After Qin Lin heard Qin Long’s sad story, he hurriedly changed the topic and asked, “Brother Long, I have a project here.
Do you want to hear it?”

“Okay!” Qin Long didn’t refuse.

He did not interact much with Qin Lin, but he knew the other party’s character from his elders.
Since he had asked, he definitely wanted to help him.
If there was a good project, he would not be pretentious.

Qin Lin also explained, “Brother Long, what do you think about a tomato planting project? I have a channel here, so you don’t have to worry about sales.”

He had checked the relevant information.
The cost of tomatoes grown in ordinary farmland was about 300 to 400 yuan per acre.
The rent for rural land in Youcheng County was about 400 yuan a year.

However, an acre could produce about 2,500 to 3,000 kilograms of tomatoes.
Now, the wholesale price is on average 4 to 5 yuan per kilogram.

This was definitely highly profitable.

Naturally, investing in the preservation of agricultural products, channels, disaster risks, and sales channels was a huge problem, especially for an inexperienced person.

Qin Long didn’t expect Qin Lin to be talking about such a project.
He thought for a moment and asked, “Qin Lin, are you sure there’s no problem with the sales channel?”

He knew that agricultural products made money because the guy who drove the Porsche had invested in them.
He had gotten the tinsel gardens and vineyards.
Every year, tourists went to the other party to experience the joy of picking their own fruits.

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It was one of the reasons she’d chosen that man.

She said she liked the idyllic life.

However, there were also many people in Youcheng County who made agricultural products.
It was just that there were very few who made money because there were no good sales channels.
Most of them had to endure a wave of middleman exploitation, and their profits were also very low.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Brother Long, I won’t hide it from you.
That sales channel is me.
I plan to set up a tomato sauce factory.
When the time comes, I’ll definitely collect tomatoes.”

He was confident in the secret ketchup recipe he had obtained from the game.
He also had the publicity channel that the mountain villa relied on.
When the time came, he would probably need a lot of tomato ingredients.

Letting Qin Long plant tomatoes would not only help him, but he also did not have to let him enter his villa.
It was the best of both worlds.

However, he did not make an absolute guarantee.
Instead, he said to Qin Long, “Of course, I can’t guarantee that my factory will definitely be popular.
But even if I fail, I’ll definitely accept your tomatoes for the first season.
My villa still has a sales center to sell.
Therefore, it’s up to you now, Brother Long.
Do you dare to trust me and take the risk?”

Qin Long was a little conflicted when he heard this.

This was clearly an opportunity, but it also depended on whether Qin Lin could build this factory.

This did involve a question of trust.

Qin Long finally said, “I’ll go back and think about it.”

“Okay!” Qin Lin nodded.

This kind of thing had to be considered carefully by ordinary people.
Once it was done, it would cost at least 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.
This money was already a huge sum for ordinary people.
It was really not something that could be decided rashly.

When the matter reached this point, it basically reached the end.
Qin Lin turned to other topics.
Most of them were about the interesting things that happened when he was young.
Who hasn’t had their pants and slippers washed away in the river when they were young? Who hadn’t been chased by geese?

After Qin Long and Qin Ren left, Zhao Moqing also came up to help clear the tea table and asked, “Qin Lin, are you really planning to open a tomato sauce factory?”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Didn’t you already eat it? Our ketchup isn’t bad.”

“It’s my first time running a factory, so I don’t feel confident,” Zhao Moqing said worriedly.
“Why don’t we start with a small workshop and try it out?”

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Qin Lin said, “In the beginning, we can’t make it too big, nor do we have the funds to do so.
However, with the backing of the villa, it won’t be to the extent of creating a small factory.”

“Since you’ve decided, I’ll support you.” Although Zhao Moqing had expressed her stance, she was still a little worried.
“Let’s pack up and go to the villa.
We’ll make more sweet and sour tomato sauce and find more tourists to try it.”

“Whatever you say.” Qin Lin smiled as he pulled Zhao Moqing onto his thigh and kissed her on the mouth.

Zhao Moqing was being a little too careful, but a man needed such a woman to help him.

The more careful he was, the less likely he was to make a big mistake.

After tidying up the house, Qin Lin asked Zhao Moqing to drive him to the villa.
She had not drunk just now.

When they arrived at the villa, Zhao Moqing immediately pulled Qin Lin into the backyard and started making ketchup.

Under Qin Lin’s guidance, she personally made some sweet and sour tomato sauce and arranged for Gao Yaoyao to let the tourists try it.

Under the blind selection, the final result was that the ketchup she made tasted better than those brands.

Qin Lin had already gone online to search for relevant information.
The surveillance of factories, especially food factories, was very strict.
There were all kinds of documents and procedures.

After checking the information, he realized it was too much trouble.

If he wanted to start his own ketchup brand from scratch, just the procedures and various documents required by the food company would take a long time.
The factory also had to meet the production requirements in a sanitary environment.

Therefore, the best and fastest way was to acquire a food factory with all kinds of documents and procedures.
All he had to do was buy it and change the property rights.
It would be best if there was a ketchup production project originally.

Thinking of this, he began to check if there were any food factories for sale in the county.
He realized that there were actually two that were for sale.
They were all small factories and met his initial usage requirements.

