key was that the ketchup was even popular and tasted better than other brands.

In a situation like this, the county would naturally pay attention.
They even investigated the related industries of ketchup and knew how big the market for it was.

Tasty had made 37.7 billion yuan in the country last year, seven times more than Lao Gan Ma.
Most of it was by selling ketchup.

Among the top 10 brands, the worst could earn more than 4 billion yuan with ketchup.

Now, Qinglin Ketchup has entered the market in a very simple and crude manner.
There was hope for him to take a big bite out of this market.

Therefore, the county had no choice but to take it seriously.
If things went according to plan, Qinglin Food Company would definitely become a big business in Youcheng County.

The benefits to Youcheng County were also immense.

Naturally, this was what was expected.
Anything could happen before it reached a certain point.
After all, many companies that were originally bright had quickly collapsed because their operators were eager for quick success or made mistakes.

That was what the county was most worried about now.
Fortunately, Boss Qin had left a good impression on the county and was very methodical.
He was considered successful at a young age, but he was not as ostentatious as those young people.
He wanted everyone to know about his achievements, and his life was not chaotic like some young people who made a little money.

It was not surprising that such a young man would succeed.
That was why the county had decisively approved the money again.

Beside them, the receptionist in the business suit listened curiously to their conversation.

The President and Chief Chen had personally come down to wait for her.
She was very curious about their identities.

From their words, it was not difficult for her to tell that these two were waiting for the boss of Qinglin Villa.

This made her a little curious.
After Qinglin Villa and Qinglin Ketchup became popular, many people online were curious about what kind of person the boss behind it was.

However, the boss of Qinglin Villa was too low-key.
Very few people knew about him.

As she was thinking, she saw Chief Chen welcome a young man who came in through the door.

“Boss Qin!” When Chen Li saw Qin Lin, he immediately went forward and introduced the middle-aged man who followed him.
“This is President Lin, Lin Shiwei.”

“I didn’t expect Boss Qin to be so young.” Lin Shiwei’s face was filled with enthusiasm and flattery.

As the branch president of his small county, he was actually very miserable.
The tasks given by the higher-ups were heavy, and the salary was also related to the business.

However, it was also very difficult to complete the business in a small county.
In such a big place, there was a lot of farming, engineering, construction, handover, village, town, and merchants Bank.

For example, if Boss Qin could make Qinglin Ketchup bigger, he would definitely be the best customer.
Even if the other party gave him his employee salary in the future, there would be hundreds of people after the county approved this sum of money, right?

That was still very high.

If the accounts of the villa and Qinglin Food Company were included, it would definitely be a client that all the branches in Youcheng County wanted to compete for.

Naturally, he had to seize this opportunity.

“Boss Qin, let’s go to President Lin’s office,” Chen Li invited Qin Lin.

“Yes, let’s chat while making tea.” Lin Shiwei also invited him with a smile.

The receptionist beside him was already looking at Qin Lin in surprise.

Wasn’t the boss of Qinglin Villa too young? No one would believe this was him.

After following Lin Shiwei and Chen Li upstairs, there was actually nothing much for Qin Lin to do.
He just asked Deng Guang to give the factory information to Lin Shiwei and also give the employee information to the other party to handle the salary distribution.

Lin Shiwei couldn’t wait for Qin Lin to do this and directly found a director to explain the matter.
Qin Lin also asked Deng Guang to hand over the position to that director.
Then, he was pulled by Chen Li and Lin Shiwei to make tea and chat while waiting.

As Chen Li made tea, he told Qin Lin something.
“Boss Qin, there will be a team of tourist patrol officers going to your villa.”

The relevant procedures were settled two hours later.
All that was left was to wait for the county to approve the money.

Qin Lin left the bank and sent Deng Guang back to the factory.
When he drove back to the villa, it was already evening.
A notification appeared in the game in his mind.
The batch of crops in the evening had ripened.

He directly controlled the game characters to pick the ripe crops and put them in the storage room.
The ripe crops in the evening were all sent to the villa with the ripe crops the next morning.

After picking the ripe crops, Qin Lin controlled the game character to plant new seeds.

He was only halfway through planting when another prompt suddenly appeared in his mind:

[Game character level increased!]

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