Qin Lin thought about it and sent another message to Lin Sheng.
“Sorry to trouble you, Boss Lin.
I remember that Boss Lin sells aquariums.
I want to order one.”

Until the rafting project and the restaurant project were completed, the aquarium transformation could not be carried out.

On the other hand, after the sales center was opened, the place where the shelves were originally placed in the hall was withdrawn.
It was much emptier, but it also looked too empty.
Since he had caught some ornamental fish in the game, he decided to buy an aquarium to decorate it first.

When Lin Sheng saw that business was here, he immediately replied, “I wonder what kind of aquarium you need, Mr.
Qin? Or you can tell me your request and I’ll recommend it to you.”

Qin Lin had never studied this before, so he told Lin Sheng his request.

A moment later, Lin Sheng replied, “Mr.
Qin’s request is to at least display a dual temperature-controlled aquarium.
I happen to have one here.
I originally wanted to use it myself, but I can transfer it to Mr.
Qin first.
However, it’s a little expensive and costs 5,000 yuan.”

“Alright, I’ll order this,” Qin Lin replied before transferring 5,000 yuan to Lin Sheng.

Qin, you’re straightforward.
In that case, I’ll give you a small spare container and some water tank decorations.” Lin Sheng sent a smiley emoji and then sent another message.
Qin, send me the address.
It might be too late today.
I’ll bring someone over to install it for you tomorrow.”

Qin Lin also sent the location of Qinglin Villa to Lin Sheng.

In Huimai Ornamental Fish Shop, Lin Sheng was already working on his computer to fill in a shipping message.
It was naturally impossible for him to send the exhibition aquarium alone.

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He still remembered this Mr.
Qin very well.
After all, the 650,000-dollar wild albino tiger fish had made him a broker and earned him a commission of 13,000 yuan.

Seeing that he had received another message on WeChat, he immediately picked up his phone.
It should be from Mr.
He had sent a specific location.

“Qinglin Villa?” Lin Sheng was stunned.

He naturally knew about Qinglin Villa.
Right now, this villa was extremely popular in Youcheng County.
It had a triangular plum blossom sea, medicinal honey water, Qinglin Ketchup, and was always popular.
He could often see it in Douyin.

Qinglin Villa was about to become Youcheng County’s business card now.
After all, the trending videos about Douyin were searched online.
When introducing the location of Qinglin Villa, the word Youcheng County naturally appeared.

As someone from Youcheng County, he would have a special strange feeling every time he watched a video of Qinglin Villa.

Now that he saw people talking about Qinglin Villa in some WeChat groups, he couldn’t help but say, “That’s from my hometown, Youcheng County.”

When the scenic spots of his hometown were known, he actually felt honored.

“Qin Lin, Qinglin?” Lin Sheng subconsciously sent a WeChat message to Qin Lin.
Qin is the boss of Qinglin Villa?”

“Yes.” Qin Lin had no need to hide it from Lin Sheng.
“I’ll send Mr.
Lin a few tickets to the Sea of Flowers tomorrow.
Lin, bring your family over to play when you’re free.”

Lin Sheng found it unbelievable that his wife and a few close friends were discussing who the boss of Qinglin Villa was.
It turned out that the boss of Qinglin Villa, who had always been popular, was on his social media.
He even knew him.

He immediately called his wife with a hint of smugness.
“Wifey, didn’t you say that you wanted to go to Qinglin Villa to play? It turns out that I know the owner of the villa.
He said that he would give me a few tickets.
I’ll take you and our son to play in the next few weekends.”

Early the next morning.

Not long after Qin Lin moved the items from the game to the villa, Lin Sheng arrived with his men.
He drove the three-wheeled truck to the villa’s main hall.

The moment Lin Sheng saw Qin Lin, he said very warmly, “Mr.
Qin, we meet again.
I didn’t expect you to be the boss of Qinglin Villa.
Where do you want this aquarium?”

“Boss Lin, put it over here.” Qin Lin led Lin Sheng into the hall and pointed at a spot.

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“Alright, I’ll install it for Mr.
Qin now.” Lin Sheng instructed someone to carry the water tank and seriously assembled it on the original shelf.

After some time, Lin Sheng installed the aquarium and filled it with water.
He also arranged stones, water plants, and other arrangements inside.

When it was done, even if there were no fish in the aquarium, it was already somewhat beautiful.

After there were no problems with the test, Lin Sheng chatted with Qin Lin again.
He explained the matters and gave some suggestions for raising fish.
In addition, he gave him fish fodder and said that if there was no fish fodder in the future, he would send it over immediately.

Qin Lin naturally returned the favor by giving the other party a few tickets to the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

After sending Lin Sheng off, Qin Lin entered the game with the small container Lin Sheng had given him.

There was no problem with this small container containing a few fish that were not too big.
It could be used as a transportation tool.

Qin Lin brought the three ornamental fish out of the game and placed the wild cichlid, flowerhorn fish, and redtail catfish into the aquarium.

In an instant, three fish started swimming in the aquarium, adding life to it.

Qin Lin put in some fish food and the three fish wandered over and wolfed down the fish food.

“Boss, you bought ornamental fish?” Gao Yaoyao entered the hall and went to the aquarium in surprise.
“These three fish are so beautiful.”

“Yaoyao, take care of this aquarium in the future.” Qin Lin nodded and instructed Gao Yaoyao.
He also told her about the things to take note of.

Then, Qin Lin thought of something and entered the game again.

When he came out of the game again, he was already holding a fishing rod and a small ball of fish food.

It was the LV2 copper fishing rod from the game and the matching LV2 bait.

There were many magical props in Ranches Story, such as statues, secret treasures, and flying stones…

Such things carried some ability that was difficult to understand in reality.

Food could still have game effects in reality, but he did not know about these props.

Now, he could take out the fishing rod to experiment.
The best way to experiment was naturally to fish, not to go to the fish pond.
The fish pond was small, and there were too many fish to verify.

He was going to fish at the reservoir.

This reservoir was more than 60 years old.
It was large and the water was deep.
There were many fish in it, especially at the intersection.
There were also large wild fish there.
It was a good time to test the effect of the copper fishing rod.

Qin Lin was about to go to the reservoir with his fishing rod and bucket when he was surprised to see Chen Shengfei walking into the villa with the two of them.

One of them had seen him before.
It was Chen Shengfei’s driver.
The other was a middle-aged man.

“Boss Qin, I’m here to disturb you again.” Chen Shengfei smiled when he saw Qin Lin.

Chen, it’s my honor to have you here.
How can you be disturbing me?” Qin Lin praised him before looking at the middle-aged man and asking, “Who is this gentleman?”

Chen Shengfei smiled and explained, “His name is Lu Jianxian, the boss of a company I’m cooperating with in Ming City.
Today, while I was discussing something with him, I secretly came to your place to try some wild goods.”

Lu Jianxian looked at this scene in confusion.
He knew about Qinglin Villa because Chen Shengfei had been defamed here before.
However, he felt that Chen Shengfei’s identity was a little too polite to the owner of the villa.

At this moment, Chen Shengfei also introduced to Lu Jianfei, “President Lu, this is Boss Qin from the villa.
He’s very popular here and Li Qing comes here often.”

When Lu Jian heard Li Qing’s name, he was shocked.
He immediately smiled and shook hands with Qin Lin.
“Boss Qin, Chairman Chen and I have suddenly arrived.
Sorry for disturbing you.”

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