Master Lin walked forward and opened the lid of the pot, revealing the conch inside.

After eating the conches brought by the boss last time, he had been craving them, so he asked his son to go to his house to get some from the old field.
His son had sent them to him this morning.
Now, he could take this opportunity to satisfy his hunger with some wine.

Master Lin plated the conches and sat down.
He poured himself a small glass of wine, then picked one up and took a sip.
But he had just chewed when he frowned.
“That’s not right.
Why is it so different from the ones the boss bought?”

He picked up another and slipped it into his mouth.
Then a second, but his frown deepened.

The taste and texture were completely different.

As the saying went, the greater the anticipation, the greater the disappointment.
Master Lin frowned.

He had been craving it all day.
It was not easy for him to get some wine at this time, but he suddenly realized that he had wasted his time.
He had lost all interest.

“Master Lin, you’re in a good mood!” At this moment, Qin Lin walked in with two Quality 2 eel.

Master Lin put away his disappointed expression and asked Qin Lin, “Boss, what good stuff did you buy this time?”

Qin Lin handed a woven bag containing two Quality 2 eel to Master Lin and said, “Master Lin, help me kill one of these eels to satisfy my cravings tonight.”

Master Lin took the woven bag and opened it.
He couldn’t help but say in surprise, “Boss, it’s such a big eel.
It’s top-grade.
Where did you get it?”

Two eels of three catties tangled together like two long, hideous snakes.

Qin Lin made it up.
“I bought it at the market.
Remember to fry it with wine.
That’s classic.”

“Alright, Boss.” Master Lin nodded when he heard the instructions.
After Qin Lin went out again, he sat down again and picked up a conch.
It was really boring.

Could it be that this son of his casually bought some artificially bred ones from the market to fool him?

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At the thought of this, Master Lin was no longer in the mood to drink.
He simply stood up and placed the two eels in the fish pond that was specially prepared for the kitchen.

When it was time to cook for the employees in the evening, the three kitchen chefs got busy.
Master Lin grabbed another piece of eel and started to deal with it with a knife.

Small eels were relatively difficult to deal with.
There would be some residue no matter how the internal organs were handled.
This three-catty eel was easier to handle.

After killing the eel, Master Lin cut the meat and began to boil the pot and pour the oil.

There were many ways to cook eel.
Braising it was one of the most common methods in the countryside.
This was because eel had a fishy smell and required cooking wine to remove the taste.
After cooking wine entered the taste, it could make the eel meat carry a strong fragrance.

Soon, a strong fragrance wafted out of the pot.

Master Lin picked up a piece of braised meat with his chopsticks and placed it in his mouth to test the food.
As he chewed, he felt a delicious taste appear in his mouth.
The taste was too good, and the chewiness was perfect.

Master Lin subconsciously picked up his chopsticks and put another piece of meat into his mouth.

This really made it impossible to stop eating.

Looking at the braised meat in the pot made him hungry again.

After becoming a chef, no one planted the fields at home anymore.
However, it had been a long time since he had eaten the conches caught by the old field.
He had forgotten the taste of it when he was young, but he did not expect it to be so delicious.

He decided to call his son-in-law later and ask him to catch eels in the old field.
If he couldn’t catch one this big, he could catch something smaller.

That bastard son could not be counted on.
Those conches had made him look forward to it for nothing.

The Quality 2 eel was indeed different from the Quality 2 conch.

When Qin Lin ate, he couldn’t help but take out some medicinal wine and drink a little.

Lin Fen and Zhao Moqing praised it repeatedly after eating.

The two women realized that they were enjoying their food more and more.
Qin Lin could always get so much delicious food.

However, they did not think too much about it.
They only felt that the villa had become popular and became a channel, so he had more access to such things.
Weren’t there still so many fish ponds selling eel outside?

Perhaps there was really a huge difference between delicacies and simple meals.

They felt that they were eating delicacies now.

In the hall, the tourists gradually began to eat.
The kitchen was thoroughly busy.
There were obviously a lot of guests ordering eel today.

Most tourists would definitely not let go of something so nourishing.

Almost all 50 catties of eel had been ordered.

The apprentice, Lin Bin, had a pile of eel in front of him.
He was going to kill all the eels today.

Naturally, Master Lin was the happiest with more than 50 catties of eel.

He had to try every dish out of the pot, didn’t he?

Although the taste was not as delicious as the boss’s own, it was definitely delicious.

As long as his son-in-law caught some eel of this level, he would enjoy it with some wine.

Master Lin began to look forward to it again.

After the din of the tourists’ dining ended, the villa quickly fell silent.

Without any accommodation, no one would stay even if it was brightly lit.
Now that the weather was even colder, even if they liked to play, they wouldn’t rent a tent to stay.
After all, in this kind of weather, doing that in the tent would freeze their buttocks.

Chen Dabei came to report after the tourists left.
“Boss, you asked me to keep an eye on the three Squirrel Houses.
A few squirrels didn’t leave at night and stayed there.”

“Let’s go take a look.” Qin Lin’s eyes lit up as he brought Chen Dabei to the Sea of Flowers.

It seemed the plan to turn wild squirrels into domesticated animals had paid off.

There were lights on the stone path in the Sea of Flowers.
At this time, there was still a special peaceful atmosphere in the Sea of Flowers.

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