Qinglin Villa was lively, and so was Qinglin Food Factory.

In the afternoon, a van arrived at the factory and piled bags of nuts and chocolate high in the yard.
All the employees knew something was going to be handed out that day.

The nuts and chocolates were all very big gift bags.
To these factory employees, they were full of anticipation.
If they brought them back for their sons and daughters to eat, they would definitely be happy.

“Those who have collected their items, get off work.
Those on the night shift will come back tomorrow morning to collect their items.” Deng Guang had been staring at the scene.
Now that the factory’s employees were overloaded, one production line’s employees were already three times their normal demand.

He wouldn’t be at ease until he watched some things personally.

Under normal circumstances, if any factory dared to support three idlers in such a position, bankruptcy would not be far off.

However, Qinglin Food Company had no choice but to expand 35 production lines.
They were about to enter production.
It was impossible without skilled workers.
At the very least, they had to familiarize themselves with the use of production line equipment.
They could only hire them while adapting to the old factory.
When the time came, they would be transferred to a new factory.

In the villa.

After handing out the items and cleaning up, Qin Lin left some employees on duty and got the others to get off work early.
Some of the waitresses had already been chatting on WeChat and might be eager to go to the county to be f*cked.


As the boss, he could not be insensible.

Those who stayed behind were willing, and he would give them 100 yuan overtime red packets.

Naturally, those who were willing to stay on duty were most likely single or had no one to ask out.

Master Lin’s apprentice, Lin Bing, was very smart.
He had already tried to get close to a waitress who was on duty.

“Boss, Sister Mo Qing, Aunt Fen, we’ll leave first.” Gao Yaoyao held the hands of the two waitresses and greeted Qin Lin, Zhao Mo, and Lin Fen before leaving.

Lin Fen waved her hand with a smile.
Among her son’s employees, Gao Yaoyao was the most likable.
She was very proud to see her son’s employees all smiling.

Before this, she had not dared to think that her son would have so many employees.

Then, Lin Fen also urged her son, “Xiao Lin, let’s go quickly.
We can’t let Moqing’s mother wait too long.”

“Yes.” Qin Lin nodded with a smile.

His mother and mother-in-law were getting along very well.
They often went shopping together and talked about almost everything.
They were middle-aged best friends.
It also meant that he didn’t have to deal with some upsetting family relationships like many men.

Zhao Moqing also held Lin Fen’s arm with a smile.
Her mother-in-law was close to her mother, so she was naturally the happiest.

Qin Lin instructed the staff on duty and led his mother and Zhao Moqing to the parking lot.

When Lin Fen and Zhao Moqing were about to get into the car, he secretly took out two exquisite gift boxes and handed them to Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen.

“What is it?” Zhao Moqing was pleasantly surprised.

Or perhaps no woman would be unhappy to receive a gift from her husband?

Qin Lin smiled and said, “I especially prepared a gift for you.
Open it and take a look.”

Zhao Moqing eagerly opened the gift box and saw an exquisite violet pendant lying inside.

“It’s so beautiful!” Zhao Moqing said in surprise.

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Qin Lin smiled and asked, “Do you like it?”

“Yes!” Zhao Moqing nodded happily and said coquettishly, “Help me put it on.”

Qin Lin took the Violet Jadeite Pendant with a smile and walked behind Zhao Moqing.
He stroked her beautiful hair and placed the pendant on her fair neck.

“Is it nice?” Zhao Moqing asked happily.

Qin Lin nodded and praised, “My wife is naturally beautiful.
She looks good with anything.”

“Mom is still here!” Zhao Moqing rolled his eyes at Qin Lin.

But Lin Fen was enjoying this scene of the lovey-dovey pair.
She just hoped the two of them would be like this forever.

Curious too, she opened the gift box to see what her son had given her.

The gift box contained an exquisite jade bracelet.

That pleased her.

She had once had a jade bracelet too.
Her son’s father had bought it for her on her anniversary, but he had sold it at a loss.

