In Qin Lin’s new home, Zhao Moyun and his family had long arrived.
There were also Qin Dalin, Qin Ergen, and others.
Initially, they had received a call from Lin Fen last night and brought their wives over early this morning to see if there was anything they could help with.
Unexpectedly, Qin Lin had no intention of organizing the relocation ceremony.

Lin Fen walked up to Qin Lin and asked, “Qin Ren and the others aren’t here yet?”

Qin Lin explained, “Daren is already on his way here.”

“Yes.” Lin Fen nodded, remembering something.
“By the way, your Uncle Dashan will also bring Qin Long over.”

“Qin Long?” Qin Lin was stunned for a moment.
“He’s out?”

Lin Fen explained, “Even if it was a righteous act, he performed well inside and came out early.
If Qin Long needs help, help him if you can.
Your Uncle Dashan helped us before.”

“I understand, Mom.” Qin Lin nodded.

Qin Long was five years older than him and Qin Ren.
Although they had not interacted much, the impression he had of Qin Long was that he was a very honest person.

But the honest man went to jail instead.

That seemed to involve a story of a hero saving a damsel in distress.

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Qin Ren drove into Youcheng County’s First Class district.

His fiancée, Liao Li, and his parents were also in the car.

Qin Shuigen looked at the neighborhood and sighed.
“Xiao Lin is really something.
Not only did he help his family pay back the money, but he also bought a house so quickly.” As he spoke, he even looked at his son, Qin Ren.
“When we were young, we lived in an old house, dug out eggs together, and went into the river together.
Why did Xiao Lin get into a key university while you got into a third-tier university?”

“Dad, I want to know too.” Qin Ren said with a puzzled expression, “You said that Lin Zi always told me that he didn’t do well in the exams and didn’t revise.
I thought that we could go through thick and thin together, but every time after the exams, you would take off your belt and beat me up.
He would watch while eating.”

“Pfft!” Liao Li couldn’t help but laugh.

She obviously didn’t expect her fiancé to have the same experience as her.
It was the same with her deskmate.
They played together all the time, but the other party always scored in the top few while she was always at the bottom.

After parking the car, they arrived at the building where Qin Lin’s new house was.
Qin Shuigen saw two familiar people and immediately greeted, “Dashan, you just arrived too?”

“Shuigen!” Qin Dashan also greeted Qin Shuigen with a smile.

Qin Ren walked to the young man in surprise.
“Qin Long, when did you come out? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“It’s not like it’s something glorious.” Qin Long sighed, feeling a little complicated.
After all, that would forever be a stain on his life.
It had already had a huge impact on his life.

Qin Shuigen also looked at Qin Long.
“Xiao Long, don’t be so impulsive in the future.”

“Uncle Shuigen, I know.” Qin Long nodded.

The group chatted as they entered the building.
When they arrived at Qin Lin’s new house, they pressed the doorbell.

When Qin Lin heard the doorbell, he opened the door and saw Qin Ren and the others.
His face lit up.
“Uncle Shuigen, Uncle Dashan, you’re here.
Come in quickly.”

“Lin Zi, congratulations!” Qin Ren said with a smile.

“Qin Lin, congratulations!” Qin Long also said.
He looked at the commotion inside the door and the spacious and bright house.
He was obviously a little envious.

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People five years younger than him were already doing so well, but this was his situation.

However, he could more or less cheer himself up.
No matter how bad his situation was, it couldn’t be worse than Qin Lin’s debt of hundreds of thousands before he graduated from university, right?

Now that everyone was here, Lin Fen brought the dishes to the two large tables in the hall.
“Everyone, sit,” he said.

Qin Dalin sat down and helped open the steamed rice.
Then, he said in surprise, “Sister-in-law Lin Fen, what rice is this? It smells so good!”

Others naturally smelled this mellow fragrance.

This piqued everyone’s curiosity.

Lin Fen said proudly, “A special kind of rice.
Xiao Lin bought it especially to let everyone enjoy it.”

“Auntie, then I want to eat one more bowl.” Qin Ren smiled and got himself a bowl.
After taking two bites, he said in surprise, “F*ck, this rice can be so delicious?”

Other than Zhao Moyun’s family, who had eaten the Quality 2 Xiangshui Tribute Rice, the others were equally surprised.

This rice was really delicious.

“Would either of you like a drink?” Lin Fen asked as she set another bottle on the table.
“Xiao Lin said drinking is bad for the health, so he only prepared one bottle.”

“I was wondering why there was no wine.
Let me try this wine.” Qin Dalin smiled and picked up the wine.
He opened it and poured himself a glass.
After a moment, he said in surprise, “This wine is very delicious.”

“Let me try it.” Qin Shuigen poured herself a cup and said in surprise, “It’s very delicious.
It shouldn’t be new.”

Listening to the two of them, the others picked up their wine and poured it into glasses to taste.

“It really tastes good.”

“Not as spicy as I thought.”

Qin Lin had an expected expression.
According to the time, this wine was almost three years old, so it was naturally better than ordinary new wine.
However, the value of this wine was not in its taste, but in its additional attributes.

As expected.

In a moment, everyone felt their blood flow smoothly.
There was a warm feeling at their waists.
Another wave of surprise flooded them.

At this moment, Qin Lin also poured himself a cup and said to Qin Shuigen, Qin Dalin, and the others, “Uncles, let’s cut to the chase.
I, Qin Lin, thank you for helping us in our most difficult time.
I, Qin Lin, will remember this in my heart.
Let me toast everyone.”

“Xiao Lin, why are you saying this? We’re all from the same hometown, so it’s only right for us to help each other!” Qin Shuigen smiled and said to the others, “Then let’s have a toast with Lin Zi.”

The others picked up their cups in agreement.

