As they reached the center, they heard squeaking.

As soon as Qin Lin stepped forward, Red Hair scuttled towards him and landed in his hand.

Its big furry tail swept his hand.

He could vaguely see a few small squirrels scurrying around in the three Squirrel Houses.
Without exception, they were all wearing small clothes.

The others left again and went back.

It seemed that these squirrels were indeed smarter and more adaptable.

This type of squirrel was also easier to tame.

Looking at the few squirrels left behind, Qin Lin felt a sense of accomplishment, even if he didn’t tame them.

“Add two more surveillance cameras outside the Sea of Flowers!” Qin Lin instructed Chen Dabei.

“Okay, Boss!” Chen Dabei nodded.

Qin Lin walked out while Red Hair stayed in his hand.
Then, it pulled out a pine nut from its small bag and bit it.

Qin Lin looked at the little fellow and thought about its note.
The little fellow was very intelligent.
It could bring those wild squirrels to ask for clothes and even bring them to live in the Squirrel Houses, proving this point.

So that gave him some more ideas.

Previously, he had seen a zoo online where elephants would pick up trash and throw it into the trash can.
Everyone had commented that it was so cute and that humans were not as good as an elephant…

What if all the squirrels in his scenic area learned it? It would definitely attract a lot of attention and add to the popularity of the villa.

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Not to mention most of the tourists, there were still a small number of tourists who occasionally dropped their napkins and tickets in the Sea of Flowers.

He was not a pet trainer and did not have the ability to train squirrels.
Therefore, he could only rely on Red Hair.

If he could teach Red Hair, it might be able to lead the other little squirrels.

After returning to the hall, Qin Lin also left the villa with Zhao Moqing and his mother.

In the car.

Wang Cai whined unhappily.

Red Hair was plucking at the fur on its head.

However, other than barking in dissatisfaction, Wang Cai did not resist at all.
The fellow on its head was too agile.
Every time it tried to resist, it would be berated by its three masters.

Back home.

Qin Lin grabbed Red Hair and went to the sofa in the hall.
He waved a tissue in front of Red Hair and even pulled the trash can to the side of the sofa.
“Look, you can’t throw the trash on the ground.
You have to throw it into the trash can.
The Sea of Flowers… Well, it’s where a lot of flowers are.
If there’s paper on the ground, remember to pick it up and throw it into the trash can.”

Qin Lin felt like a fool for saying this to a little squirrel.

When Zhao Moqing came out and saw this scene, he couldn’t help but tease, “Qin Lin, what’s wrong with you?”

Lin Fen smiled when she saw this scene.
She also felt that her son’s actions were too unreliable.

It was just a squirrel.

Qin Lin explained awkwardly, “I’m just training Red Hair’s skills?”

Zhao Moqing smiled and said, “If pets are so easy to train, won’t those pet trainers lose their jobs? Red Hair is already very smart, okay? Don’t torture it.”

Qin Lin still wanted to continue.
Wasn’t it easy to teach a squirrel with high intelligence?

Didn’t those genius students self-study and score 100 points without the help of a teacher? It should be able to learn to pick up trash by itself.

He shook the tissue at Red Hair, then crumpled it into a small ball and dropped it to the floor.

An incredible thing happened.

Red Hair scuttled straight down, grabbed the wad of tissue, and crawled back to the couch.
Then it dropped the wad into the trash can.

“…” Qin Lin.

“…” Zhao Moqing.

“…” Lin Fen.

Both women looked surprised at the sight.

Red Hair, on the other hand, squeaked at Qin Lin.
It didn’t know if it should say that it was too easy or ask for credit.

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