The night passed.

By the next day, Qinglin Ketchup’s reputation had been completely reversed, and it was even more popular.

Naturally, the comments section of Chun Chun’s video had been completely blown up.
Someone had posted a video revealing that she had lost almost 200,000 fans.
After removing the zombie fans, it was still a loss big enough to vomit blood.

Qin Lin woke up in the morning and picked the crops in the game city.
Then, he headed to the warehouse to transport everything to the villa.

Now that the ketchup was popular, if it developed well, the benefits would be amazing.
When the villa’s expansion was completed, the number of good tourists who developed would also soar.
The benefits would no longer need to rely on the crops planted in the game.

Besides, he could also obtain various secret recipes, seeds, and props in the game.

Other than keeping the medicinal honey water, he could slowly reduce the number of items planted in the game.
When the time came, he could choose a safer method.

There were always loopholes in the business.
Just doing the accounts was a big problem.

As long as he passed the initial accumulation, he would be able to collect as many loopholes as he could.
At that time, he would be much freer.

Naturally, he also had to take out some high-quality items regularly to create hype.
That way, it could become another kind of popularity and attractiveness.

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Not long after, Qin Lin saw Zhao Moqing enter the hall angrily.
“Qin Lin, how can this woman be so shameless?”

“What’s wrong?” Qin Lin asked curiously.

“Look for yourself.
It’s the counterfeit exposer, Chun Chun.” Zhao Moqing handed the phone that was playing the video to Qin Lin in frustration.

Qin Lin looked at the video in confusion.

“Hello, everyone.
I’m Chun Chun.
I sincerely apologize for yesterday’s video.
Because of my assistant’s negligence, I mixed up the two portions of ketchup that I invited passers-by to taste.
Actually, the better one is Qinglin Ketchup.
I tasted it myself.”

“I’ve already fired the assistant who made the mistake.
Moreover, I’ll apologize to Qinglin Ketchup in this live broadcast tonight.
Then, I’ll conduct a live broadcast of the goods I’ve selected strictly.
The profits will all be donated to the children in the mountains.
At the end, I’ll also tag Ming City’s Internet Anti-fraud Publicity Department.”

The video was already trending.
The comments section was even more exciting.

“I see.
Chun Chun was set up by her assistant.”

“I told you Chun Chun would never make that mistake if she was always serious about exposing counterfeits.
She was set up by her employee.
Chun Chun had nothing to do with it.”

“Chun Chun is very caring.
She was also set up by an irresponsible assistant.
Don’t blame her.”


“???” Qin Lin looked at the video in shock.

Chun Chun had actually left herself a way out.

But how the hell did that work?

Most importantly, her fans believed her.

Zhao Moqing said in dissatisfaction and anger, “Qin Lin, why do you think fans believe what she says so easily? Are they all fools?”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “If it weren’t for the fact that there are so many fools, those Internet celebrities wouldn’t have been able to make a name for themselves.
Why would there be the words ‘brain-dead fans’? When Wu Yifan went to jail, weren’t the brain-dead fans still clamoring to save him?”

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This was the Internet.
Those who couldn’t lie and weren’t thick-skinned enough wouldn’t be able to do well.

“Then I’ll have to scold her a little before I feel comfortable.
I’ll hand her a lawyer’s letter.
I definitely can’t let her off so easily,” Zhao Moqing said hatefully as she exited the official account of the villa.
She logged into a private account and clicked on the comment section of Chun Chun’s video.

A moment later.

Zhao Moqing was furious again.
“This is too much.
She actually deleted the comment.
No wonder they were all positive.”

Qin Lin shook his head.
At this moment, the notification that the crops were going to be watered appeared in his mind.
He controlled the game character to water those crops and then controlled the game character to head to the Spring Mine.

There were still a lot of blocks in the first level of the mine that hadn’t been broken.
He couldn’t get into the second level, but there was no telling what he could dig up in the rest of the area.

He might be able to get another recipe for another mystery stone slab.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed this time.
It took him half a day to break all the stones in the spring mine and then to dig again.
He found nothing but gold, silver, and copper.

There was no way to take the ore outside to deal with it.
Dealing with the ore was too time-consuming.
He could only sell it in the game in one go and exchange it for game gold.

In the afternoon, Gao Yaoyao brought a man in a suit to him.
“Boss, this gentleman wants to see you.”

Qin Lin looked at the man in confusion.
“You are?”