“Come, come, have a toast with Lin Zi!”

“Here’s to you, Lin Zi!”


Lin Fen was relieved to see this scene.
She wanted to tell her deceased husband that her son was already the pillar of this family and could take on the responsibility of this family.

Then, Qin Lin poured himself another glass of wine and toasted Zhao Xianhong and Chen Xiao.
“Dad, Mom, I was ignorant previously and made you unhappy with Moqing.
Thank you for forgiving me.
Here’s a toast to you.”

“Child, we’re all family.
Why are you talking about this?” Chen Xiao hurriedly said.
She was getting more and more satisfied with her son-in-law, Qin Lin.

The meal lasted for more than an hour before it ended.
Everyone left one after another, leaving only Qin Ren’s family and Qin Dashan and his father.

Seeing that everyone had left, Qin Dashan asked Qin Lin in embarrassment, “Xiao Lin, do you still need anyone’s help at your villa? You know Xiao Long’s situation.
After he came out, he found a few jobs but no one wanted him.
His life is ruined.
If you need people, just arrange a job for him.”

Qin Long frowned and said, “Dad, I can handle my own matters.”

“Can you handle something like this? For a woman, your life ended up like this,” Qin Dashan said angrily.
He looked at Qin Lin again, feeling a little embarrassed.

In this case, it was actually very easy to misunderstand that he was blackmailing him.

But for his disappointing son, he could only swallow his pride.

Qin Long looked at his father and was abnormally conflicted.
He wanted to say something, but he was afraid of angering his father.
He knew that his matters had not made his family less worried.

Lin Fen also looked at Qin Lin, clearly wanting her son to help him.

After all, the other party was not rich either.
He even lent them 10,000 yuan during his family’s most difficult time.

“Uncle Dashan, I’ll have a chat with Brother Long later,” Qin Lin said with a smile.

He knew that society would face a lot of unfairness after it had a criminal record.
Even if he was doing a good deed, no boss had the time to verify it.
The best way was not to do anything.

Uncle Dashan had done his family a favor.
Since the other party had already asked, he would definitely help.
However, how to help was a problem.

“Alright, Xiao Lin, have a good chat with Lin Zi.
He’s more promising than you.
Listen to him more.” Qin Dashan’s face also revealed joy.

A moment later.

Qin Lin brought Qin Ren and Qin Long to the other tea table.

Tea brewing was a special culture among Southerners, especially in the province.
Tea culture could be said to have seeped into the bones.
Everything from tea sets to water quality to the consumption of various tea types was extremely particular.
There probably weren’t many people better at this than the people of the province.

Nowadays, talking about business was often the mainstream.
When a business was settled, it was as if they would not stop until they had drunk someone into the hospital.
Usually, when they drank, they would greet them with a smile and curse behind their backs.

The people of the province, however, were often able to whittle away an afternoon over tea, and then strike a deal in the process.

Personally, Qin Lin felt that this was worthy of admiration.

Drinking too much was bad for the body, after all.
Naturally, that might be why he didn’t understand the culture of drinking.


Qin Lin brewed a pot of tea and poured a cup for Qin Ren and Qin Long before asking Qin Long, “Brother Long, you’re five years older than me, so I won’t be careless.
It’s only right for our families to help each other.
Although Uncle Dashan said that, do you have any thoughts?”

To be honest, he did not want his friends and family to enter his villa.
Firstly, it was not easy to manage them.
Secondly, it was actually difficult to treat everyone equally psychologically.
It would be fine if he met someone smart and willing, but he would be angered to death if he met an old fox.

Most importantly, he was in the service industry.
It was true that Qin Long was honest, but he was also a boring person.
To be honest, it was not suitable for him to do this.
If he were to casually arrange a job, it would be embarrassing too.

The key was that he had to understand Qin Long’s own thoughts first.

Qin Long shook his head and said, “What’s the use of thinking about it? In my current situation, I’ll be despised no matter where I go.
Qin Lin, if I don’t trouble you, tell my father that you have already arranged work for me.
I’ll comfort my father and tell him the truth when I find a way.”

Qin Lin smiled.
They were both young people, and at Qin Long’s awkward age, he definitely wouldn’t come to his villa to work in the service industry.

However, he had an idea of how to help Qin Long.

At the side, Qin Ren began to gossip.
He suddenly teased Qin Long, “By the way, Brother Long, have you gone to look for that woman? She should be so touched that she threw herself into your arms, right?”

Qin Lin was also tempted by this topic and looked at Qin Long curiously.

Back then, Qin Long went in because of a gathering.
There was a drunkard who behaved imprudently toward the girl he had a crush on.
How could he tolerate it? He went up to stop him and accidentally made him fall until he had to be hospitalized.

Just like that, Qin Long went in for half a year and left a criminal record.

Logically speaking, under such circumstances, the matter between Qin Long and the girl must have succeeded.

Qin Long said, “I’ve looked for her.
She’s pregnant now.”

Qin Ren was surprised.
“Brother Long, not bad.
You made her pregnant the moment you came out.”

Qin Long said with a gloomy expression, “It’s not mine.
It’s the drunk one.
She said that the other party was just drunk that day and was in a bad mood, so he treated her as another person.
When she came into contact with him, she realized that he was a good person.
After that, they got together.”

“…” Qin Lin.

“…!” Qin Ren.

That was quite a sad story.

They were suddenly glad that the girls they met were the right ones.

Qin Long’s encounter was really unbelievable.
Only such a melodramatic drama would happen, right? It actually happened to the people around him.

Qin Long sighed and said, “When I saw the other party pick her up in the Porsche, I also understood that I’m not worthy!”

“…” Qin Lin.

“…” Qin Ren.

It seemed a sadder story.
Besides, this one was more realistic.

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