Why did some chefs get different grades and different chefs get different wages?

The reason was simple.
They were good at cooking.

For example, a wild salmon that tastes +2 and tastes +2 was clearly a top-notch ingredient.
Those who didn’t know how to cook might make it taste +1, delicious +1, or even taste -2, delicious -2.

As long as one knew how to cook, the fish would be able to maintain its texture and taste.
An experienced chef could even make it taste better.

As for those top chefs, they might be able to improve the taste and delicious attributes on this basis.

Qin Lin should be at this level when it came to cooking fish.

After Master Lin tasted Qin Lin’s braised fish, he looked at Qin Lin strangely.

Could it be that this boss was really here to steal his job?

Why did a boss make fish so delicious? As a chef, he had mixed feelings.

“Master Lin, how is it?” Qin Lin asked with a smile.

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“Boss, you’ve come to ruin our jobs!” Master Lin muttered as he pressed the bell to serve the dishes.

The old saying went, “Don’t challenge other people’s professions with your hobby.”

However, one had to admit that there were a very small number of people who could steal the jobs of most professionals even if it was just based on their hobbies.
However, those who had their jobs stolen could only watch as the other party pretended to be awesome in their field, but there was nothing they could do.

The waiter quickly brought out Master Lin’s dishes and Qin Lin’s fish.

The braised fish was also brought to a table for five.
There were elderly people and children, obviously on a family-unit outing.

When a middle-aged man saw the fish coming up, he said, “I heard on the Internet that the wild fish in Qinglin Villa taste pretty good.
We were lucky to catch one in the fish pond.
Everyone, try it.”

The others moved their chopsticks when they heard this.

As the man spoke, he picked up a piece of fish and ate it.
After taking a bite, he couldn’t help but praise, “This fish is really as delicious as the Internet says.”

The others looked equally surprised.

The child expressed it directly.
“Grandpa, this fish is delicious.
I want more.”

Qin Lin had made the fish taste +2, delicious +2, and appetite +1.
The taste clearly exceeded their imagination.

It was not only this family.
Soon, a portion of fish soup was delivered to the table of a man and woman.
A man said in surprise, “Strange, it’s not wild fish that was caught today.
Why does it taste as delicious as the wild fish from the previous two times?”

This was clearly not the first time this customer has come, and this time he had brought friends.

It wasn’t uncommon for these people to go to a scenic spot a few times a month, especially those who were single and often went on blind dates.
They didn’t know where to go after asking a girl out, so they would go to a nearby scenic spot to take the lead.
If they didn’t succeed once, they would bring another girl, and if they didn’t succeed again…

Previously, there was news that a man had led nine girls on blind dates to a scenic spot in a month and ended up dating a ticket seller.

Zhao Moqing and Gao Yaoyao slowly found it strange.
The tourists today seemed to have a special fondness for fish.
They were all praising the fish for being delicious.

“Did they put something in the fish today?” Gao Yaoyao was puzzled.

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Zhao Moqing went straight to the kitchen to ask, but as soon as she entered the kitchen, she saw Qin Lin, who was wearing an apron and making fish head soup.

“Why did you come in?” Qin Lin saw Zhao Moqing after making the fish head soup.

“You made this fish head soup?” Zhao Moqing looked at the fish head soup in surprise.
The milky white fish soup seemed to have a better color than Master Lin’s.

Qin Lin said proudly, “What else? By the way, I made a lot of fish just now.
Did the tourists like it?”

“Did you make all those fish?” Zhao Moqing looked at Qin Lin as if she didn’t recognize him.
Didn’t she know Qin Lin’s culinary skills? They were on par in terms of cooking.

“Yes.” Qin Lin nodded.

“Alright, Qin Lin, you’ve actually been lying to me.” Zhao Moqing immediately stared at Qin Lin covetously.
“I thought that those wives in Douyin who haven’t seen their chef husbands cook for more than ten years were just jokes.”

Who would have thought that she would become the female lead in that kind of joke?

When Master Lin heard this, he hurriedly said to the three kitchen chefs beside him, “Quickly see if there’s anything I can kneel down on in the kitchen.
If there’s a washboard, quickly put it away.”

These words made the three kitchen chefs laugh.

“Master Lin, why are you bringing up the washboard?” Qin Lin said angrily.

However, Master Lin smiled and said, “Lady Boss, let Boss cook a good meal this afternoon.
His culinary skills feel better than mine.”

This made Zhao Moqing ask Qin Lin, “Is what Master Lin said true?”

“I only know how to cook fish.
I just learned it.” Qin Lin immediately explained to Zhao Moqing, “After marrying you, I definitely couldn’t bear to let you suffer, so I wanted to learn how to cook.
In the future, I’ll cook at home.
Who knew that I would have some talent in cooking?”

“…” Master Lin.

“…” The kitchen chefs.

They seem to have learned something.

They seemed to have become lightbulbs too.

“You…” Zhao Moqing was embarrassed by his words and left the kitchen.

Not long after.

Gao Yaoyao came in to report again.
Li, who was with Mr.
Ma previously, is here.”

When Qin Lin heard this, he left the kitchen.
When he saw Li Qing, he immediately welcomed him warmly.
Li, welcome.”

He’d just spoken to him on the phone and he’d come over so quickly.
It seemed that his medicinal wine was indeed attractive enough.

“Boss Qin invited me to taste the wine.
I had to come.” Li Qing looked at the apron on Qin Lin in surprise.
“Boss Qin, what are you doing?”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “When I heard that Mr.
Li was here, didn’t I plan to prepare a wild all-fish banquet for you? Believe me, I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

Whatever he said, he would give the other party face.

Moreover, his words were filled with confidence.
Wasn’t he good at cooking now?

After saying that, Qin Lin didn’t forget to say to Gao Yaoyao, “Yaoyao, I invited Mr.
Li to taste the wine.
Serve him and take out the two bottles of medicinal wine I placed in the storage room previously.”

“Okay.” Gao Yaoyao nodded and led Li Qing to a table before entering the cubicle behind the bar.
She knew that the boss had brought some wine and placed it inside.

Qin Lin also scooped up a Quality 2 wild black carp from the fish pond and walked into the kitchen.

After Li Qing sat down, he said expectantly, “I didn’t expect Boss Qin to know how to cook.”

Lin Liu smiled.

She was only here for the special variety of okra.
She would ask Boss Qin later if he had any.

After the children had enough milk to drink, the mother-in-law at home would not nag anymore.
Her life was much better.
The key was that the children could not finish drinking.
She and her husband could even play some fun in private.

Li, this is the wine our boss prepared for you.” Gao Yaoyao also brought two bottles over and placed them on the table.

“Thank you,” Li Qing thanked him and eagerly picked up one of the bottles.
“I’d like to try this wine first.”

At the bar, Zhao Moqing looked at Li Qing and his wife curiously.
Qin Lin had told her about this Mr.
Li before, but when he came in, he looked like an ordinary person.
Who would have thought that he was a second-generation heir?

Didn’t many people online say that these second-generation heirs were very unbearable and overbearing?

Li Qing had already poured himself a glass of medicinal wine and was savoring it.
“This wine already has a mellow fragrance.
It’s definitely five years old.
However, just the taste alone is still much worse than the 20-year-old wine of those two families.”

Lin Liu smiled and said, “No matter how good the wine from those two restaurants is, it’s very difficult for you to get it.
It’s not like everyone is so easy to talk to like Boss Qin.”

Li Qing shook his head and said, “This kind of wine is produced by those two companies.
It’s impossible to mass-produce this kind of inherited medicinal wine.
It’s a pity that Boss Qin’s wine was opened after only five years.”

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