Qin Lin entered Jadeware Pavilion.
There was only a girl in her 20s receiving him.

“Welcome, sir.” The girl offered a professional smile in return.

The girl’s figure was very good and eye-catching, but as a married man, Qin Lin could only ignore her.
Then, he told her the purpose of his visit.
“I want to appraise jade jewelry.”

“Yes, sir.
One moment.” The girl nodded and walked to an inner door.
She shouted inside, “Grandpa, someone wants to appraise jade jewelry.”

“Coming,” said an old man in an apron.

“Grandpa, this is the gentleman.” The girl pointed at Qin Lin.

The old man nodded and said to Qin Lin, “Sir, I’ll take a look at your jade artifact.”

Qin Lin also took out the Violet Jadeite pendant and the Flower-Green Jade pendant.

The old man was surprised to see two pieces of jade.
“Sir, this is new, and it’s handmade and custom made, right?”

“You have a good eye.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so I ordered three pieces of jade for my wife, mother, and mother-in-law online.
I was afraid that I would be deceived, so I wanted to appraise them before giving them away.”

Qin Lin couldn’t help but admire this old man.
This was indeed newly forged.
The forging shop, Sebara, could be considered custom-made.

When the old man heard Qin Lin’s words, he smiled and nodded.
He took out a magnifying glass and appraised it.
“This is Violet and Flower-Green Jadeite.
Their customization skills are not bad, their beauty and translucency are not bad.
They are already considered ice jade.”

“Sir, according to the custom price, this Violet Jadeite Pendant is about 60,000 yuan.
You won’t lose out if this Floral-Green Jade Bracelet is about 50,000 yuan.”

The old man appraised quickly.
After all, it was not a complicated type of jade, so he quickly gave Qin Lin a price.

Qin Lin knew that jade jewelry was expensive, but he didn’t expect it to be worth 50,000 to 60,000 yuan.

This was more valuable than anything produced by the game before.

It was a pity that there were limited mining areas on each level of the Spring Mine, and the yield was also random.

However, the old man thought highly of Qin Lin.
Youcheng County was a small county after all.
To many people, 50,000 to 60,000 yuan was already a huge sum.
There were probably very few young people who could think of customizing these three pieces of jewelry for their wife, mother, and mother-in-law at the same time.

The girl took the opportunity to promote it.
“Sir, you must have a decent gift box as a gift.
You can choose three gift boxes from us.”

“Alright, I’ll buy three gift boxes.” Qin Lin nodded.
Gifts indeed needed exquisite gift boxes.

A moment later.

Qin Lin paid the bill and left.
Then, he hid the three pieces of jewelry in the car and waited to surprise his mother and Moqing tomorrow night.

However, the old man looked at his granddaughter and said, “You have to find a boyfriend like him.
To be able to customize three pieces of such jewelry at such a young age means that he’s very capable.
You know that giving a wife a gift on Christmas Eve means that he dotes on his wife.
He didn’t forget his Mom, so he is also filial.
He even remembers his mother-in-law, so he has a good character.
Look at your…”

“Grandpa, can you stop nagging him?”

‘What did he give you last year?’

“An apple!”

“And the year before?”

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“What about the year before last?”

“Grandpa, can you stop asking?”

The old man teased, “Doesn’t it hurt to receive such different treatment?”

The girl said nothing.

When Qin Lin drove back to the villa, Zhao Moqing asked him, “Qin Lin, Yaoyao and the others are asking if we want to do Christmas decorations.”

Qin Lin asked, “Are there other scenic spots in the tourism association?”

Previously, after Chen Li asked him to join the tourism association, although the association did not have a base of operations, there was a WeChat group with all the scenic spots in Youcheng County.

Zhao Moqing explained, “Initially, they wanted to do it in Hero Valley, but Gingko Valley gave up because they were afraid that someone would target them online.”

When Qin Lin heard this, he sighed.
“Then let’s not set it up.
We won’t get ourselves into trouble.”

Christmas was not their traditional culture, and there were always some fierce arguments online about whether or not to celebrate it.

Many people defined Christmas as a time to sell their country and worship foreigners.

Qin Lin didn’t have much of an opinion on this.
If he wanted to celebrate it, he would.
It was purely his personal freedom.

For example, if he wanted to send jewelry to Zhao Moqing and his mother on Christmas Eve, he didn’t think that he was a foreigner.
He just happened to dig up jade ores at this time and used this holiday to hold a ceremony.

