On the other hand, if these little squirrels stayed, they would really belong to the villa.
Should he hire a pet breeder and vet?

After all, squirrels also needed to take off their clothes often to comb their fur.
Otherwise, it was easy for problems to arise.

The ranch at the villa was also gradually being built.
When the game ranch opened, there would be a lot of animals.

With that in mind, Qin Lin took out his phone and logged into the recruitment form.
He chose Youcheng County to recruit veterinarians and breeders.

Not long after returning to the hall, Zhou Chengjun arrived with the old man.
Naturally, the old man also had to sign the contract.
After all, he was the owner of the formula.

Qin Lin smiled and welcomed him.
“Old Master, we meet again.”

“Boss Qin, I’ve really troubled you this time.
You really think highly of my skills.” The old man was in a good mood.
It was probably because his grandson finally wanted to learn his skills.
As for how his grandson wanted to use this skill, he didn’t care.
Even if this formula belonged to the company that invested in it and 51% of the ownership would belong to someone else.

At least his side had passed on the craft, not cut off the generation here.

Besides, thinking about his grandson, he sighed again.
His usually cheerful grandson had secretly cried in the bathroom last night.

He probably knew what it was about.
It was a girl from a big city.
It was indeed difficult for their small county family to satisfy her.

Therefore, he knew that his grandson was also eager for this five million yuan investment.

Qin Lin also summoned Gao Yaoyao and asked her to make two cups of honey water before sitting down.

He looked at Zhou Chengjun in confusion.
He felt that the other party seemed to be in a different state from yesterday.
There was a haggard look on his face with a hint of maturity.

It was a strange feeling, as if he had suddenly matured after experiencing some storm.

Qin Lin naturally did not know what had happened to Zhou Chengjun.

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Besides, many women online said that the easiest way for a girl to mature was to fall in love with a scumbag.

Actually, this was the same for boys.
A relationship that ended without a hitch might also be the easiest way for boys to mature.

This was the case for Zhou Chengjun.

He did not expect this to happen.
He had been working hard for the future for the past few days after his return.
He had been filled with anticipation, but everything had changed in the past few days.

He didn’t beg or try to win her back.
If a few years of affection couldn’t even hold on to these few days, then it was all in vain.

Once there was a crack in a relationship, it would be difficult to return to how it was before.

He didn’t believe she’d been completely pressured by her parents.
Maybe, no amount of long-term affection could outweigh a few days of novelty.
No matter how good a relationship was, there was always the fear of facing up to the daily necessities.

“President Qin, I made this sauce myself.
Try it.” As soon as Zhou Chengjun sat down, he eagerly handed two small bottles of sauce to Qin Lin.

A man did not cry easily.
He had cried last night.
Enough was enough.

All he wanted now was to succeed and anesthetize himself with success.

Qin Lin more or less felt that something must have happened to Zhou Chengjun, but he did not ask further.
He opened the sauce that Zhou Chengjun had made and tasted it.

It tasted good, even better than the old man’s cooking.

That was incredible.

“President Qin, how does it taste?” Zhou Chengjun asked expectantly.

“Yes, not bad.” Qin Lin nodded.

“Then what about the investment?” Zhou Chengjun was clearly a little nervous at this moment.
After all, the five million yuan investment was just a verbal promise from the other party.
The other party could go back on his word at any time.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Why? Are you afraid that I’ll go back on my word? Wait a moment, I’ll print out the investment agreement.”

With that, he walked to the bar and printed out the two agreements on the printer.
He returned to the table and handed one to Zhou Chengjun.
“You can read the agreement carefully and make sure there’s no problem.
See if you can abide by it, then accept my investment.”

“Okay.” Zhou Chengjun did not hesitate.
He hurriedly took the agreement and read it.
Moreover, he read it very seriously, as if he was looking at his future.

Qin Lin did not disturb Zhou Chengjun and said to the old man beside him, “Old Master, try our villa’s medicinal honey water.”

“President Qin, thank you for thinking so highly of my grandson,” the old man said sheepishly.

After all, he had rejected the other party’s offer to buy the formula previously.
Now, his grandson was begging him for five million yuan.

Actually, Qin Lin did not care about this.
Besides, he really did not want such good craftsmanship to be lost.
In addition, he had been persuaded by Zhou Chengjun.

However, the old man’s gratitude was on his face.
He now knew from his family how successful the young man in front of him was.
He was a big shot in Youcheng County.

Such a person was willing to take care of his grandson and invest five million yuan in him.
No matter what, he was a great benefactor and also his grandson’s benefactor.

The old man’s mind was that simple.

After some time, Zhou Chengjun finished reading the investment agreement.
Actually, seeing that the two conditions he had raised yesterday were met, he said decisively, “President Qin, let’s sign it.”

“Sure!” Qin Lin smiled and took out a pen to sign both documents.

Zhou Chengjun was even more decisive.
After signing, he even asked his grandfather to sign.

After the old man signed, Zhou Chengjun heaved a long sigh of relief and said solemnly to Qin Lin, “President Qin, thank you.”

Qin Lin also smiled and invited, “Let’s have lunch at the villa.
I’ll treat you guys to wild food.”

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