e steamed dumpling.” Zhao Moqing knew that Qin Lin would order a steamed dumpling every time he came here.
He had always said that this restaurant’s sauce was delicious.

Looking at Zhao Moqing, Qin Lin smiled.
She could always remember what he wanted to eat, even the number of his clothes.

Soon, their order was served.

Qin Lin poured some sauce into a small bowl, picked up a steamed dumpling, and dipped it in before putting it into his mouth.

Admittedly, the dip was delicious.

According to the game attributes, this sauce might be close to Quality 1 according to his judgment.
It might even be close to Quality 1.

In the past, when he came with Zhao Moqing, he only felt that it was delicious and did not have any other thoughts.
Now that he saw the dipping sauce, he had some ideas.
He subconsciously asked the old man, “Boss, are you selling the dipping sauce formula?”

However, the old man shook his head decisively.
“It’s not for sale.
The skills passed down in the family are not passed down to men or to outsiders.”

“Uh!” Qin Lin was stunned.
This old man’s thinking was quite old-fashioned.

The old man’s wife teased, “Who do you pass it on to now? Your son’s doing renovation, and your grandson’s in college.
Who wants to open a snack bar with you?”

“Then I’ll take it into the coffin too,” but the old man snorted.

Qin Lin couldn’t help but shake his head when he heard this.

Their country was vast and had many things passed down since ancient times.
However, many things had already disappeared.
It was probably lost like this, right?

It was very difficult to make snacks nowadays.
The old man’s family was obviously unwilling to do this.
When the old man could no longer work, this sauce recipe might really be lost.

“Boss, your sauce is really delicious.
Can I buy two bottles?” Qin Lin asked again.
Apart from wanting to eat it, he wanted to see if this thing was really Quality 1.

The old man did not refuse.
He had sold him two bottles for five yuan.
Each bottle was about 100 grams.
It was too cheap.

Qin Lin really didn’t want to see this sauce being lost.
He took out another business card and placed it on the table.
If the old man changed his mind, he could call him.

Deng Guang had prepared the business card for him.
The name of the chairman of Qinglin Food Co.
Ltd was written on it.

Naturally, if the old man was determined not to sell, he would not force it.
After all, he had the system.
A secret recipe for ketchup had just begun to develop.
He could only make sour and sweet ones.
The sour and spicy ones had not been developed yet.

In the future, he would definitely be able to obtain other secret recipes in the game.

Qin Lin brought his mother and Zhao Moqing back to the villa.
As soon as they arrived, an employee ran over.
“Boss, the triangular plum potted plants have been trimmed.”

The man’s name was Yu Shui.
He was one of the landscapers hired by the villa to maintain the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

“Let’s go in and take a look.” Qin Lin followed Yu Shui into the backyard.
The dozen or so triangular plum potted plants he had cultivated were neatly placed together, and they looked beautiful after being trimmed.

These potted plants were all small family potted plants with trimmed branches.
There were already new flower buds that had just bloomed.
In other words, the triangular plum potted plants had already succeeded.
They had to grow new roots before they could continue blooming.

The triangular plums produced by the game had attributes that made it easy to transplant.
Clearly, their survival rate was 100%.
However, although these potted plants looked beautiful, they clearly did not have the attributes of the game.

After all, one could easily feel the difference.

Qin Lin went forward and picked up the second basin.

These triangular plums had been tested on the pruned branches of the Quality 2 and 3 trees.
They had all been marked.
Now, they each took one.

Qin Lin found an empty place and brought two potted plants and a bottle of sauce into the game.
Then, he saw the attributes:

[Sauce: Quality 1]

[This is one of Youcheng County’s inherited sauces, Guo’s Sauce.
Because it’s exquisite and delicious, it also has the attribute of +1 appetite.]

As expected, this sauce was already Quality 1.
It was just that its attributes were lower.
It only had an appetite of +1.

‘But isn’t the purpose of the sauce to promote appetite?’

It was a pity that things were covered in dust.
If someone had developed this thing, even if they couldn’t reach the level of Lao Gan Ma, it shouldn’t be bad.

It had 5,000 years of history.
There should be a lot of such lost things.

Then, Qin Lin looked at the two potted plants.

[Triangular plum pot: Quality 1]

[This is a special breed of the symbiotic ornamental triangular plum potted plant.
It blooms all year round and has a total of seven colors.
Gorgeous +1, ornamental +1.]

[Triangular plum pot: Quality 2]

[This is a special quality ornamental triangular plum potted plant.
It has a total of 7 colors throughout the year.
It is gorgeous +2, ornamental +2, and in the mirror +1!]

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