What’s the price of ketchup on the market now?”

Deng Guang explained, “Ordinary ketchup cost about five to seven yuan for the same 200g.
As for some brands, they’re more expensive.
The ones with the same taste and specifications cost 12 yuan.
Heinz costs 13 yuan, Hu Liang Fang costs 13.5 yuan, Hans costs 12 yuan, Delmon costs 15 yuan…”

Deng Guang had obviously done his homework.
He introduced most of the prices of ketchup of the same specifications on the market in one go.
The cheapest was five yuan, and the most expensive was 15 yuan from the old American Delmon.

Moreover, those big brands were almost all more than 10 yuan.

Qin Lin asked, “Old Deng, what do you suggest?”

Deng Guang thought for a moment and said, “President Qin, in terms of taste alone, our formula definitely tastes better than the ketchup of the top 10 brands facing the public.
Even the taste of the luxury products carefully crafted by these brands can’t compare to ours.
Even if we sell it more expensive than this ketchup, it won’t be too much.
The key is how to become famous.”

Qin Lin thought for a moment and finally decided, “We’ll start with the villa.
As for the price, there’s no need to sell it at a higher price than those brands.
Naturally, it can’t be too cheap either.”

“The retail price will be based on Old America Delmon’s 15 yuan.
It’s just enough for everyone to make a comparison.
It’s the same 15 yuan.
Let’s see how much better our own brand is than theirs.
As for the wholesale price in the future, the factory price will be 11 yuan, giving the other party 4 yuan space.”

Deng Guang nodded and continued, “President Qin, the price has been set, so now everything is ready to mass-produce this tomato sauce.
However, you’ve ordered three more tomato sauce production lines.
Even if you cancel the waffle line, you still have to continue to recruit employees.”

“You’ll have to work harder on this matter.” Qin Lin instructed, “Also, start producing a batch of ketchup as soon as possible.
Send it to the villa tonight so that it can be promoted among the tourists tomorrow.”

“I’ll make the arrangements now.” Deng Guang was also a very capable person, so he immediately got up to make the arrangements.

Qin Lin left the factory and brought a box of tomato sauce to the villa.
When he arrived at the hall, he placed the tomato sauce on the table.
Zhao Moqing walked over and picked up a bottle of tomato sauce.
“Qin Lin, is this produced by the factory?”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Release an event announcement on the official account of the villa’s media.
Say that from tomorrow onwards, the villa’s barbecue will provide ketchup for free for a week.
When tourists leave, they can receive a special bottle of 200g ketchup for free with the ticket or consumer certificate of the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.”

“Okay.” Zhao Moqing understood Qin Lin’s motive and called Gao Yaoyao over.
The two women carried a box of ketchup to the back to take a video.

At the prime time at night, Zhao Moqing also finished the promotional video for the event and sent it out.

Although the popularity of the villa was no longer greatly increased due to the restrictions, with its current popularity, the event announcement quickly became a hot topic and attracted the attention of many people.

There had been the matter of the medicinal honey not long ago.
It would be strange not to be curious.

“Is Qinglin Villa organizing another event? Are they giving us special Qinglin Ketchup this time?”

“They’re being stingy this time.
Why are they giving ketchup?”

“Hey, look at the brand.
It’s Qinglin Ketchup.
Apparently, Qinglin Villa makes it themselves.
I love ketchup, but I’m not sure how it tastes.”

“The last time Qinglin Villa caused such a huge commotion with the medicinal honey.
This time, the ketchup shouldn’t be worse than those brands, right? Otherwise, it would be a little degrading.”


“Qin Lin, the villa’s event announcement is already trending on Douyin.” As soon as Zhao Moqing returned home, she took out her phone to check the situation of the official event announcement.

“Well, this way, we’ll wait for the tourists to come and try our ketchup tomorrow.
When the tourists realize that our ketchup is better than those brands, it will definitely explode in popularity again.” Qin Lin sat down on the sofa, and the dog ran over and lay at his feet, sticking its head over.

The dog was sometimes too clingy.
It put its head forward and he had to rub it a few times before it was satisfied.

The next day.

There was also a free ketchup area outside the sales center of Qinglin Villa.

Last night, Deng Guang sent a batch of ketchup produced by the factory to the villa, and Qin Lin got someone to prepare it.

Tourists entered the villa and were attracted.
After last night’s fermentation, one by one, they were curious about the ketchup.

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