After confirming the age of the medicinal wine, Qin Lin invited Ma Liewen and the others to a table by the window and gave the bottle of wine to Li Qing.
He also introduced the effects of replenishing blood, nourishing the kidneys, and treating frequent urination.

As soon as Li Qing sat down, he poured himself a small glass of wine and tasted it again.

Ma Liewen was also holding a cup.
“Li Qing, pour me another cup.”

No matter how expensive the medicinal wine was, he had drunk it before.
However, there were very few medicinal wines that could improve his sexual happiness.

After downing another small glass, Ma Liewen asked Qin Lin anxiously, “Boss Qin, how much wine do you have? Are you selling it to the public?”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Mr.
Ma, this wine isn’t for sale for the time being.
After all, there isn’t much of it.
However, if Mr.
Ma needs it, I can make a trip tomorrow and bring another bottle over to sell to you.”

Now that he knew the time rule worked, he was in no hurry to sell.

For one thing, the mountain goods hadn’t been refreshed yet.
Unlike the old version of the game, he still didn’t know the refresh mechanism of the mountain goods.

Secondly, the longer the wine fermented, the more expensive it would be.

His new wine had this effect.
He could definitely sell it for 1,000 yuan per catty.

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If it could ferment for a year, he could sell it for 2,000 yuan.

If it could ferment for 20 years and enter the mature phase of the wine, the price would be difficult to determine.

It was said that the price of a bottle of 20-year-old wine was tens of thousands of yuan.

Although his wine was not as famous, it had a real effect.

“That’s good!” Ma Liewen’s face was full of smiles.
Then, he pulled Qin Lin to the side and said, “Boss Qin, I won’t come to you for no reason this time.
How’s the matter I asked you to do previously?”

Ma, I’ve already agreed on the phone, so I naturally have to do my best to help you prepare.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed to this.” Qin Lin smiled.
In any case, he could say whatever he wanted.
After all, the item was in the game.

Ma Liewen said embarrassedly, “Boss Qin, can you get more? I’m actually here to accompany Li Qing this time.
His wife has just given birth and there aren’t enough children.
Your special quality okra has this effect, and the effect is very obvious.”

“Alright, I’ll try to get as much as I can tomorrow and bring it over with the wine.” Qin Lin nodded after knowing the reason for Ma Liewen’s visit.
Then, he asked curiously, “Mr.
Ma, what does Mr.
Li do? You seem to be very polite to him.”

Ma Liewen smiled.
“He’s a wonderful man, but he can’t do business because of his father and brother.
He doesn’t want to go the way of his father and brother.
He has to be a freewheeling idler.
Just think of him as a sommelier.”

Ma Liewen didn’t explain much, but Qin Lin wasn’t a fool.
He could guess what was going on.

What kind of idler could make a tycoon like Ma Liewen so polite? That was probably because his father and brother were not simple.

At this moment, Ma Liewen walked to the fish pond.
“Boss Qin, you’re such a big shot.
Give us one and arrange the rest.”

Qin Lin smiled and nodded.
He went to the side and made arrangements.

After Ma Liewen sat down again, he said to Li Qing, “Boss Qin is very easy to talk to.
He promised to get as many special quality okras as possible.”

“Old Ma, this Boss Qin is truely as capable as you said.” Li Qing smiled and nodded.
“Whether it’s this special quality okra, that kind of Xiangshui Tribute Rice, this medicinal honey water, or this wine, ordinary people can’t get so many good things.”

Ma Liewen nodded.
“That goes without saying.
It’s much better than that gold and jade luxury of Li Fei’s.
At least I don’t have to pay an IQ tax.”

Li Qing smiled and said, “I don’t think gold and jade luxury items are ineffective, but the special variety of okra he found is indeed inferior to Boss Qin’s.”

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The fish came up.

This was the first time Li Qing, Chu Qing, and Lin Liu had eaten such wild goods, so they were naturally very satisfied.

Ma Liewen had eaten nearly another 10,000 yuan for this lunch.

After the meal, he also took Li Qing and the two women to the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea to watch.

Qin Lin curiously searched for Li Qing’s name on the Internet.

There was no relevant information online.

However, there was an official in the city whose surname was Li.

Qin Lin didn’t continue investigating.
Such a person was worth interacting with, but it wouldn’t be good to probe too much without revealing his identity.

Just treat him as a sommelier.

The next day.

Qin Lin woke up early in the morning and looked at the game on the screen in his mind again.
Then, he collected mature crops and planted new seeds.
Finally, he controlled the game character to pick the refreshed honey.

However, the mountain goods did not refresh again.
It seemed that the refresh of this version of Mount Notre Dame goods was random.

Zhao Moqing woke up and saw that Qin Lin was already awake.
She wrapped h34 arms around Qin Lin’s neck and said, “Hubby, Mom and I will go and make arrangements for another day today.
We can move.”

“Does that mean I won’t have to endure it anymore? I remember that the bed over there is very big.” Qin Lin looked at Zhao Moqing with an evil expression.
His hands wrapped around her waist.

After fooling around with Zhao Moqing, Qin Lin got up to wash up and drove the blue truck to the warehouse.

The items obtained from the game in the morning were: 850 catties of okra, 350 catties of yam, 300 catties of broccoli, 580 catties of strawberries, 90 catties of wild honey, 60 watermelons, 25 watermelons, and 35 wild fish.

If it had been the previous tricycle, it would definitely have had to be shipped in batches.
Now, the blue truck could be shipped to the villa in one trip.

This time, Qin Lin drove the truck into the warehouse and closed the door.
He got into the truck and entered the game.
When his palm touched something, he could move it into the truck with a thought.
It was much faster than before.

As noon approached, he entered the game again and came out with fifteen pounds of Quality 2 okra and a bottle of medicinal wine.
That was a promise to Ma Liewen.

The four of them arrived quickly.
They had also spent the night at the Central Hotel last night.
This morning, they had even gone to visit the Zhuzi Cultural Garden.

Li, this is 15 catties of a special variety of okra.” Qin Lin put down the okra and took out another bottle of wine.
Li, taste the wine today.”

This piqued Li Qing’s interest.

He had tasted the wine yesterday.
If he took it out again today, it meant that this wine was different.

As Qin Lin spoke, he had already poured a cup for Li Qing.

Li Qing took the wine and tasted it carefully again.
After a long time, he said, “Boss Qin, this wine tastes even better.
It’s less spicy and more mellow.
It should have been fermented for about a year.”

Li, I’m impressed.” Qin Lin gave him a thumbs up.

But Li Qing looked at Ma Liewen and said, “You’re in luck.
I should have given you that bottle yesterday.”

When Ma Liewen heard this, he held the bottle in front of him in a hurry.
This guy hadn’t talked about morals yesterday.
He couldn’t give him another chance.

In the afternoon, Qin Lin sent Ma Liewen and the others off.
However, Li Qing also asked for his contact information before leaving.
He would probably come to the villa again in the future.

When he returned to the villa, there was nothing to do for the time being.
He focused his attention on his mind and controlled the game character to explore the map.
As soon as he entered Ore Town Park, he found a few NPCs discussing in front of a noticeboard:

[The spring mine north of town is open…]

[There seems to be a lot of good stuff there…]

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