Actually, to say something that would be scolded by some people, he felt that their traditional culture had stood strong for 5,000 years not because they chased away all the foreign things.

Protecting their traditional culture in a sterile box would also be suffocating their own culture.

Naturally, Qin Lin did not want to cause trouble for himself.
After all, there were many people on the Internet who deliberately tried to attract attention.

His villa was so popular now, it was obvious it would become a target.

Zhao Moqing nodded.
“Got it.
We won’t set it up anymore.
Should we send a gift to the employees of the villa and factory? Like chocolate, nuts, and so on?”

Qin Lin didn’t refuse.
“Yes, even if we don’t set it up, we can let the employees feel the atmosphere in private.
No one can cause trouble for us.
Tomorrow, I’ll go to RT-Mart and get a batch of nuts and chocolate gift bags.”

The next day.

After Qin Lin got up and moved the items from the game to the villa, he went straight to RT-Mart to look for President Chu Chu.
With his current relationship with President Chu, he could easily get a batch of nuts and chocolate gift bags based on the purchase price.

Instead, President Chu made tea and asked him to stay.
They bragged to each other for a long time before leaving and returning to the villa.

When he arrived at the villa, he was surprised to see Chen Li sitting at a table with a young girl.

The little girl seemed to be still a high school student.
She was very pretty, but very thin.
She didn’t look very healthy in some aerodromes.

“Boss Qin.” Chen Li saw Qin Lin return and greeted him with a smile.

“Chief Chen, what instructions do you have?” Qin Lin smiled and walked forward.

“Boss Qin, I’m here as a father today.
You don’t have to treat me like a chief.” Chen Li smiled and said.
Then, he looked at his daughter and said, “This is my daughter, Chen Xiaoru.
She’s in her third year of high school this year and has a lot of pressure on her studies.
It’s rare for me to bring her out to play on the weekend.”

“Year Three is indeed tough.” Qin Lin nodded and thought of the sea of exam papers piled high on his study desk in the past.

The Year Three students nowadays suffered the most.

“Boss Qin didn’t do any Christmas decorations?” Chen Li asked, “Everyone in the county is doing it.”

Qin Lin shook his head and said, “I’m afraid of trouble.
The villa is so popular now that no one will notice those shops.
If I do this, I’ll definitely be targeted.
There might be news of our Qinglin Villa worshiping foreigners tomorrow.”

Chen Li stopped talking about this topic and said to Chen Xiaoru, “Xiaoru, you can call this Boss Qin Uncle Qin.”

“Uncle Qin?” Qin Lin was stunned.

He had graduated from university at the age of 23.
His daughter was 18 years old, right?

Was it appropriate to call him Uncle?

Chen Xiaoru also looked at Qin Lin in surprise and asked curiously, “Do you have the cheek to agree with me calling you uncle?”

Qin Lin was stumped.
“Actually, you don’t have to listen to your father.
You can call me brother.”

Instead, Chen Xiaoru asked, “But your surname is Qin, so shouldn’t I call you Brother Qin? I’m afraid your girlfriend will be jealous.”

“???” Qin Lin was stunned.

Why did Chief Chen’s daughter feel like a campus boss?

Chen Xiaoru continued, “So, I’ll call you Uncle Qin!”

Chen Li was helpless and could only apologize to Qin Lin.
“Children’s words carry no harm.
Boss Qin, don’t take offense.”

Chen Xiaoru was dissatisfied.
“Dad, I’m 18 years old.
You’re already so old, but you still don’t know how to speak.
No wonder you still can’t woo my form teacher even after I’ve helped you a few times.”

“Cough… cough!” Chen Li was eating a strawberry.
When he heard this, he almost choked.
As if he was afraid of misunderstanding, he hurriedly explained to Qin Lin, “Her mother passed away after giving birth to her.
Her form teacher also lost her husband very early on.
The two of us met by chance in the park.
They wanted to matchmake us when they knew the situation.”

“Did you see that? My father is explaining very nervously.
He clearly wants to woo my form teacher.” Chen Xiaoru instead teased her father, Chen Li.
“If he can woo my form teacher, my form teacher will definitely be more serious and responsible for my studies.
Moreover, the form teacher’s son is so handsome.
He even got into Qing University.
When the time comes, I’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of being close to him.
Isn’t that killing two birds with one stone?”

“…” Qin Lin was really stunned when he heard this.
Were high school students nowadays so bold?

It seemed that his mother was also following a TV series where both parents and children were in a relationship.

It seemed to be called ‘Minnie’s Home’.

A family should really keep the goodies to themselves.

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