a car, and a decent job in Xia City.
Just take it that I lack the courage to give in to reality!”

The only thing left on the line was the dead tone.

Zhou Chengjun’s expression instantly froze.

He did not know why this had happened in the short few days.

please keep reading 0n MYB0XN0 V EL.

Couldn’t she wait for him?

For some reason, he remembered a senior’s warning: Us men from a small city shouldn’t date girls from big cities.
Otherwise, it will be unforgettable when we graduate.
Even if we can continue, we can’t escape the label of a poor rural man.

He had once thought it would never happen to him.

He believed in love, but everything seemed to be on a loop.
No one could escape it.

Chen Li had been watching silently just now.
When he saw Zhou Chengjun leave, he finally couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Boss Qin, I wonder what the sauce you were talking about is?”

Qin Lin explained with a smile, “Chief Chen, didn’t you say that you couldn’t find a second product like Qinglin Ketchup in the county? Actually, there is.
Zhou Chengjun’s grandfather knows how to make a sauce that is absolutely delicious with steamed dumplings.”

Chen Li asked worriedly, “Boss Qin, will this sauce affect your ketchup?”

Qin Lin shook his head.
“The route is different.
This sauce takes the route of Lao Gan Ma.
Unfortunately, it has only just been discovered.
Otherwise, it might have become another Lao Gan Ma 20 years ago.”

Chen Li did not expect Qin Lin to have such a high evaluation of a sauce.

If Qin Lin was just an ordinary young man, he wouldn’t care much about these words.
After all, there were so many people shouting that he was the next famous person.
All of them were just daydreaming.

However, Boss Qin had already created Qinglin Villa and Qinglin Ketchup, which had a huge impact on Youcheng County.
His words carried too much weight.

This made him look forward to the sauce.

“Little squirrel.” Chen Xiaoru suddenly shouted in surprise and ran to the bar.

Red Hair was already jumping around on the bar counter.
To Qin Lin’s surprise, there were two cute squirrels following behind Red Hair.

These two squirrels were clearly a little timid.
They followed behind Red Hair and looked around nervously.
When they saw Chen Xiaoru run over, they were so frightened that they scurried up the hall’s beams.

Qin Lin watched this scene in surprise.

The two squirrels were clearly wild squirrels from the Sea of Flowers.

These squirrels were attracted by the ecological harmony +3 attribute attached to the Quality 3 triangular plum tree.

Usually, they would only move around the three triangular plums and not outside.

Now that these two had appeared at the bar, it seemed to be related to Red Hair.

“Squeak!” Red Hair seemed to bark at the two little squirrels.

After a long time, the two wild squirrels quietly landed on the bar again.

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