ales center.”

“You have ambition.” Qin Lin looked up to Qin Long.
Moreover, the other party’s worry was unnecessary.
As long as he made a name for himself with this tomato sauce, he could easily eat Qin Long’s 200,000 yuan tomato garden.

However, he didn’t back Qin Long up.
It was good that the other party had such strength.
Only with this strength could he succeed.

If he made a move, he might even hold him back.

Qin Long and Qin Lin chatted for a while before leaving.
Since Qin Long had decided to do it, he still had many things to deal with.

With the channel of the villa sales center that Qin Lin had agreed to, he already had some confidence.
After all, Qinglin Villa was a live advertisement.
If others knew that his tomatoes were sold in Qinglin Villa, it would definitely be easier to negotiate with others.

That was the name of a man and the shadow of a tree.

Naturally, the premise was that he had to do things well himself.
If he did, that would be an opportunity.
If he didn’t, that would be a waste of an opportunity.

After Qin Lin sent Qin Long off, his phone rang.
It was Deng Guang.

When he answered, Deng Guang’s surprised voice came through.
“President Qin, the finished product of the new tomato sauce is out.
The finished product tastes very good this time.”

After receiving this news, Qin Lin was overjoyed and immediately drove to the factory.

The secret recipe for ketchup had been given by the game, but it was not as simple as producing it manually using an assembly line.
One had to control the time, ratio, and even the temperature and time of each step.

Over the past few days, Deng Guang had been bringing people to debug and had already produced a few finished products.
However, the taste was not right and they did not reach the standard of Quality 1.

The factory had already hung the sign ‘Qinglin Food Co.

When Qin Lin arrived at the factory, Deng Guang immediately walked up with a small bowl of ketchup and a few biscuits.
“President Qin, try it.
It tastes really good this time.”

Qin Lin picked up the biscuit and dipped it in.
He placed it in his mouth and tasted it.
A satisfied expression appeared on his face.

This tasted right.

Qin Lin immediately instructed Deng Guang, “Old Deng, give me a few copies of the finished product.
Then, send it to the Quality Inspection Bureau for inspection immediately.”

For food to be produced and sold, a quality inspection had to be completed.

Product quality inspection was generally divided into two situations.
The first was that there was no production license.
One had to get a quality inspection before getting a production license.
This was relatively slow.
It took 30 days.

If the factory had permission to produce, it would be faster.
Food usually took seven to ten days.

Naturally, the timing was mostly procedural, not quality-check, aimed at big cities.

A factory like Youcheng County, which did not have many small cities, to begin with, and did not have many new products, was not that busy.
It would only take about one to three days.

Moreover, with the logo of Qinglin Villa, the Quality Supervision Bureau would probably deal with it immediately.
After all, the county placed a lot of importance on Qinglin Villa now.
As for hygiene, the factory had already handled it previously.
The same production line and similar products did not need to be repeated.

“Alright, President Qin.” Deng Guang nodded and went to the side to make arrangements.
Soon, he handed a few bottles of packaged 200g ketchup to Qin Lin.

The 200g bottle had been prepared by Wang Xin previously.
There were many in the warehouse that could be used for some time.

Qin Lin felt that the shape of the bottle was not bad, so he used it.
As for the packaging on the outside, he had asked Qin Ren’s studio to help make it.
Like usual ketchup, it was made with tomato drawings and matched with the brand logo of Qinglin ketchup.

This was the first product produced by the game to be promoted on a large scale.
The ‘Qinglin’ brand started with this tomato sauce.

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