“Xiao Lin, this bracelet has such a good color.
It’s not cheap, is it?” Lin Fen asked the question that old people cared about.

Qin Lin didn’t hide anything and explained, “This pendant and bracelet are custom-made from Violet Jadeite and Flower-Green Jade.
They both cost 50,000 to 60,000 yuan!”

“That’s expensive.” Lin Fen was clearly shocked.

Zhao Moqing subconsciously touched the pendant and took it off before putting it back into the gift box.

She had never worn such expensive jewelry before.

With a pendant worth more than 50,000 yuan around his neck, wouldn’t his heart ache if it was stolen?

Qin Lin asked, “Why did you take it off again?”

Zhao Moqing said, “It’s so expensive.
It’s too eye-catching.
It’s fine as long as I know I have it.”

Qin Lin shook his head and took out the pendant from the gift box.
He walked behind Zhao Moqing and put it on for her again.
“What’s so eye-catching about it? Those rich people wear pendants more expensive than this.
If you buy a pendant, you wear it.
There’s only one now.
There will be more in the future.
Are you going to keep it and let it collect dust?”

Zhao Moqing didn’t refuse when she heard Qin Lin’s words, and she couldn’t hide the happiness on her face.

Lin Fen stuffed the gift box with the bracelet into Qin Lin’s hands.
“Xiao Lin, give this to Moqing’s mother later.
Chen Xiao has raised such a good daughter-in-law for our family.
She has already forgiven you for what you did previously.
She even wants to give you 300,000 yuan to buy a house.
You have to be filial to her in the future.”

“Mom, is your son a heartless person?” Qin Lin smiled and took out another box from the car.
Inside was another Flower-Green Jade bracelet.

When Zhao Moqing saw that Qin Lin had even prepared a gift for her mother, she felt tears at the corners of her eyes.

That was touching.

She immediately turned to her mother.
“I’ll put the bracelet on for you, Mom.”

A moment later.

The three of them got into the car.

Qin Lin brought his mother and Zhao Moqing to the central square.
The two elders had agreed to meet there.
Taking advantage of the lively atmosphere, they went shopping together.

After finally finding a parking space, Lin Fen called Chen Xiao and hung up.
“Moqing, your mother is over there.”

Chen Xiao also brought Zhao Moyun and Li Jiawen with her.

“Mom, where’s Dad?” Zhao Moqing asked.

Chen Xiao explained, “He’s been having a meeting in school since the afternoon.
It seems that Liao Province has demoted English to a secondary subject, and Shanghai has also announced that they will be demoting English to a secondary subject.
Therefore, the schools in other places have no choice but to take this issue seriously.
The provincial education bureau has requested for schools from all over the country to hold a meeting to discuss it and finally give their opinions.”

“English has been downgraded?” Zhao Moqing said in surprise.

Qin Lin was also a little surprised because English had made him suffer a lot back then.

English has always been one of the topics of public debate.
Many people felt that they had started learning English in elementary school, and by the time they graduated from university, it would take too much time to go back up.
However, once they were out in society, many people would not need a single sentence in their entire lives.
They would basically forget about it for three to five years.

Naturally, there were also many people who said that in university, many papers or postgraduate papers were basically in English.
English was only Grade 4 or 6.
It was like reading a book.
English was still very useful.

Anyway, they each had their own reasons.
It was just like having Christmas or not.
They argued very fiercely.

“Moqing, you’re finally here.” Li Jiawen smiled and took Zhao Moqing’s arm.

At this moment, Qin Lin also handed the gift box in his hand to Chen Xiao and said, “Mom, this is your gift.”

“You bought me a gift?” Chen Xiao looked surprised.
She opened it and saw the bracelet inside.
“Is this a jade bracelet?”

Zhao Moqing explained, “Mom, Qin Lin said that this is jadeite.
It costs more than 50,000 yuan.”

