ard warriors.
Every time there was a hot event, they swarmed forward like flies smelling rotten meat.
They just rubbed against it.

Once things turned around, they’d be sure to go back to delete the video, or apologize, and say that they’d been influenced by Chun Chun’s video.
They were also victims, and they could turn the tables and ride on her popularity.

Most importantly, these people had quite a number of fans.
As these people joined in, more people were guided, as if judging Qinglin Ketchup had become a hot topic.

After all, they had never tasted Qinglin Ketchup before.
Under the seemingly righteous video of beating up fake people, and with so many bloggers and verified accounts posting videos to gain popularity, it was naturally difficult to tell if it was real or fake.

Qinglin Ketchup’s reputation was ruined.
Even the netizens started scolding Qinglin Ketchup.

“Qinglin Villa is really crazy about money.
They even sell disgusting food at a high price.”

“As expected, the medicinal honey water was just a foundation.
After establishing trust, they started cutting leeks.
Good move.”


Deng Guang anxiously called Qin Lin.
“President Qin, shouldn’t we clarify the situation online?”

“Not for the time being.
I’m already handling this matter,” Qin Lin said directly.
In this situation, it was useless to clarify.
Most netizens did not have the ability to distinguish the authenticity of the Internet.

On the other side.

Chun Chun was also in a hotel with her assistant, watching the situation online.
The popularity had exceeded her imagination, and she could receive the additional income.

“Let the other party transfer the money,” Chun Chun instructed her assistant smugly as she dipped a biscuit into the ketchup beside her and ate it.
“I have to say, this Qinglin Ketchup is really good.
I can only blame it for becoming popular so quickly.”

The so-called exposing counterfeits were just a cover-up for benefits.
In the end, it was just to attract fans and use them to make money.
As long as she was paid to do things without being discovered by the fans, she was the most righteous person to fight the counterfeits.

Soon, the assistant said, “The other party has already transferred the money.”

“Very straightforward indeed.
Open a bottle of wine to celebrate,” Chun Chun instructed the assistant with a smile.

However, just as the wine was opened and before they could celebrate, another assistant suddenly frowned and said, “Chun Chun, something doesn’t seem right.
The number of people in Qinglin Villa has suddenly increased.”

“Doesn’t that mean it’s more popular?” said Chun Chun with a smile.
“We can get some more fans.”

“See for yourself.
These people are brainless haters.” The assistant handed the phone to Chun Chun.

Chun Chun looked at the phone and frowned too.

“Qinglin Ketchup tastes like shit.
Someone actually said that it tastes good.”

“Qinglin Villa is indeed very unpalatable.
I think those tourists are just dragging it out.
They make such awful ketchup taste so good.”

“Support Chun Chun.
Those tourists are all taste-sick, right? They eat shit and say it tastes good.”


These videos also became popular under such heated discussions.
The key comment section was also filled with all kinds of people defaming Qinglin Villa and scolding them.
Many of them were even brainless and had no bottom line.

“Aren’t these people causing trouble?” Chun Chun was instantly annoyed.
Black people were also particular about methods.
Enough was enough.
They couldn’t say too much.
They had to guide others into their own imaginations.
Only if they imagined it themselves would they decide that it was indeed true.

Wasn’t this brainless and unscrupulous? Wasn’t this intentional?

This was going to cripple her.

“Chun Chun, something seems to be happening.” The assistant from before seemed a little anxious this time.
“Just now, the Internet publicity fraud department in Ming City posted a video and even tagged us.”

“What?” Chun Chun’s expression changed subconsciously.
She was in Ming City.

“We’ve always been committed to the management of online publicity scams.
At first, we were attracted by the topic of fake publicity for Qinglin Ketchup.
After all, it’s in our open market, so we personally bought Qinglin Ketchup to compare with Tasty.
As for the result, it might be a matter of personal taste.
It doesn’t seem to be as it’s said online.
I hope @Chun Chun can come to the scene and verify it with us.”

Taking the video, Chun Chun’s scowl deepened.

How dare she? She knew exactly what was going on.

Besides, was this video clearly saying that she was faking it?

But how could the Internet publicity fraud department in the city pay attention to this matter for no reason? They even tagged her? She clearly made the video very appropriate.

Could it be that Qinglin Villa’s background was not simple? Did someone ask them to do so?

She was suddenly vaguely afraid.

At this moment, the other assistant was also shocked.
“Chun Chun, the director of the tourism bureau in Youcheng County is also going to bring goods.
There’s Qinglin Ketchup in the goods he brought.
It seems to be a platform for Qinglin Ketchup?”

“???” Chun Chun was stunned.

She had only wanted to earn some extra money.
Who knew that she would directly provoke two officials?

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