[The spring mine north of town is open.
You can go there and see.
You might find something!]

Qin Lin controlled his game character to the announcement panel and received a notification.

A few old versions of Ranches Story had a specialty.
Many players did not grow vegetables or raise livestock.
They only worked in the mines.

A lot of things could be excavated on every level of the mine.
From small things like gold, silver, and copper, to big things like special fruits and flying stones that were slightly fantastical.
The higher the level, the better the things dug up.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to leave the town.
He returned to the ranch, took the excavation tools, and headed straight for Spring Mine.

Previously, he had controlled the game character to come to this mine to take a look.
However, it was not open and he could not enter.

This time, the game character went straight into the mine.

With anticipation, Qin Lin began to control the game character to dig in the mine.

In this new version of the mobile game, the mine could only be excavated in the open space.
Where there were rocks, he had to break the rocks to dig.

Qin Lin spent half a day digging through the empty area.
Not long after, he received a game notification.

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[Congratulations on obtaining silver ore!]

[Congratulations on obtaining copper ore!]

Clearly, the ores in this mine were not difficult to dig.
Unfortunately, these ores could not be taken out to be processed and could only be sold in the game.
This increased the source of the game’s gold coins.

Soon, the game character dug into the entrance to the second floor.

Qin Lin tried to control the game character to enter the second floor and received another notification:

[Current character level cannot enter the next level!]

Qin Lin frowned slightly.

Was that a limitation?

The new mobile version restricted entry everywhere compared to several older versions.

However, although this would reduce a lot of freedom, there was an additional way to unlock and level up.

For a player, this kind of unlocking and upgrading would naturally be more fun and fulfilling.

However, if Qin Lin had known that he would obtain this system, he would have played the old version back then.
Wouldn’t it have taken off long ago?

The key was that there were no ifs.
If he had known that he would obtain this system, why would he play Ranches Story? If he had directly played Dragon Ball Super, wouldn’t he have broken the universe now?

He hadn’t dug anything in the clearing, so he couldn’t enter the next level.
He could only control the game character to smash those rocks with a hammer before controlling the game character to dig.

As soon as he broke the first stone and dug, a notification appeared in the game:

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary Mystic Stone Slab.
Do you want to crack the information on it?]

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“Mystic Stone Slab?” Qin Lin looked surprised.

The Mystic Stone Slab was a prop that appeared in some versions of Ranches Story.

There was a lot of information recorded on the stone slab, such as the location of some special formulas or things.

However, in this new version of the mobile game, the Mystic Stone Slab seemed to be divided into levels.
If there were ordinary Mystic Stone Slabs, there must be higher-level ones.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to crack the information on the stone slab.

[Decoding the Mystic Stone Slab…]

After a while, he received another prompt:

[Congratulations on obtaining a special formula: The technique to make ketchup!]

Qin Lin did not expect to get such a thing.

Everyone knew how to make ketchup.
It was a common thing in life, even one of the essentials for many homes and restaurants.

But what was the use of this thing? After all, there were so many ketchup brands online, and many home edition ketchup recipes were directly released online.

Some home versions could be made with the tools at home.
It was just that the recipes were different and the ketchup produced tasted different.

However, the game had added the word ‘secret recipe’.
Qin Lin was more or less looking forward to this.

It couldn’t be that the products of the game were the same as those common recipes in life!

Thinking of this, Qin Lin entered the game again and saw the specific information about the ketchup recipe.

[Ketchup Recipe Technique: Quality 1]

[This is a secret recipe technique for ketchup.
It records a delicious recipe for ketchup.
After research done by the game itself, it’s very delicious.
It can make Quality 1 ketchup that’s sweet, sour, and spicy.
It can suit everyone’s taste.]

The way the information was noted seemed different from that of crops and fish.
Moreover, no specific data was displayed.

As he was thinking, another message appeared in his mind:

[You can obtain specific formula content after using it.
Do you want to use it?]

Qin Lin decisively chose to use it.

In an instant, pieces of information appeared in his mind out of thin air and were deeply engraved in his mind.
It was as if he had made this tomato sauce countless times.

It was a wonderful feeling.

That information was the secret recipe for ketchup, including the exact proportions of the ingredients and various ingredients.

To be precise, there were two secret recipes.
They were sour, sweet, and spicy, taking into account different tastes.

After obtaining the recipe for the tomato sauce, Qin Lin also quit the game.
When he reached the hall, he called Zhao Moqing.
“Moqing, help me buy some things… Tomato, white sugar, lemon, pepper… and three herbs…”

Hearing Qin Lin report a bunch of materials, Zhao Moqing asked in surprise, “Qin Lin, are you going to make ketchup?”

Qin Lin said, “Yes, help me buy some brands of tomato sauce too.”

Although Zhao Moqing was puzzled about what Qin Lin wanted to do, she quickly brought back what Qin Lin needed, including tools like a casserole.

Qin Lin quickly went out to help.
He brought those things to the courtyard at the back and even got Chen Dabei to move a table over.

He couldn’t make ketchup in public like that at the bar.

Chen Dabei naturally did whatever his boss ordered him to do.
In any case, he never understood what his boss was up to.

However, Qin Lin instructed Chen Dabei, “Connect the electric heat under the casserole.
I want to use it later.”

“Okay, Boss!” Chen Dabei immediately went to look for an outlet.

Qin Lin also began to operate the materials on the table.
First, he had to peel the tomatoes.
He had to steam the tomatoes and control the time.

After that, there was the ratio of various ingredients.
In order to be precise, Qin Lin especially went to the bar to find a light weighing device.
He had to be precise.

Zhao Moqing was helping at the side and asked with a puzzled expression, “Qin Lin, why do you suddenly want to make ketchup?”

Actually, she had made ketchup before.
In the past, she had made the home version with her roommates in the dormitory.

She had never seen Qin Lin do this before, but he looked very familiar with it.

The key was that she did not know that there were three kinds of medicinal herbs that could be used to make ketchup.
Moreover, the proportions were even weighed.
Wasn’t that too particular?

After spending some time preparing, Chen Dabei connected the electric heat under the casserole and entered the boiling process.

This process was also carefully controlled.
It took half a day to make a serving of ketchup, then put it in a bottle to cool and ferment for half an hour.

When the ketchup was completely made, Qin Lin let Zhao Moqing and Chen Dabei try it.
“Try it.”

They both brought over a small spoon and tasted it.

“Eh!” Chen Dabei was surprised.
“Boss, your ketchup seems to taste better than the one at KFC I ate before.”

He wasn’t complimenting his boss’s cooking.
It was indeed delicious.

“Qin Lin, your tomato sauce is really delicious.” Zhao Moqing also praised sincerely, “Is it because of the ingredients?”

She hadn’t even thought about putting some of the ingredients he’d bought together to make ketchup.
And it tasted so good.

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