There were many such small factories in the county city, so naturally, more of them closed down.

He looked at the information on the two factories and was even more surprised to find that one of them happened to have a full production line for ketchup.
The label was brand new, and it was 70% off.
The factory was still being sold for 1.5 million yuan.

This made him curious.
They had already bought new equipment.
Logically speaking, they should have the intention to develop it.
Why did they choose to sell the factory?

Moreover, according to the factory’s information, 1.5 million yuan seemed a little cheap.

There was definitely a problem with this.

Qin Lin could take out 1.5 million yuan now.
The villa’s daily turnover was more than 400,000 yuan.

When he saw this message, he also took out his phone and dialed the number.

Whatever was going on with this factory, he had to take a look.
If it was suitable, he could buy it directly and save a lot of time.

After contacting the other party, Qin Lin realized that the other party was very anxious.

There was a specialized industrial area in Youcheng County.
To the west of the county city, it was originally a small town.
Now, there were factories built all around.
It was impossible for there to be large factories in such a place.
They were all small factories.

The moment Qin Lin arrived, he called the other party.
A moment later, he saw a haggard-looking man in his 50s walking out with his phone.
“Are you President Qin?”

“Yes.” Qin Lin nodded.

The man hurriedly stepped forward and said, “My name is Wang Xin.
I’m the owner of this factory.
President Qin, let me show you the environment of the factory first.
There are also various property rights certificates, procedures, and pass certificates?”

“Okay!” Qin Lin did not refuse and followed the man into the factory.

The factory was not very large, with only two production lines.
Apart from that, there was an area that was still empty.
From the looks of it, it was clearly reserved for future expansion.
They had already made plans.

The brand-new equipment and follow-up plans did not look like they were going to sell the factory.

The employees on both production lines were still at work.
One of them was making wafer cookies.
The other was a newly opened ketchup line.

As Wang Xin walked, he did not forget to introduce, “President Qin, the production line of this tomato sauce is a four-head plunger tank.
It can produce 1,000 to 1,200 bottles of 200g of tomato sauce per hour.”

The employees looked more or less worried.
It was obvious that they all knew that their boss was going to sell the factory.

Usually, those who could survive in the factory were those who could endure hardships and liked to be content with the current situation.
The last thing they wanted was to run around and find a new job.

Qin Lin followed Wang Xin to look at the factory and various property rights documents.

He even took photos of these things and sent them to Chen Li for him to confirm.
In the end, there were no problems.
It was just that the factory had a loan.
The brand new ketchup production line was bought with a loan.
No wonder it was only sold for 1.5 million yuan.

After buying the factory, he still needed to take over those loans.

Qin Lin couldn’t help but ask curiously, “President Wang, I’m very curious.
You seem to have a plan for the follow-up of this factory.
Why are you suddenly rushing the sale?”

When Wang Xin heard this, he sighed as if he was also looking for someone to confide in.
He said, “President Qin, to be honest, I came from the countryside.
When I was young, my family was so poor that they couldn’t afford to eat.
When I came to the city, I was always treated coldly.
Therefore, after I had a child, I pampered him and didn’t let him suffer like me.”

“But who knew that this child wouldn’t have a good character when he grew up? He refuses to live a good life after marrying a wife and only gave her 200,000 yuan as a betrothal gift.
Then, he secretly fooled around with another woman outside.
We have to give her a sum of money for a divorce and another 200,000 yuan as a betrothal gift if she comes back.”

“It’s bad enough that he’s such a jerk, but he spends all his time hanging out with a bunch of bad friends.
Some time ago, when he was drunk, he told me that he’d gotten into a fight and injured someone.
I thought it was just an ordinary fight and was going to clean up after him, but the police came looking for him in the end.”

“The other party didn’t make a move at all.
He had been passively slapped by my son and was even recorded by his companion the entire time.
Now, the other party has identified the perforation of the eardrum and even made an appraisal report that affects hearing, ear pain, tinnitus, and tinnitus.
He even sued the court for a million yuan in compensation.
Otherwise, my son will go to jail.
This person is still locked up inside.”

“I only opened this factory a few years ago.
All the money I earned was given to this bastard.
The new production line of the factory was bought with a loan.
In this situation, there’s nothing I can do except selling the factory.”

Qin Lin finally understood that President Wang had a fraudulent son.

To be honest, if they were fighting with each other, even if their eardrums were perforated, it would be too much to ask for a million yuan.
The court would not accept it.

However, the person who was beaten up was clearly at a higher level.
He did not retaliate even after his eardrums were pierced.
This turned from a fight to an intentional injury.

Most importantly, President Wang’s son had a companion.
It was fine if he insisted on bringing up the nature of the gang.
Coupled with the pain in his ears, tinnitus, and tinnitus, it would be a severe injury.

The key was that these symptoms were very difficult to determine.
An eardrum perforation would cause these.
If the person who was beaten said that there was one, the hospital would probably give an appraisal report.

In this case, wouldn’t President Wang’s son be finished?

Therefore, one should not be too arrogant or think that the entire world was his when he was drunk.
Perhaps he had already become a walking million yuan in the eyes of others.

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