“It’s so expensive?” Chen Xiao was also shocked.
He immediately looked at Lin Fen, then quickly returned the gift box to Qin Lin and said earnestly, “In the future, when you buy such things, give them to your mother first.
As long as you treat Moqing well, I’ll be very happy.”

Qin Lin was stunned.

This mother and mother-in-law…

Lin Fen stepped forward with a smile and held Chen Xiao’s arm.
She showed her left hand to her.
“Take the one Xiao Lin bought for you.
I have one too.
It’s identical.”

Then she added, “I’ll put it on for you.”

Only then did Chen Xiao not refuse, her face filled with joy.

Anyone would be happy to see their son-in-law so filial.

“Isn’t it the same?” Lin Fen helped Chen Xiao put it on and even reached out to compare it with the one on Chen Xiao’s wrist.

“Yes, it should have been polished from the same raw material.” Chen Xiao nodded.
As she spoke, she suddenly waved her left hand with the bracelet at Zhao Moyun.
“Sigh, the bracelet given by my son-in-law is very nice.
I realize that it’s better to raise a daughter and find a good son-in-law.”

“…” Zhao Moyun suddenly opened his mouth.

How could he not know that his mother was talking about him? But didn’t he give her apples and flowers? He didn’t forget his mother after getting married.

Besides, wasn’t it always like this in previous years?

At this moment, Li Jiawen, who was beside her, said enviously, “Made of Violet Jadeite? Moqing, your pendant is so beautiful.
Your brother is also a man, but he only knows how to send apples and flowers every year.
He doesn’t know how to be sentimental at all.”

“…” Zhao Moyun.

Didn’t she hug and kiss him happily just now and even posted his gift on her Moments? She said that the greatest happiness in her life was to find a husband who loved her.

In the end, he could only look at Qin Lin bitterly.

He didn’t think he’d have an easy night home.
It looked like he’d have to buy two presents to make up for Christmas tomorrow.

It was so hard on men.

The next day.

It was noticeably colder.

Qin Lin couldn’t bear to get up early in the morning.
He hugged Zhao Moqing and dawdled for a while before picking the mature crops in the game.
Then, he went to the warehouse to move everything out of the game and shipped them to the villa.

When he arrived at the villa and asked Chen Dabei to bring people to unload the goods, he received a message from Senior Brother Chu.
It was a drafted investment agreement and a sentence from Senior Brother Chu.
“The most important thing about this kind of investment is the equity issue.
I’ve saved two loopholes and backup plans for you.
You can guard against the other party and take the initiative when necessary.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother Chu,” Qin Lin replied.

Senior Brother Chu said, “If you want to thank me, wait for me to go to your villa and entertain me.”

Qin Lin returned to the hall and was about to print out the investment agreement when he saw Gao Yaoyao and the cashier girl feeding Red Hair pine nuts at the bar.
The cashier girl was even combing Red Hair’s tail with a small comb.

As expected, it would lead an exquisite life.
It even had two girls to serve him.
As its master, he did not have such luck.

Seeing that Qin Lin had arrived, Gao Yaoyao said happily, “Boss, Red Hair and those squirrels became popular again today.”

Qin Lin knew that it must be Douyin.
He took out his phone and saw that there was indeed a video of the squirrels from Qinglin Villa on the trending searches.

“I really admire the boss of Qinglin Villa.
He actually trained the little squirrels to be so smart…”

“Can you believe it? The little squirrels are all dressed up, and they even know how to pack pine nuts…”


The videos were all of Red Hair with a couple of little squirrels in clothes.

In these videos, the actions of these little squirrels wearing clothes and picking up the pine nuts fed by the tourists and putting them into their bags were really too eye-catching.
The popularity also exceeded the long legs of the coquettish person Douyin wanted to support.

Qin Lin couldn’t help but sigh.
It seemed that everyone was becoming more reasonable about online beauties.
This coquettish beauty was even worse than a few squirrels.

This made him think of something.
In the future, there would be many animals when this ranch opened.
There would be no lack of villa animals.

Now that the squirrels were on fire, he could try to tame these wild squirrels.

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