When Zhou Chengjun saw that Qin Lin had agreed to invest, his face immediately lit up.
“Thank you, President Qin.
When can we sign the investment agreement?”

“Are you in a hurry?” Qin Lin asked with a smile.

Zhou Chengjun’s expression suddenly darkened.
Then, he took a deep breath and said, “President Qin is also a young man.
You should understand that we young people are eager to succeed most of the time.
Otherwise, some things can’t be defended.”

Qin Lin was stunned.

The other party seemed to be someone who had a story.

Indeed, he was right.
He was a young man, too, and knew how young men longed for success.

Now, the pressure on young people was unprecedented.
Work, betrothal gifts, cars, and houses were all mountains.
They were suffocated by reality.
When they went online to relax, they would be stabbed in the heart by countless videos of ‘successful’ people and forced to swallow countless poisonous chicken soup.

His body was overwhelmed, and his mind seemed to be suffocating.

Which young man didn’t carry the weight of what they wanted to protect? But society left fewer and fewer chances for young people to succeed.

Before obtaining the system, if such an opportunity was placed in front of him, he might be even more anxious than Zhou Chengjun.

The year he graduated, he was really afraid that he and Zhao Moqing would die without a cause.
Fortunately, Zhao Moqing gave him the greatest confidence and warmth.

This made him subconsciously look at Zhao Moqing at the bar.

Zhao Moqing seemed to have noticed Qin Lin’s gaze and looked over.

Now the ending was happy.

Qin Lin turned to Zhou Chengjun and said, “Bring your grandfather, the sauce you made, and a copy of the relevant documents over tomorrow.
We’ll sign the investment agreement directly.”

“Thank you, President Qin.” After receiving Qin Lin’s reply, Zhou Chengjun finally couldn’t help but smile.
After confirming the details with Qin Lin, he bade farewell and left the villa in a hurry.

As soon as he left the villa, Zhou Chengjun clenched his fists and couldn’t help but look excited.

A summer house, a BBA, and 400,000 yuan of betrothal gifts were almost impossible for him, an intern who had yet to graduate, even with his family’s financial support.

Now, starting from this five million investment, anything was possible.

Heaven still favored him.

Zhou Chengjun took out his phone and dialed a number.
He could not wait to share this good news with her.

A female voice came on the line.
“Chengjun, I’m sorry! Between you and my parents, I can’t abandon my parents.
They have raised me for over 20 years…”

Zhou Chengjun panicked and immediately said, “Xiao Jue, I…”

However, the other party interrupted him.
“I’m sorry.
I’ve already listened to my parents’ arrangements for a blind date.
My parents are very satisfied with the other party.
He has a house, a car, and a decent job in Xia City.
Just take it that I lack the courage to give in to reality!”

The only thing left on the line was the dead tone.

Zhou Chengjun’s expression instantly froze.

He did not know why this had happened in the short few days.

please keep reading 0n MYB0XN0 V EL.

Couldn’t she wait for him?

For some reason, he remembered a senior’s warning: Us men from a small city shouldn’t date girls from big cities.
Otherwise, it will be unforgettable when we graduate.
Even if we can continue, we can’t escape the label of a poor rural man.

He had once thought it would never happen to him.

He believed in love, but everything seemed to be on a loop.
No one could escape it.

Chen Li had been watching silently just now.
When he saw Zhou Chengjun leave, he finally couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Boss Qin, I wonder what the sauce you were talking about is?”

Qin Lin explained with a smile, “Chief Chen, didn’t you say that you couldn’t find a second product like Qinglin Ketchup in the county? Actually, there is.
Zhou Chengjun’s grandfather knows how to make a sauce that is absolutely delicious with steamed dumplings.”

Chen Li asked worriedly, “Boss Qin, will this sauce affect your ketchup?”

Qin Lin shook his head.
“The route is different.
This sauce takes the route of Lao Gan Ma.
Unfortunately, it has only just been discovered.
Otherwise, it might have become another Lao Gan Ma 20 years ago.”

Chen Li did not expect Qin Lin to have such a high evaluation of a sauce.

If Qin Lin was just an ordinary young man, he wouldn’t care much about these words.
After all, there were so many people shouting that he was the next famous person.
All of them were just daydreaming.

However, Boss Qin had already created Qinglin Villa and Qinglin Ketchup, which had a huge impact on Youcheng County.
His words carried too much weight.

This made him look forward to the sauce.

“Little squirrel.” Chen Xiaoru suddenly shouted in surprise and ran to the bar.

Red Hair was already jumping around on the bar counter.
To Qin Lin’s surprise, there were two cute squirrels following behind Red Hair.

These two squirrels were clearly a little timid.
They followed behind Red Hair and looked around nervously.
When they saw Chen Xiaoru run over, they were so frightened that they scurried up the hall’s beams.

Qin Lin watched this scene in surprise.

The two squirrels were clearly wild squirrels from the Sea of Flowers.

These squirrels were attracted by the ecological harmony +3 attribute attached to the Quality 3 triangular plum tree.

Usually, they would only move around the three triangular plums and not outside.

Now that these two had appeared at the bar, it seemed to be related to Red Hair.

“Squeak!” Red Hair seemed to bark at the two little squirrels.

After a long time, the two wild squirrels quietly landed on the bar again.

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