamins.
It nourishes the blood and qi +1, helps the liver and eyes +1, and cleans the intestines +1.]

This was something he had obtained from the Level 1 and Level 2 paddy fields.
It could replenish blood.

None of them were of Quality 2.

He would get Master Lin to make some of these for Chen Xiaoru and sell the rest at the villa.

Moreover, he had specially brought out 20 catties of Quality 2 okra today.

This Quality 2 okra had to appear from time to time.

Qin Lin moved everything out of the game and sent them to the villa.

As soon as Red Hair arrived at the villa, it rushed towards the Sea of Flowers to look for its underling.

The dog followed him into the hall.

Although the weather was getting colder, the enthusiasm for travel would not diminish much.

This was because travel was a way to release stress.
It was the best way to empty one’s mind and heal oneself.
It was also a way for a couple’s relationship to heat up rapidly.

How many men and women got their way in tourist hotels?

The villa quickly became lively.

A taxi pulled up at the entrance to the villa.
New visitors had arrived.

Xiao Zhuang got out of the car with his female friend, Xiao Fang, whom he had not completely confirmed his relationship with.

It was the first time he’d chased a girl, and he didn’t know how to suggest moving on to the next step.
One of his buddies, who’d switched girlfriends a number of times, had given him the idea of going on a trip.
Only one room had been left when he’d tried to book.
However, it was out of town…

Therefore, when he saw that Xiao Fang liked the Sea of Flowers in Qinglin Villa, he decisively brought her over.

Xiao Fang got out of the car and said in surprise, “There are so many tourists this early in the morning.
Qinglin Villa is really popular.”

“Yes!” Xiao Zhuang quickly nodded in agreement.

They walked into the villa.

As soon as Xiao Fang entered the villa, she looked at the sales center.
“That’s where the medicinal honey water is sold.”

Xiao Zhuang naturally knew that the medicinal honey water in Qinglin Villa was very popular.
He generously spent 200 yuan to buy two large cups.

Xiao Fang took two sips and was pleasantly surprised.
“Yes, this medicinal honey water is really delicious.”

Xiao Zhuang nodded.
It really lived up to its reputation.
Then, he asked Xiao Fang, “Do you want to buy some strawberries? I heard that the strawberries here are very delicious.”

“Sure.” Xiao Fang nodded.

The two of them walked toward the area of the sales center for special breeds.

Quality 1 and 2 fruits and vegetables were all here.

As soon as he got close, he saw the sales counter selling strawberries.

The two of them walked over.
As Xiao Fang picked out more strawberries, Xiao Zhuang’s gaze was involuntarily attracted to a sales counter in front of them.

There were only a few okra on the sales counter.
The sign said that the special variety of okra cost 400 yuan per catty.

Xiao Zhuang seemed to recall a legend from the villa.

Qinglin Villa used to sell a special variety of okra that cost 400 yuan per catty.
That thing was a man’s blessing and was very effective.
There was even a rich second-generation heir who ate this okra and had too much fun with his two female friends and was reported.

This legend was also mentioned by many people in the video comments section of the official account of Qinglin Villa.

It was just that this kind of okra was very rare.
Now, it is almost extinct in the villa.

Xiao Zhuang did not expect to see it here.
Thinking of his special purpose this time, he subconsciously looked at Xiao Fang beside him.

When he encountered such a legendary thing, he was naturally eager to try.
However, he was afraid that if he bought it, Xiao Fang would know that he had brought her here for a special purpose.

“Wow, 400 catties of okra.” A couple suddenly ran over.
The woman said slyly, “Honey, you’re in luck today.
I wonder if this thing is really that powerful.”

“If I’m blessed, doesn’t that mean you’re blessed?” The man decisively picked up the bag and put it away.

Clearly, more than one tourist had discovered it.
In the blink of an eye, two more pairs of tourists had discovered it.
How could they let go of something they had only heard of?

In the blink of an eye, the 400 yuan per catty of okra was gone.

Xiao Zhuang was getting anxious.

This was immediately gone.

At this moment, he turned around and was pleasantly surprised to find that Xiao Fang had walked to the other side to look at the fruits and did not notice him at all.

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