The man took the initiative to extend his hand to Qin Lin.
“I didn’t expect the boss of Qinglin Villa to be so young.
My name is Cheng He, and I’m an agent of Ming City Tasty Foods Co.”

Gao Yaoyao looked at Cheng He in shock.
Chun Chun had said that Qinglin Ketchup was not as good as Tasty.
Everyone thought that Tasty would be enemies with Qinglin Ketchup.

“What can I do for you, Mr.
Cheng?” Qin Lin frowned slightly.

To be honest, without investigating it, no one knew if Tasty had asked Chun Chun to defame Qinglin Ketchup.

Cheng He explained, “What happened online has nothing to do with me, and it wasn’t done by Tasty.”

“How can I trust you?” Qin Lin asked with a smile.

Cheng He explained, “When Qinglin Ketchup became popular, the first ones to be affected were the other ketchup brand agents in Ming City.
Moreover, my contract with Tasty expires a few days later.
If I want to represent Qinglin Ketchup and be a city agent for the brand, I might as well be the regional general agent for another popular brand.”

When Qin Lin heard this, he looked at the other party in surprise.
This reason seemed to be irrefutable.

In modern society, although there were already channels for online shopping, more people still shopped offline.
After all, if you ran out of ketchup, you could just buy it downstairs at the grocery store or supermarket.
With heavy social pressure, perhaps shopping in the supermarket was already one of the programs that many people reserved.

Therefore, it was inevitable that products would seek out regional agents.

The benefits of being an agent could reduce the risk of capital, quickly opening the market, dividing professional labor, and saving on market development costs and labor.

Although there were some shortcomings in using agents, as long as the product was still one of the most competitive in the market, any company would choose to use the agent model.

After all, the market and time waited for no one.

Qin Lin had also thought about the problem of the agent.
After all, if the product became popular, the factory would definitely expand.
This matter would have to be done sooner or later.

He looked at Cheng He and thought for a moment.
“In any case, it’s still a few days away.
Chun Chun’s incident has let me see a result.
At least it has let me know which brand’s agent did it.”

It has already happened.
He couldn’t be defamed and not know who the other party was.

Now that Cheng He wanted to get on the bus, he had to show some ability, right?

If they couldn’t even figure out what was going on in Ming City, wouldn’t they be killed by other brands?

Qinglin Ketchup was very popular.
After this incident, it would definitely not be possible to defame them on the Internet again.
However, if Qinglin Ketchup was to be promoted on a large scale, the other brand agents would probably not just watch.

“Alright!” Cheng He didn’t say much.
He turned around and left decisively.

Qin Lin pondered for a moment before returning his attention to the game in his mind.

After there was no harvest from the spring mine, Qin Lin also controlled the game characters to explore the various maps.
The open game plot relied on random luck.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to enter Mount Notre Dame.
This time, there was a surprise because the mountain goods had refreshed again.
He hurriedly controlled his game character to pick them.

[Congratulations on obtaining 1 catty of Cherokee roses.]

[Congratulations on obtaining 2 catties of myrtle.]

[Congratulations on obtaining 2 catties of Cherokee roses.]

[Congratulations on obtaining 1 catty of myrtle.]

This time, the harvests were still the Cherokee roses and myrtle.
This time, he gained 5 more catties each.
His harvest was a total of 15 catties each.
This meant that he could make another 150 catties of medicinal wine.

Besides, it made him consider a problem.
He might have to get a place to hide the wine later.
He could let Sun Ming know and get a private wine cellar under the manor house he’d built.

The wine had always been in the game.
The amount of time it took to settle increased.
In the future, there had to be new wine, old wine, and wine of all ages.

Otherwise, it would end up being a hundred years old.
That would be too exaggerated.

That kind would be nice to be kept in the game.

After putting the two types of mountain goods into the storage room, Qin Lin left the villa again and bought 150 catties of 55° white wine.
Then, he soaked the mountain goods he had obtained this time into medicinal wine.

After that, Qin Lin returned to the villa and looked at the game on the screen in his mind again.

The harvest today seemed to be quite good.
He had just controlled the game character to leave the farm again when he encountered a plot conversation.

It was a richly dressed NPC with a hat and a cane.

[I’m Ba Ge the Gourmet.
If you give me delicious food ingredients, you might get an unexpected reward!]

A gourmet?

Wasn’t this the NPC who was the judge at the Ore Town Food Festival?

He was a single male.

It seemed that female players could even get married and have children with this gourmet.

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