In the kitchen.

Qin Lin quickly dealt with the big fish that he had brought in.
He first chopped off the fish head and wanted to use it to make fish head soup.

A moment later, a milky white fish head soup was served.

In addition to those nutritional effects, the Quality 2 wild black carp has the attributes of texture +2 and delicacy +2.

Now, the fish head soup was delicious +3, taste +3, and appetite +1.

+3 attributes.
Other than the three Quality 3 Triangular Plum Blossoms, no other +3 attributes had yet to appear.

Now, he had made a +3 attribute one himself.

This was definitely a sense of accomplishment.

Someone like Li Qing had probably never tasted such delicious food before, right?

When the fish head soup was ready, he pressed the serving bell.
After a waiter entered, he instructed, “Give this fish head soup to Mr.

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“Sure, boss!” The waitress knew who it was.
After all, the boss himself had gone out to receive them.
She wasn’t blind.

The waiter brought the fish head soup to Li Qing and Lin Liu’s table.
He smiled and said, “Mr.
Li, our boss made this fish head soup for you personally.”

Lin Liu said in surprise, “Hubby, this fish head soup looks very good.”

As soon as the fish head soup was served, Li Qing became interested.
He picked up the spoon and filled a bowl of soup for himself and his wife.
There was a lot of fish head meat that weighed 30 catties.
The taste was also very classic.
He got a large piece for himself and his wife.

Only then did Li Qing smile and say, “Let’s try Boss Qin’s cooking.”

Almost at the same time, the couple began to taste the fish.
A moment later, they were stunned again.
They looked at each other almost subconsciously, as if seeking confirmation.

Then, the couple lowered their heads at the same time and drank the fish soup.
The delicious taste on their taste buds was extremely real.

This was even more delicious than the last time they came as if it had been raised a notch.

If the same big goods were so different, it must have something to do with cooking.

Lin Liu said in surprise, “Hubby, this fish head soup doesn’t seem to be inferior to Old Yang’s Red Gate Feast.”

Li Qing nodded subconsciously to be sure.

Old Yang was an extraordinary person in Ming City.
Although he was a chef, he was also famous in the Ming City’s wealthy circle.
He relied on his culinary skills to establish a food industry.

The other party had inherited skills, and the four disciples he taught were all famous chefs.

In the past, everyone in the upper echelons of Ming City knew about this Red Gate Feast.

When Old Yang wanted to hold a banquet, he often spent a long time preparing all kinds of ingredients.
He only cooked one meal a year.
Many people in Ming City were not qualified to enter this banquet because there were limited slots.

He and his wife could taste it every time because of their family.

The taste of the Red Gate Feast could be said to be unique in the entire Min Province.

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Unfortunately, Old Yang had been getting older over the years and hadn’t cooked a Red Gate Feast in a few years.
Although his four disciples were all famous chefs, no one could hold a Red Gate Feast.

Li Qing never expected Boss Qin to have such culinary skills.
The taste of this fish head soup was definitely not inferior to Old Yang’s Red Gate Feast.

He couldn’t help but swallow another bowl.
Not only was it beautiful, but the effect of the ingredients was also amazing.
The comfortable and warm feeling all over his body was really comfortable.

“You eat first.
I’ll go to the kitchen to take a look.” Li Qing couldn’t help but ask his wife curiously.
Then, he looked for Gao Yaoyao and said, “Sister, can you bring me to the kitchen to see how Boss Qin makes fish?”

The kitchen was usually off-limits to tourists, but Gao Yaoyao knew that Mr.
Li had been invited by the boss, so she nodded and led Li Qing into the kitchen.

When Li Qing entered the kitchen, the first thing he saw was Qin Lin cooking braised fish with a frying pan.
He was wearing a simple apron, simple tools, and a simple pot.
It seemed different from what he had expected.

It was said that Old Yang had extremely high requirements for these tools.

Qin Lin turned around to get the materials and saw Li Qing.
Li, the kitchen is so smoky.
Why did you come in?”

“This oil smoke is nothing.” Li Qing didn’t care at all.
Instead, he walked to the side and said, “I’m just curious about how Mr.
Qin made this fish.”

“Isn’t it just making fish? What’s there to see?” Qin Lin looked at Li Qing and smiled.

He finally understood why Chen Shengfei said that this person was a wonderful person.
When interacting with such a person, he clearly had that kind of identity, but he would not make him feel any pressure.

A moment later, Qin Lin finished cooking the braised fish.

“I’ll bring it out myself.” Li Qing reached out, picked up the braised fish, and left the kitchen.
He returned to his table and put the fish down.

“Quickly try this braised fish,” Li Qing said to his wife as he picked up a piece of fish with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth.

“Hubby, it’s also very delicious.” Lin Liu also ate a piece and couldn’t help but praise.

“Yes,” said Li Qing.
“I finally believe something.”

“What?” Lin Liu asked suspiciously.

Li Qing smiled and said, “The most high-end ingredients usually only need to be cooked in the simplest way.
Boss Qin used a simple pot and spoon to make such delicious braised fish.
He’s an extraordinary person like Old Yang.
No, Boss Qin is even better than Old Yang.”

Soon, Qin Lin brought up another portion of steamed fish.
He had also finished making a large wild fish.

Li, are you satisfied with the fish?” Qin Lin put down the steamed fish and asked with a smile.

Li Qing said sincerely, “Boss Qin, your fish is definitely the most delicious I’ve ever eaten.”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “It’s not that exaggerated.
As long as Mr.
Li is satisfied.”

The two of them tacitly did not mention what happened online previously.
It was fine as long as they knew it.
This way, they would be very comfortable with each other.

Qin Lin and Li Qing chatted for a while before entering the kitchen again.
Zhao Moqing thought that he had deliberately hidden the fact that he suddenly knew how to cook fish in the past.
If he didn’t personally cook fish for her, he would probably have to kneel on the keyboard when he got home.

Li Qing and his wife continued to eat the steamed fish and were completely convinced.

The same fish was made into soup, braised fish, and steamed fish.
They were all so delicious.

“Hubby, I feel like I’m going to gain a few pounds.” Lin Liu held her full stomach and frowned again.
She controlled her figure very well, but the fish was so delicious that she couldn’t help it.

Li Qing smiled and comforted her.
“It’s fine if you weigh a few kilograms.
Actually, I prefer you to be curvier…”

“Hmph.” Lin Liu snorted and said, “Boss Qin has such high culinary skills.
I want to share this with Chu Qing.”

Li Qing also hurriedly shook his head at her.
Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen also know Boss Qin.
The few times they came previously, Boss Qin didn’t cook.
This means that Boss Qin really doesn’t cook easily, just like how Old Yang only cooks one Red Gate Feast a year.”

“Boss Qin will naturally cook for them when he’s willing to.
If we spread the news, it won’t be good for them to beg Boss Qin again.”

“Okay.” Lin Liu nodded.
She understood the ways of the world.

Moreover, she could tell that her husband seemed to want to befriend this Boss Qin.

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